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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

WOYWW, 4th May 2011 or what happens to you if you are a crafter!

Good morning everybody!

How are you all today ? Ready for another snoop around the crafting desks of the world under the ruling of our Queen Julia? I hope you will join in and have lots of fun!
I was away last week, but I am now back and into crafting although Mr. Mojo still hasn't permanently come back - I have a lot of projects in my head but they just don't want to materialise! Still I have been looking at some photos on my computer and found a photo of my craft room about the time I started with crafting and for comparison (to show you the madness that obsesses us when we are crafters) I will show you it and then show you my desk of today - it is scary I am telling you and it made me think - actually worry! Is it just me that gathers and gathers and gathers or do you other ladies do the same - please tell me you do because if you don't I am thinking of going to a head doctor!!!!!
So here is my desk end of 2008 when I think I made one of my first cards.....

And this is my desk this morning 2 and a half years later.....

I have managed to clutter the room so much I can't believe my eyes.....
and here is the messy beast up close and personal......

So there now you see what happens if you become a crafter!!! 
I will leave you with this.....have a lovely day, enjoy all the messiness and tidyness of the world, I will be around to have a snoop too!
Lots of hugs to all,


  1. You have a LOT of products, tools, and such that you didn't have in 2008, that's for sure. I see even the shelving you added under the cabinets is completely filled, now. I agree that is what happens when you craft. Happy WOYWW from # 6.

  2. Wow what a difference a a couple of years makes to a little crafty obsession!!!!
    happy Wednesday,
    Cathy xx

  3. not a mess, its craft, beautiful stamps, beautiful workspace,Thank you for sharing your workspace, Happy WOYWW 100, Wow! Has it really been 100 weeks! (#3)

  4. I can so understand where your coming from and have to say we crafters are all the same!So your not alone ,yes we do expand,we do buy and we do hoard!Half the time we dont know what we have got as it's so much and we forget.thats crafters for you so no worries your not alone and your craft room now looks so lived in compared to 2008!
    Happy Woyww 100
    hugs judex 28

  5. Oh, I like it so much more today!!! Good to have you back, I missed you last week. i bet your art has changed out of all recognition since you started - mine has!!

  6. Wow. How lovely to see the contrast. How you have developed :-)
    A x

  7. I think am very restrained compared to many crafters but still it all piles up and takes over the room. If I had a 6 day weekend things would get used more! Enjoy it all seeing as you have it...sending you new mojo!
    Thanks for sharing your space,

    Sarah at 4

  8. Oh wow! I remember when I had so little craft stash too! In fact I started off with a shoebox full and thought it would be enough! Great to see the direct comparison.
    Happy WOYWW 100!
    JoZarty x

  9. Thanks for the snoop and love the pink walls!

  10. I have had a smile on my face the whole way through this posting. Not that I was just like you (can't remember much)but just that it was a "yes, I know" moment.
    Just before I was "redone" I had all manner of things for storage in my room - must have looked a complete hotch potch - mind you getting a bit that way again.
    Thanks so much for sharing - see you next week!
    Hugs Neet x (thanks for good wishes)

  11. Yup that happened to me too. Stuff seems to magically appear in your craft room over the years! Good for you.
    Hugs Bonnie

  12. wow, that is a lot of stuff to gather in 2 years! all fun though!
    happy woyww 100!
    Happy Crafting, Debxx

  13. Ah, but it's all under control D - all in one room!! I think it looks fab, but I understand your moment of panic. But no, you do not need a head doctor. Because if you do, so do I, and I will not acknowledge that!!

  14. I was so shocked from the first pic to the second. The second looks like w my desk usually looks. Quite a change in 2 years. Hope it was as fun as it looks.

  15. ooh I do love a messy beast...

    worry not re. lino - another vid will be up later, then another then another,

    they are there forever, so you can wait and then do it later, really don't spend any money I will explain how to 'Make do'

  16. I think it just grows once you have a few things in your room! That's what I tell Hubby!! LOL!!

  17. Had to smile at your increase in stash and the creative chaos that surrounds you ....nothing to worry about ...normal for most of us. Have to sympathize with the head full of ideas and yet the lack of actual creativity ...have that all the time recently.

  18. It does become quite the obsession doesn't it! Thanks for sharing!
    Chrissy #95

  19. Oh, how funny! But how true! When I think of the little desk I started with and then graduated to a huge room followed quickly by no room at all..... LOL don't fret about it, just enjoy. Good luck with Mr Mojo!

  20. Hi, I don't think you have anything to worry about at all, we all do it. We surround ourselves with the tools of our trade, so to speak. Absolutely normal behaviour. And so is the going around with a head full of ideas which somehow do not get translated into anything tangible, well not immediately, but it will in time :) Thanks for the shots of before and after - much prefer the after. Elizabeth x #38

  21. Definite increase in stash from 2008 till now. Mine is just as bad though! I started in 2007 without anything and now I have a whole room. Definitely an addiction while being my therapy. Thanks for sharing. Vickie aka okienurse #36

  22. What a great idea - and what a difference a few years makes in the life of a crafter! I just wish I had noted down everything I had made in the last year or two. It would certainly be a long list!

  23. Your craft room is looking really good at the moment and soooo much pink! (I thought it was just a little bit) I bet your Mojo and My Mojo have nipped off somewhere! I have a couple of DT cards I really don't want to do,so I've been putting them off, must do them soon though. Have fun find said Mojo, and if you do fine mine as well, just send it down the line to me!
    Happy WOYWW!

  24. There should be a reality TV show of a crafter! Patsy from

  25. Yup, that's a familiar sight! I think I used to have everything in a shoebox!

  26. It's only when you are faced with the 'before and after' shots that you realise what you have done and how much you have spent.... and you are not alone... honest!! Sorry I am so late this week, Annette #25