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Wednesday, December 31, 2014

WOYWW, Happy New Year!

My lovely WOYWW friends and all you other lovely followers!

My blog has been neglected this year quite a bit but it was mostly due to my problems trying to sort out my pension. It has finally happened now and from the 1st of January I am off work! I think almost 37 years of service has been enough! God when I started I never thought I would get here! I hope that in 2015 I will be able to do more crafty stuff and other things! So looking forward to my new life! 
For all you lovely people I wish in 2015 that you have a lot of health, love, happiness and peace. Who would think that in 2015 we would need to wish for peace! You would think the politicians and people would come to their sences after all these wars! 
So all that is left for me to do this year is show you my desk, pick my DBF from the airport and cook a meal! Ha! Not too bad after all the work I have done over the rest of the year! ;-)

My desk might look very untidy to you but believe me this is the tidiest it has been in months! And here is the card on my desk and I send it out to all of you lovely people....

Thank you to all my followers, all you people who comment on my blog even though I don't get back to you, thank you for not giving up on me, thank you to Julia from Stamping Ground who hosts our lovely gathering every week and gives us the opertunity to see what is new in the crafty world and organizes with Lunch Lady Jan the lovely WOYWW yearly meeting, I would also like to thank all the crafty ladies who make video tutorials on Youtube - I have learned so much from them! Having all this I think we are very lucky people and should know that we are very blessed!
Thank you for 2014 and I hope 2015 will be great for us all!
Love and lots of hugs to all of you,

Thursday, December 25, 2014


My dear friends!

As I have been ill for the last two weeks I didn't go out and post my cards or do anything much for Christmas, but the last few days I have been feeling better so all the usual Christmas stuff has been done.
I wish you all a lovely and blessed Christmas and wonderful holidays! 
Here is a photo of me in front of a lovely nativity in Trieste

Here is my humble Christmas tree...

and my small nativity

And as last a few more little Christmas treats.....

Enjoy the holidays with family and friends!
Hugs and love to all!

Wednesday, December 10, 2014

WOYWW, cards, cards and more cards

Hello my dear friends!

I cannot believe that my last post was on the  13th October but there was a reason for that and I finally have good news! On the 31st of December after almost 37 years I will do my last day of work and start a new period of my life! I am sooooo happy! I have been trying to sort it out all this year and now it finally happened! So there that is why I have been away from my blog but now I am back in business so prepare to yawn looking at cards and more cards because to stay "normal" that was what I have been doing! I think I haven't done so many cards in all the years I have been making cards.Thank you so much for all your patience my dear friends.
So to start the normal WOYWW I will show you my really messy desk, sometimes I have as much space as an A2 card to do my stuff.....

It is really weird because I tidy up every day and then suddenly this happens.....
I have loads of Christmas cards to show you I won't show all of them on this post - I will save some for the next days - I hope it gives you some ideas if you need some inspiration....

 Deers seem to be in fashion this year so I have made a few cards with deers - above you can see one....
Here is another one...

Also houses seem to be quite trendy....

Then I have made a few cards with washi tape....

I saw something similar on the internet and I wouldn't really think of using washi tape for a candle ( I don't know why but candles always remind me of the 2 Ronnies sketch about "four candles - fork handles :-))
And here is another idea...A tag on a card - love that little penguin...

I know you have started yawning now so I will stop with this and carry on tomorrow - actually it will be Friday because tomorrow  I will be going to Trieste -  Italy for a bit of Christmas shopping! YIPEEE!!!
More news on Friday but until then lots of hugs to everybody and don't forget to surf over to the Stamping Ground where you can see more desks and nose for ideas and also meet up with our Queen Julia!

Monday, October 13, 2014

Breast Cancer Awarness - Europa Donna Slovenija

Hello my dear friends!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are now ready for the challenges of this week! Well I am here today because I want to remind you all that the month October is dedicated to Breast Cancer Awareness! Millions of women all over the world suffer and I hope that there will soon be a cure! We must help with donations so that research can be done! Our Slovene challenge blog Craftalnica is hosting a challenge this month for the breast cancer awareness! We will all make a card, show it on our blog and then donate the card for charity! I am writing this post both in Slovene and English - Wherever you are in the world donate to this cause to your local charities - it is important for women to help each other!

Pozdravljene drage prijateljice! 

