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Wednesday, February 11, 2015

WOYWW, 2 cards and a bit of knitting...

Hello my dear friends!

It is another Wednesday when we wizz around blogs and look at what people have been doing and what their messy or tidy desks are showing or hiding! We all congregate at  the Stamping ground where our leader Julia presides...
Anyway going back to last week lots of you thought it was amazing that I moved with only 2 cases. Well to be honest I will still be living some of the time in Slovenia. I didn't take all of my crafty stuff with me because when I go back every now and again I will need some there so I am having stuff here and there - he, he that is why I need to buy new crafty stuff here and also I need to buy new clothes here - isn't that fun ????? 
Just so you know! :-)
Now it is time to get back to our usual business!First up my really messy desk (actually the table in the lounge).....

As you can see there is a big mess of pottage there - 2 cups - one for tea, one for water for water coloring. lots of baby wipes as I can't stand dirty stamps and a card on the side there which I will show in detail in a moment....also new docrafts markers - they were the cheapest I could get and they will do for coloring if I need to.....I don't want to buy the copics....I have them in Slovenia but I don't use them that much as I am a not very good at coloring anyway....
So here is a card I made this morning - I am into these rainbow colors at the moment and hearts are the theme up to Valentine's day! I used dies from Papertray ink which I love as they are  so funky and used foil paper because it seems to be in fashion at the moment....the stitched hearts are a Lil' Inker die and the sentiment is from Altenew.

My next card I made for mom a few days ago - she was quite sad that I went to England but as I call her every day and send her stuff every now and again she seems happy now. The sentiment says "Spring will come..." I guess we all wish for spring....the dies and stamps are from Clearly Besotted stamps...oh yes and the bunny is from Lawn Fawn....The background is just a bit of water coloring.....

And can you believe I started knitting.....I am not sure what yet but it is a start :-)

That is it for today....I will see you soon - I will be around blogs later as our friends are  coming to visit and I will be tied up most of the day!

Have a lovely week, enjoy Valentine's day!
Lots of hugs to everybody


Wednesday, February 4, 2015

WOYWW, new location and new desk!

Hello my dear friends!

I am sorry again for being away for such a long time, but I have another very good excuse! I have moved to England! It is temporary at the moment, but we will see how things will go! Can you imagine packing only two suitcases? And of course most of the stuff had to be for crafting and the suitcases only weigh 20 kilos? HUH what a struggle! Of course as soon as we got here I had to go to the shop and get a Big Shot - you can't live without a die cutting machine these days! Luckily my dear friend Jo from Jozart has provided me with lots of crafting goodies so I am now fully equipped to make cards! And I have been making them when I haven't been sorting out my DBFs house! Huh! You can imagine how much work there is to do as there hasn't been a woman in the house for 20 years! But we sort out things everyday and soon it will all be sorted! :-)
Now let me show you my new desk....actually it is the big table in my DBFs lounge - I have taken it over completely so this morning my DBF said : "Should we buy a bigger table???"
I will have a craft room upstairs but at the moment there are so many other things to sort out the craft room in on the back burner.
So here are a few shots of my "new" desk......

As you can see in the background is my new Big Shot, my laptop and other bits and pieces. I have been very busy making cards so as you can see it is quite messy! Do you see that lovely bin for paper bits - Jo from Jozart made it for me I love it - it is so practical to have something like that so you don't have to run to the big bin all the time.
Now you have seen my desk,  have a look at the lovey dovey cards I haven't been making.....

All of the cards are made with a bit of stamping, die cutting and coloring. I have used inks and watercolors...

The photos are not super good because the light in the morning is soo bad...I will have to remember to take photos in the afternoon of the previous day. 
Let me bore you with a few more photos.......

Thats it - the lot for today! I am really lucky to be here at the moment as at home they have about 20 inches of snow - not much fun really! 
Anyway I will be  popping around to see you, don't forget to check in at the WOYWW HQ with our lovely leader Julia!
Lots of hugs to all of you