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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

What is art and what is a challenge????

Hi Everybody!

It is Wednesday already, time for WOYWW and I will post some pics of my mess later but I just want to ramble a little bit about sketches and challenges......I am always in a dilema what to do ...do I make a card first and then look for a challenge that fits my card or look at challenges and make my card according to the challenge! Some may think what is the difference but I think there is....if you make a card with your own inspiration it is art  - it comes from your heart....if you follow a sketch or some other challenge - it is a challenge because sometimes it is really hard to make what a challenge (or sketch)  wants - but is it art???  Do you ladies think of your cards being art?? I think of this lovely work we do as a big amazing power of art! I would like to hear some of your opinions on this my dear ladies!
Ha, ha I am not having a very productive week that is probably why I am thinking about these things!  Strangely when you have sooooo much to do ( I have about 8 birthday cards and 20 easter cards to make) I just can't do anything....empty, blank - even with all the inspiration from all the blogs,  you just can't do anything - is this some cardmakers crafty disease????Ha, ha...
Ok enough of this rambling....
Have a lovely day everybody - I will be back with you later in the afternoon with my "haveasnooparound" photos!
See Ya!

1 comment:

  1. I have been in the place you are in many times! sometimes I go with an idea I have other times I look for sketches and pull papers out and then next thing I know I have a card!