Pri Craftalnici je 1. tema izziva v mesecu oktobru Roza pentlja simbol boja proti raku dojk! Izziv se mi zdi res krasna priložnost da pomagamo tistim 1200 ženskam v Sloveniji, ki vsako leto zbolijo za rakom na dojkah! Izdelke z roza pentljami bomo darovale združenju Evropa Donna in tako vsaj malo prispevale za raziskave in pomoč bolnim! 
Včeraj, ko sem se lotila moje kartice ( težko rečem da je to čestitka) sem razmišljala, kakšna pravzaprav bi morala biti taka kartica! Zdi se mi, da bi morala biti vesela, polna upanja, ker to vsak, ki zboli potrebuje!
Pri Najlepšem paru so pripravili nove okrogle novoletne štampiljke, ki naj bi se uporabile kot obeski za jelko, na enem piše upanje, in ta je bil zame inspiracija!
Pri Unity Stamps so že pred nekaj časa ravno tako za boj proti raku dojk naredili set štampiljk v ta namen.
No in jaz sem združila oboje in nastala je kartica, ki bo upam,  nekomu vlila upanja!

Najprej sem odtisnila deklico in krogec z besedo upanje, potem sem se lotila ozadja z pentljami in srčki., nato sem vse pobarvala  in še dodala nekaj bleščic! Moram reči, da mi je bilo v veliko veselje narediti kartico za ta izziv!Slike bom tudi dodala v galerijo Najlepši par!
Kartico bom poskusila še danes dostaviti tja kjer se zbirajo!
Vsem en prav lep pozdrav iz sončne in zaenkrat še tople Ljubljane - a nismo res srečni, da imamo tako čudovito jesen?

Wednesday, October 8, 2014

WOYWW - Christmas cards and a christening card!

Good morning my dear friends!

How are you this gloomy morning?? Well it is gloomy here - autumn has kicked in - not temperature wise but the dark gloomy days have come! Still I guess that does give us time to sit inside and make cards ( well maybe!). Anyway today is Wednesday and WOYWW - I have missed last weeks but I am back now with my desk which is not very interesting and my first lot of Christmas cards! I don't feel Christmassy at all but a crafter has to do what a crafter has to do! Huh!
So to kick off lets look at my ever so boring desk....there is so little room now that I really have to tidy up after every card I make otherwise I can't do anything - how did it get this way I just don't know !

What you can see is a few ink pads from Simon Says Stamp - I have been wanting Doll Pink and Mint for ages and I have them now - then there is some mirror card which I have used on a Christmas card and is still hanging around and there is a beginning of a new card which I have used a cover up die on and you can see here

You will have to wait till my next post to see what happens with it....he, he just like a TV series..a cliff hanger at the end! :-)
Well don't worry I have plenty of cards for you to get some inspiration...I hope...

So number one.....kraft, white and silver combo.... dies from Simon Says Stamp, a bit of stamping and pearls and an embossing folder for the background....

Next up red, silver and white combo - two dies - another Simon Says Stamp and the lovely poinsettia die is from our Slovene company Najlepši par....

Washi tape card up next...I have so much washi tape and I think a few cards like this might make me use up just a little bit....why did I buy so much washi tape anyway??? The word die is from the Frantic Stamper...

Yes and here is another one that follows the similar pattern but is made with a wash of watercolors...the sentiment is from Simon Says Stamp and it is covered in glitter glue....simple but I like it!

This last one is a "proper" Christmas one....I did a background with a TH stencil and TH DI Mustered Seed! Then I put vellum over it and then die cut the manger and sentiment in gold mirror card....

And here is my last card for today it was made for a friend who's little grandson TIM was christened last week . I used the same TH stencil for the background - vellum also and lots of bling - I must admit it is one of my favourite cards for a christening - the sentiment is also from Najlepši par ! The stamp for the baby cot is from France but I have no clue what make - it was a gift from my daughter! The cross is a Spellbinders die!

So there - that is all from me today! I will now hook up to the main office - Stamping Ground and you should too if you want to show the world what is on your desk and also want to have a snoop around other desks!
I wish you a lovely day and week! Keep crafting and enjoying it!
Lots of hugs to all,

Wednesday, September 24, 2014

WOYWW - New stuff and a few cards!

Hello my dear friends!

I am back on WOYWW after quite a while - things regarding my so called pension are going very slow so I am a bit dishearted and that also affects my writing on the blog but I am back now so get ready for loads of photos!
First up is my desk which today shows a lot of new stuff - I have ordered some stuff from Simon says Stamp - mostly dies and stamps and a few of their inks - I want to see if they are any good and also the colors are a bit different from the ones that are around so I splurged a bit! I also ordered some memory box dies which I still think are the most beautiful and intricate of them all...

