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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

WOYWW and I am back!

Hello my dear bloggy friends!

Has it really been 2 weeks since I last posted?? I can't believe it ! I have been so busy I didn't even realise that 2 weeks have gone, but all that is now in the past and I can start my  "normal" life again! 
So what has been going on? Well on the 24th of June we finally opened the new library, so up to that day I was swamped with work at work and work at home doing my bookmarks! That is why I didn't play last week as it was the day before we opened the library and I went in early, and worked late and then when I came home I had to finish off my bookmarks! The opening of the library was very nice - I will do a separate post about that, as I will get some of the photos today! On Friday we had a holiday - Independance day! I had a nice lay in as I haven't had one for a long time (I was working in my craft room every morning at 5am) and then I had to pack as I had to catch a plane for England Friday evening! A couple from the MG club I belong to were celebrating their 40th ruby wedding annivarsary so I was invited to this lovely event - that will be another post! Huh I will be posting a lot! But of course first is first! WOYWW! I have seen a few have got the woyww easel from Julia and so did  I - THANK YOU SO MUCH JULIA!!!!!!!! I love that it is made of wood - such a lovely material! 
And believe it or not that lovely easel is all I have on my desk at the moment!

Of course I must show off my bookmarks - they were a great success - everybody loved them, some of the librarians that also came to the opening thought it a brilliant idea for library events and they want me to do a workshop!!! Me?? A workshop??? Ha, ha....
So here is my desk last week before I gave away my bookmarks...a right mess!

And here are all my lovely bookmarks - they are now all living in peoples books..... I put them on the carpet in the lounge so they could all be seen.....

Not one of them is the same - I am proud of my work - and it was hard work too!
As I am finally not that busy I will be snooping around your desks after I come back from work!
Have a lovely day my dear friends!
Hugs to all of you!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

WOYWW - bookmarks and more bookmarks!

Hello my lovely friends!

Sorry I haven't been around - all I seem to be doing is apologising, but I am soooo busy with these bookmarks I am afraid to turn on the computer because as soon as I do an hour or 2 goes and that means less bookmarks done! Unfortunatly my helpers are busy with their studies at the moment ( it is the time for exames at the university) so I am left on my own! I must admit it is a big job - I am not really such a experienced crafter so sometimes I really don't know what else I can do! Thank you to all of you that have offered to help but I think it would be a bit risky to depend on the postal service, although I am sure all of you would deliver on time! Still I would be very greatful for any ideas you have to spice up my collection - I am at nr. 70 at the moment so 50 more to go! My problem is that I never do 2 things the same so even though some of them might look the same I use different materials, colors or some other detail to make them different! I will now go back to stamping as I have been doing quite a lot of punching! Also I started with a bit of doodling (zantangling) - I think that might be interesting too but it does take a lot of time. On most of my bookmarks I am using elements from nature - flowers, leaves, trees, birds, bugs, butterflies...anything to do with forests as we are a Forestry Library!
One more very important thing! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE AWARDS I have been given lately and still haven't put on my blog - not that I wouldn't appretiate them I just haven't had time to study how to put them on the blog - I did it before and forgot how I did it so now I have to start anew! I will do it soon so please bare with me as at the moment I am swamped! 
Ok I should stop chatting away and show you what is on my desk! Guess what?? BOOKMARKS!! Ha, ha....

I think my photos are not very good today - don't know maybe because we have cloudy weather and the light isn't as it should be....finally the temperature has dropped so we now have the comfortable  23 - 25 deg C - we were up to 35 deg C on Sunday!
Anyways lets swing to the right where I have some new goodies - the BIG BITE and a new Fiskars paper cutter! Something I really use these days!

So there that is all you can see today - next week I hope to show you all my 120 bookmarks ( huh!!!) and a very tidy desk! Ha, ha.......
Hugs to all of you lovely friends

Friday, June 11, 2010

I survived the 1st bookmark making!

Hi Everybody!

I am sorry I haven't visited much of you this week - I hope to get some time over the weekend and make a few visits - yesterday I had my first "workshop" with the students making the bookmarks! We had a good time and managed to make 30 bookmarks - well they are not finished completly - they don't have the ribbon on yet but the basis is made and I am very proud of all my girls - they have showed quite a talent! 
The bad news is that initially we were suppose to make around 70 bookmarks but the number of invited people has now gone up to 120 so I am a bit worried - I will have to make a lot of them myself over the weekend and we will have another "workshop" next week....
Here are some photos from yesterdays mayhem - I think all my punches were out, papers, scissors, glitter, gems....have a look and be amazed that I am still here ha, ha.....

These are my 3 lovely  helpers - students - Natalija, Ana and Laura!

This is the mayhem on the table...

This is the spraying unit.........

This is the cardstock unit......

Stash on every available space.....

And the girls admiring their lovely work........

This is our yesterdays work on display......

