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Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Easter and WOYWW

Good morning all my snoopy ladies!

How are you this miserable Wednesday morning??? Well it is miserable here in Slovenia - rained all night, still raining now! But on the brighter side of things when it rains you don't feel like galavanting around and doing things outside so you sit in your tiny little craft room or craft corner and do your cards...
So I will be showing you quite a few photos today - more photos and less talking ha, ha...Some of you thought I would be showing off my terrace which is my spring-summer work space but not yet ladies - I need to put some flowers in pots and do it all up - plus you want to see it on a sunny day in all its glory....so for today we will be back in the pinky little room of mine...still I do have a bit of a surprise for you to nose around!
So here is my work desk as of this morning...I am still struggling with Easter cards - have to send them off today and tomorrow if I want them to arrive on time!
I was so fed up with pinky ones I decided to make a yellow one which I like very much - my room is a mess of course but enjoy the snoop.....

Well some of you were admiring my Martha Stewart punches - as you know I am a punch maniac so I decided to show you my collection....I am a bit worried  is everything ok with me????? Here are the newer ones...

And here is the rest of the lot..... I think punches must be one of the biggest bussines Martha Stewart has made because I think there isn't a craft room in the world that wouldn't have at least one of them......Ha, ha I have few more for those who have none....

And as we have Easter coming this weekend I think it would be nice to show you all my Easter decorations - we are a catholic country and Easter is as big for us as Christmas so have a look around.....

This is my kitchen table decoration....

And here is my coffee table in the lounge....

And here is my Easter Tree

And a my wooden basket full of Easter eggs....

So there I think that will be enough for today.....I will be snooping around your desks no doubt so enjoy mine ha, ha...
Oh and something VERY IMPORTANT! I got a an email from PAULA last night - she is still struggling with pain, her lovely hubby is taking care of her and hopefully she will be feeling better every day now, and might even join us soon....so ladies send lots of positive thoughts to our dear friend and I am sure she will feel our love and feel better!
Have a lovely day all of you!


  1. Hi Cardarian thanks for sharing your Easter decorations, very interesting. I love the tree.I thought it was funny that you have MS punches for those that don't have any! After MS was in jail I wasn't going to have anything to do with her but then she started making punches.....

  2. What fun you have decorating the house for Easter .... everything so colourful ....could do with some colour here as we have had sleet and high winds for the past 24 hours. Love to see your card making central ....a hub of activity.

    MS punches are soooooexpensive but are the best so worth spending on. Hers are the only border punches that work for me.

  3. What fab easter decorations you have there. thanks for sharing them.
    A x

  4. bloody 'el Mrs - you must have had to take out a second mortgage for all those MS punches - soooo envious!!! Love all your Easter Decs - I think sending Easter cards and decorating is becoming more popular over here - and i don't think its down to religion tho, probably that there is an expectation in the air in anticipation for the joys of spring - and all things new which is reflected in the eggs (new life, beginnings)...

    anyway - I love your egg tree - might send OH into the woods for a couple of branches of something or other being as i'm a philostine and have paving and pots in my garden and no lovely trees to hack down.

    Thanks for the mention too - i feel so honoured!!!!

    Paula x x x

  5. you have alot of faulous punches (I don't have any Martha Stewart stuff). And there are a lot of brightly wrapped eggs decorating your house.

  6. Wow that's a lot of punches! Mum & I have 2 between us! But we love them, so will be getting more!!

    Esme xx

  7. You have got soooo much loveliness going on today!! Firstly, I love the Easter decorations, especially the tree. I'm also impressed with your punch collection, but what really caught my eye, apart from the creme egg, is that big sheet of little gems!! They look fab.
    It's really easy to do the paint pages. I just paint randomly all over the page, then apply a watery layer of gesso to take the brightness away from the paint. Then you can stamp over the top how you like. I like to stamp with the gesso too, but you have to clean the stamps straight away. If you then colour over the gesso it looks lovely. Good luck xxx

  8. Just a few punches then! hehe No there is nothing wrong with you at all, just 'cos your a punch fanatic :) Love the pink room, fabby colour. I couldn't work on a chair that colour though without a throw, it would be full of paint, ink, glue and glitter! Love your Easter tree ;)
    Anne xx

  9. Helloo again!! Yes I just use acrylic paints for the base, nothing fancy at all. Just go with the flow like you did as a child xxx

  10. OMG i love your easter tree - very cute!!!! happy easter. it's raining and miserable here in Scotland too!!!

  11. A beautiful blog - love all your Easter stuff. I have made Easter cards with my daffodil dumfings so a few lucky friends may get one!

  12. Love the way you organise your ribbons. I think all your Easter decorations are wonderful I wouldn't be able to keep dishes of choc eggs around I would just eat them. Your chair looks very comfy. I have quite a few MS punches but not as many as you. Looking forward to following your blog.
    Pat xx

  13. Do you know ... I don't think I knew you were in Slovenia until today ... how lovely to see so many Easter decorations and your punch collection is just awesome.
    Have a wonderful Easter XXX

  14. We have an easter tree to, eggs lovingly painted by Miss Dunnit and me some years ago! Love our workspace shot - pink cozy and inspiring.

  15. Fab Easter tree...nope, nowt wrong with all those punches..I can think of someone else who has as many (ahem, me??? er..yep!)

  16. Wow, love the Easter tree, and all those MS punches,envious or what...love your desk. Love the chair, Ann xx

  17. What fun your pictures are!!!
    happy easter!

  18. That Easter tree is just FAB...
    I don't have any Martha Stewart punches.. they're good then, are they?!! (laughing)

  19. Love your Easter decor. Got a chuckle about your punch addiction. Love to read about others with crafty addictions. Have a Happy Easter.

  20. I don't have any MS punches,I think you have my share haha Lovely Easter tree.x

  21. Lol, where would the world be without good old Martha? Very pretty Easter decorations, hope the rain doesn't spoil your fun.


  22. Love your easter decorations. Happy Easter :)

  23. love the easter decorations - especially the tree! ;-)

  24. ohohoooo lovely chocolate Easter eggs...and your computer area is sooo tidy, I think mine looks messy because its a 'bench' maybe I should paint it!! And all those lovely MS punches!!! The ones I have I bought in USA and only because they were half the price here, I think there was a sale on!! (buy one half price and get another free!!) or..maybe I was getting the $ muddled with the the £ !!

  25. WOW! what a wonderful post - I loved the photos, everything looks so pretty. As for your punches - are you sure you don't own a shop? hehehe

  26. No e-mail address included, so I'm stopping by to say thanks for stopping by my blog today!

    Happy Easter to you and your family *smiles*

  27. What a bunch of lovely punches you have :)
    I have a couple and love them really want to get a few more fab Easter Decorations too
    hugs Nikki
    Happy Easter

  28. Your Easter decs are so pretty! Love your little tree! And look at all those punches! Lol! Thanks for sharing!

  29. Love all the Easter decoration and your punches are amazing!!