There is so much stuff on offer these days online and in shops , I really think card making has caught on! It is hard to choose - you get so overwhelmed with stuff! I promised myself this will be the last buy of the year but I am sure next month I will be buying again - what an addiction!
Ok then lets get up to cards! I have made quite a few recently in all sorts of styles... I must admit I have gone off the Tim Holtz browny sort of style and am now into more lighter colors! I just need the "happy" in my life!
So here is a scenic birthday card I made for my DBFs grandson Ethan - he was very happy with it I have been told...

Next up is how I combine watercolors with making cards....just used them as a lovely colorful background and then stamped flowers with black ink on top! I will add this to the gallery of Najlepši par - the stamps and die cuts are from them....

and here is one I personally really like - I made it for a new baby girl - my boss just had a baby so I made a card all of the girls here at work signed and my daughter wrote a little poem to go with it! 

I made a nice autumn card which you can see here...
My DBFs daughter has had an operation recently so I have made a get well card for her - it is also a more autumn - ish card! The background paper inspired the whole card - funny how you get ideas from a bit of paper....and yes I also decorated the envelope!

Last card on this post is one I also made for my DBFs daughter for her birthday - it is coming up very soon and as he went back yesterday I thought he should take it with him - she doesn't read my blog so it is safe to show it....As you can see the background colors are TH Distress inks - I do love them as they blend together so beautifully! I put a cover up die cut out of silver paper on top and then added all the rest of the bits and pieces on top - die cuts, flowers, pins, bling - it is all there - I think the card is really flash and pretty!

So that is it for this weeks addition! I think I will start on my Christmas cards this week - I am not really a Halloween person - I might make one card just for fun but as I have all this lovely new Christmas stuff I think it is time to give it a go! So next week will probably be the first Christmas edition! :-)
Have a lovely week and enjoy your crafting!
Lots of hugs to all of you,

Monday, September 22, 2014

Ena jesenska!

Pozdravljene blogerke in blogerji!

Ponavadi pišem v angleščini danes pa imam eno krajšo objavo v slovenščini, naredila sem namreč eno jesensko čestitko za svakinjo z novimi štampiljkami od Najlepšega para!

Najprej sem odtisnila besedilo v črni barvi, nato pa sem posamezne liste odtisnila z različnimi pigmentnimi Memento Lux blazinicami, ki so bolj vlažne in se nanje prime embossing prah. Uporabila sem prozoren prah, kar je dalo listom lep sijaj in  tudi zaščito! Naslednji korak je bil namreč čez vso čestitko odtisnjena štampiljka z lesnim vzorcem v zlati barvi ( zlata blazinica Delicata). Ker so bili listi pokriti z embossingom sem z lahkoto pobrisala iz njih zlato barvo tako da lepo izstopajo barve listov! Dodala sem še zlato vrvico in nekaj bleščic in vse skupaj prilepila na čestitko naravne barve! Res so barve malo bolj svetle ampak jesen je lahko tudi zelo pisana! Čestitko bom dodala v galerijo Najlepši par!
Lep dan in lep pozdravček vsem! Lepo ustvarjajte - upam da sem vam dala malo inspiracije!


Abano Terme

Hello my dear friends!

I looked when I last posted and it is almost a month has passed! I honestly don't know how that has happened! I have been on holiday in Italy that was 1 week gone but the rest is just me not being as active as I should be! This waiting for things in my life to be sorted has certainly taken a tole on my blogging! I just have no proper will to do much - well I am still passionate about making cards and I will show them in the next few days! 
I had a very nice holiday with my DBF  in Abano Terme - it is a lovely place in Italy not far from Venice and Padova - with lots of hotels and Spas - very calm atmosphere! Italians certainly know how to enjoy life!
Here is the hotel lounge - it is quite an old hotel....

This is looking out to the pool where we went swimming every day...

We visited the home village of the famous Italian renaissance poet, scholar and humanist Francesco Petrarca...

Lovely place - huh hard to get to though if you have dogy knees but with the help of my stick I managed to climber up there...

Everywhere you go in Italy  there are old buildings with balconies and flowers on them - so pretty!

And now ladies a bit of fashion for you! Braccialini is a famous make of bags with aplique - they make so many interesting designs - I photographed them in the shop window...

Here are 2 with Madonna and Audrey Hepburn and I think Marilyn Monroe!

 It was just before the Scottish referendum so this one was apt...

And here is one with New York... also on all of the photos you can see the new autumn shoe collection!

So there a little bit of Italy for you!
Have a lovely day....I will be back later!
Hugs to all of you,