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Wednesday, December 30, 2020

WOYWW 604 Happy new year 2021?!?

 My dear WOYWW friends! 

I have not blogged since August! So sorry I haven't been around! My plans for 2020 were to have 2 knee operations - one in April and one in November! Of course none of that has happened thanks to COVID so I am on crutches now - well at least if I go out of the house! Luckily  we are still healthy - my daughters boyfriend did catch the virus but he got over it and is well. We are very careful, don't go out much - except for a walk when it is sunny and to our little local shop to get bread and milk. 

To talk about crafting - I have made a lot of Christmas cards and birthday cards! I am having a big rethink about the way I will be buying stash and crafting. Maybe some of you ladies have seen a video from a lady called Justine Hovey! She was on various design teams and has made 700 videos over the years! She talks about how she has given up being on all design teams and how she is really fed up with these constant new "kits" coming out, pushing us to buy more and more. And I agree! When I started making cards and that is believe it or not now about 12 years ago new things were coming out twice a year or maybe 4 times a year! It was mostly spring and just before Christmas! Now it is almost every week ! And it is overwhelming! You try to keep up with the trends but it is just impossible! I am taking a new approach. I find that when I had less I was making nicer stuff or should I say more inventive! I still love all the dies I am a big fan of but I need to just try and use other techniques and use all the thousand things I have and have never used or used only once!!! I wonder what you ladies think about that. Do you still buy a lot or do you choose wisely? Let me know!

To show you my desk .....it is in a big mess, lots of leftovers from my Christmas crafting - ink pads, glitter, glues, dies, washi tape, bags of pearls and sequins, cards....


I hope 2021 will be better for all of us, although there will be a few more really tough months ahead! Covid cases will still be rising so please everybody stay healthy and safe and listen to the advise of the science! Research on this virus is evolving and they are finding new things every day, so be patient and listen to what they are saying!
Here is my last card of the year - I hope I will be back with more interesting cards and crafts  in the new year.

Happy New Year! Enjoy your holidays - see you soon...