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Wednesday, December 11, 2013


Hello my dear bloggy friends!

I am very late posting, but I have been to work, then my friend came and we made a wreath for my door (how late am I with that???????) and at 7pm I had an appointment at my dentist - huh an hour of drilling and then I finally managed to come home and take photos and do this very short post - yes I think it will be short! I have been very blessed this week! I got a parcel from Jo from Jozart and another one from Donna from Doings of Doone.....so here is Jo's lovely gift for me and one for my mom - a christmas treat triangle and it was full of treats!

Such lovely patchwork - I wish I could make stuff like that - Jo is a genius!!! She spoils me and now my mom too!
Then my lovely gift from Donna - she made me such a lovely book and also put some goodies in the parcel - have a look!Ah Donna you did make exactly the right "card" love it!!!

And here is my desk - I should have shown that first - sorry Julia, but I was distracted with my gifts!

Kitchen table desk.....very messy....

And this is my craft room desk with a card in the making.....

And here is my wreath - my friend brought some sticks which we made into a wreath and then as we found the ribbon with the deer in my stash I had to get out the TH deer flight die and here is what has been made - I like it very much......

I might add more to it and I might not - haven't decided yet! 
 Thats all folks on the crafty stuff ! On other good news my mom is finally home from the hospital and is doing well! I spent the last weekend at her place -setting her up to be on her own and she seems to be doing well! I wasn't very happy with the decision to leave her there on her own but she wanted to be at home so I gave in! So far so good! Fingers crossed it stays that way!
I am going to bed now, this has been a long day and a long post too, and I thought it would be a short one! HUH!
See you all tomorrow with my next card!
Have a lovely week, lots of hugs to all of you....

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Winter wonderland!

Good morning my dear friends!

I am back with you and sharing another card! 

The stamp as you can see is a Crafty Individuals "Winter Wonderland" C-399, the background was blinged up with a fairly new product from Imagination Crafts called Sparkle Medium! You can use it with a stencil which I did and it is really a lovely sparkly addition to the card! I colored the girls with copic markers and the snowflakes are covered in TH Distress glitter in Broken China! I think the stamp is just such a cute one!
He, he I gave the girls red boots I wish I had some! :-) Who doesn't want red boots?????
Have a lovely day, keep crafting!
Lots of hugs,

Monday, December 9, 2013

Retro Christmas!

Good morning my dear friends!

As I promised I have a Christmas card a day for you to keep the panick away! 

Today I am going a bit retro! I used a load of different washi tapes, Tim Holzes die + stamp Santa Claus ( or Father Christmas as the English say) and holly - nothing really complicated but it does remind me of cards when I was a child - the colors are all a bit retro too...I hope you will be inspired!

Have a lovely day, and keep up the good crafty work!

Lots of hugs to all of you

Thursday, December 5, 2013

Hello, I am still here!

My dear bloggy friends!

I am so sorry I have been neglecting you these days, there is just so much going on, especially with my mom in hospital and work and all sorts, I just can't keep up but I am travelling to my moms in an hour or so and she is coming home from hospital tomorrow - and I hope if all goes well I will have more time to blog and do crafty things! Mind you I have been making cards and I have made quite a lot so I decided to show a few today and then from Monday onwards a card a day to keep the panick away! Some of you might find them as an inspiration, as you know I never make cards in batches - each one is original and once it is gone you won't see another one like it ! So please have a look and hopefully be inspired! 
I will be back on Monday with the next one, but I think these few will do for a few days....
I have been doing traditional and a bit quirkie ones - just for a change I thought I would go different colors and style....

White and silver, quite traditional! I love that Tiny stars background stamp from Hero Arts - so many ways you can use it! Also the Crafty individuals Merry Christmas stamp!

And here is a blue one with snowflakes and a bit of vellum!

And as last a more traditional one - red and green.... The Poinsettia is from Leane Creatief - not so bulky but very nice and detailed die!

So there, see you all Monday with another card! Have a lovely weekend! And get up to making those cards you don't want to be doing them on Christmas Eve, do you???? :-)
Lots of love and hugs,

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas cards and mom in hospital

Hello my dear friends!

I am sorry not to come around to all of you that have commented on my last post but there has bin a bit of trouble in our family since and I will tell you about it now! 
After I posted 2 weeks ago we had 2 days bank holidays so I went to my moms as we always gather there on the 31st of October as it is the anniversary of the day my dad died! My brothers family came too and we we all had a good time until Saturday night my mom fell down the stairs and broke her right arm and pubic bone! And that was because she did not turn on the light!!! So ladies please when you go to the loo in the night TURN THE LIGHT ON!!!
 Anyway my mom has been operated on her arm and is much better now she does have problems walking because of the broken pubic bone but as she is still in the hospital she has physiotherapy every day and she can now do about 20 steps with this special zimmer frame! She can not use cruches at the moment because she has a broken arm! I have to drive 400 km each weekend to see her so not much is done around here! I am trying to make a card a day and this week I have managed to do that so here is my desk and a few Christmas cards I have managed to make!

On my desk you can see lots of Christmassy stuff - a card in the making, flowers, distress glitter, golden stickers and other bits and pieces....

And here are a few cards I have made in the last few days! I have bought a a package of kraft cards because I want to do a few "scandinavian" style cards as it seems to be the "in" thing this year - well even if it isn't I am making them just for a change....here are a few samples.....

This card is the one you can see on my desk.....I think I have finished it now although I am not sure yet...

and here are 2 other cards I made using various dies - Memory Box and Marianne...

I love the background on this card - it is a Hero Arts background stamp called Tiny stars - love it!!! I also used their silver shadow ink - very nice! 