We did stamping, embossing, punching coloring, quite a few techniques considering that all the girls were first time crafters......
Oh yes a few of you asked what flower was the blue one ( third photo down) on my WOYWW post - it is called tradescantia!
Ok I have a load of books waiting to be catalogued and another 80 or 90 bookmarks to make so wish me well...
Have a lovely weekend ....we are still up in the 30 deg C......sunny and hot.....
Hugs to all of you....

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

WOYWW - week 53 or back to Nr. 1 !

Hiya Everybody!

I am sooo sorry I haven't been blogging all that much - I know I still owe you my English travel but it won't happen till the weekend because I am very busy! I work at least 9 hours a day at the library and then I come home and start working on the bookmarks I am making for the opening of the new library ( we will give them to all the visitors of the library on the opening day). I am actually making templates as tomorrow I will have a group of students coming over to help me make them ( I am not sure how I will survive all those kids messing with my stash but it will be good for me..I think ha, ha) 
Anyway to make this short here is my desk as of this morning.....

A bit of a mess I am afraid - as you can see my bookmarks are in progress...

The early morning sun on my desk......

As you have already noticed I love flowers - I took a few photos of some of the flowers that are blooming on my terrace - nature can be such an inspiration! Just look at these fantastic colors....

Have a lovely week....hugs to all of you....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sunshine on my terrace!

Hi girls and boys!

Ha, ha there are boys among us so I must say hello to them too! I am still catching up with things - it seems the older you get the longer it takes to get back on track if your routine has been messed up! I did catch up with all the housework - although I still haven't cleaned the windows but it is such a big job and I am a bit lazy - still I am not here to waffle - I am here to show you my terrace as I am doing WOYWW out here at the moment - I will do more photos of my outside space all through summer but I thought I would give you a preview - It is such a lovely Sunday - we have clear skies - the mountains you can see from my terrace are as clear as a bell and the temperature is 29 deg C! And here is my desk...

And here is the other side of the terrace - have a peek at my flowers - not in full bloom yet but quite nice!

I also have a chez long out there for a bit of a rest - I live out here from May till the end of September!
Ok then I better get back to WOYWW and some crafting - I have a whole list of things I have to do!
Have a lovely Sunday wherever you are and I will see you later - I am writing up my travel blog!

Friday, June 4, 2010

Still doing WOYWW

Hi Girls!

Just a quickie - I am very busy as I haven't been at work for a few days and now I have piles and piles of books that I need to work on BUT I am visiting desks and I hope to finish WOYWW tonight! I will blog about my travel over the weekend when I hope I will have a little bit me time! What I have seen up till now on your desks is really lovely - lots of brilliant ideas and I am so happy to be part of a group of such lovely creative people! I must correct myself just always saying " hi girls" as I have noticed there is boy amoung us! 
I wasn't very lucky with weather in England ( the sun came out the day I left) and we don't have very nice weather here at the moment. The weekend is suppose to be better and I hope to finally be able to get up to some crafting again! 
I wish all of you a nice Friday ( it is the best day of the week as we have 2 days off work ahead of us - that is the people who actually go to work ha, ha) and enjoy your weekend!
See ya soon!

Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Hi Girls!
We are all celebrating today - I am very happy to be a part of this lovely group of cardmakers, scrapbookers and artists in general! At the moment I am still in England - my flight on Thursday was cancelled so I was rebooked and will be flying home today! I will blog about my travel tomorrow as today is no time for that! I will come and visit all your blogs to see what kind of projects you have made but I will be late as I am coming home in the evening! Still all your critical eyes can have a look at my humble contribution!
I would also like to thank Glen for the Beautiful Blogger award! I will "claim" it as soon as I get home!
I wonder what all you girls have been creating! I must be honest and tell you that anything that is not a card is way out of my comfort zone! I don't even do fancy folds or easel cards not to mention anything else so making something 3 dimensional was really scary for me! Still as a WOYWW "warrior" (snoopior rather) I had to tackle this and I did!
Let me show you what I made and tell you how I made it and also tell you what the philosophy behind it is!
Here it is my humble contribution:

So I painted an old frame with pink put a green background in it which is actually a designer paper that looks like a grass field, then I searched for hours to find the right letters for WOYWW and then printed them out and cut them our - I don't have any dies for letters! Then I punched out over a 100 daisies, put a yellow dot in the middle of each one with a copics pen and then a dot of glossy accents - quite fiddly! I also stamped a heart and a butterfly and cut them out and decorated the whole lot with daises - the big daises were punched out too and they have pearls from stash in the middle! Here are a few photos from the making of....

And at last here is how it hangs in my pink room:

And now to explain what it means - the daises of course represent each one of you girls - ther is well over a hundred of them on there so each one of you have one! The heart is Julia and the butterfly is Mr. Blogger who is the one that makes it possible to fly from one desk to another! (Although I must say he is verz naughty today!) So there now you know!
Ok then I better start packing my bags! Ladies enjoy your birthday snoop I will join you as soon as I can!
Lots of love and hugs to you all, especially to Julia who has made this all possible for us! It has been a lovely year lets have another one!