Ok then that is me done for today! I will try to get round to as much of you as possible - so sorry I didn't manage to do it when I last posted - life happened!
Lots of hugs to all of you,

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

WOYWW, Autumn projects

Hello my dear friends!

How are you all doing?? Has the cold weather hit your area??? Not yet??? Well we were quite lucky, October was warmer then it was for ages - I think I haven't had the heating on for one single day but they say next week it will all change... Maybe that cool weather coming will give me more will to make Christmas cards....anyway I will show you my desk - it was my intention to make something christmasy so I pulled out one of my new dies ( Sizzixs) and it didn't cut very well - I ask Why do they make the dies so that you have to use shims even for their own cutting machine!!!??? It upsets me to think you have to keep on buying extra plates to be able to cut things! I know it is all a business but still isn't it enough that we buy the machine and the die ???? I just wonder....
Anyway here is my desk with the dies that didn't cut through....huh!!!

Next up is a birthday card I made recently.....the stamp and background paper is Crafty Individuals, the letters are TH Typset and the leaves were punched and then colored to suit the card!

Next another little autumn project....my daughter and I made some quitten jam and I gave the jars a bit of a makeover with dylusion stamps and some old material I found in the cupboard.....he, he if I am a crafter my jam jars should show that......

And here is an autumn leaves shoerenade........

Have a lovely day, enjoy snooping around peoples desks, check in at Julia's headquarters and have fun!
Lots of hugs to all of you....

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

WOYWW, Getting back into the crafty mood!

Hello my dear friends!

I hope you are all well and at least some of you are enjoying the lovely autumn weather. I was at a library conference last week - you can see the post about that here - and I must admit we had lovely weather and the colors of autumn were fantastic. Coming back home the weather is not so nice - mostly cloudy with rain every now and then! But I guess if I am at work all day it doesn't matter what the weather is like! 
So lets get up to the crafty stuff....I have been making cards mostly....but first up is my really messy desk it is a major push back situation, I will have to clean up because I think there is no room for crafting anymore...

I have all my washi tape out ( and I haven't even used it! ) inks, stamps, TH DIs, scissors, chomper etc... I just don't know how I manage to make such a mess making just one card! Huh!
And here is what I made....it is a card for a friend at my DBFs MG club, they will have a big party for his 70th but unfortunatly I won't be there - he, he but card will be! He is a big fan of cricket so as you can see the card has that theme! 

I also started making Christmas cards again....I said I was going to make 1 Christmas card a week and by the end of the year they would all be done - never happened - I did it for about 2 weeks and that was it!!!
So here is my Christmas card .....not in a festive mood at all yet but I really don't want to be making cards the last evening before Christmas.....

So there that is the story of today at Cardarian's happy place!
I hope you have a good snoop around. and enjoy the day!
I will be visiting!
Lots of hugs to all of you

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Our library conference - nothing crafty but important!

Hello my dear friends!

I am back from the library conference - probably one of the last ones before I retire! We stayed in a lovely hotel and the conference with all its presentations and lectures was very interesting! 
What did we talk about?? 2 very important things: one is about the new mission of the librarian in a more and more digital world, where we are not "keepers" of documents anymore - if any of you out there are librarians please listen to the lecture of professor David Lankes - From Loaning to learning   (link to the video presentation) something really worth hearing! The other theme was how to convince the people who finance the libraries to keep on doing that - the budgets for libraries are getting smaller and smaller but knowledge and education is more and more important but that fact is not always recognized! I am hopeful that the young generations will be successful both on their mission as "new librarians" and getting money to support knowledge and education!
Here are a few photos from our conference....here is the conference center - it is also a big hotel....do you see that blue sky?? We had that all week!


Here is the big hall with 2 screens where the main presentations where held

this is the video presentation of prof. David Lankes...I like that he quoted Nietzsche - a very good quote!

there was a terrace outside the hotel by the river where we went for coffees....these were the views....

We also visited the local libraries....where we were met by a  15th century lady who used to live in the nearby castle and she gave us a  pleasant welcome...

we also did some dancing.....you have to have a bit of fun too!!

we had a very good tamburine orchestra playing for us....

We visited an amazing museum....where we were told all the history of the city CELJE

and the last evening we had a dinner party....the tables where set lovely....

and here I am with my dear friend Anna - we met in 1976 both studying librarianship and have been very good friends ever since...

So that is it - something different nothing to do with cards, tags, Tim Holtz or anything crafty just a little story about the life of a librarian - he, he cardarian!
Lots of hugs to all of you

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

WOYWW, what a mess!

Hello my dear bloggers!

I am very late forWOYWW but the reason is I  have been getting ready for a library conference which I am travelling to tomorrow and  of course I have been to work and I have just now come to have enough time to post a short post! 
My whole room, not just my desk is in a mess!I don't know how it happened but once you start taking stuff out it just piles up and this happens......

and this (by the way do you like my new cushion with the owles???

and this

Ohhh such a mess, but don't worry after I come back from the conference it will all be sorted!

I have to go now, I will get round to you in the next few days , they say we will have wifi in the hotel!
Lots of hugs to all of you,

Monday, October 14, 2013

A special card!

Good morning dear bloggers!

I am trying to be a good blogger again :-) so I am showing you a special card today - it might not look so special but it is! Now I have a question! Have any of you girls ever made a card for someone who is 106 years old???? I bet you haven't! Well I have had the honor to make a card for one of our professors who was a forester and has celebrated his 106th birthday! I kept it quite simple, the sentiment says poeticaly,
"he has been listening to the forests growing for 106 years"....

Here is my card....

Here is a close up! I used TH DI broken china, vintage photo and walnut stain, the stamp is TH fir trees and the letters are from a Decorative strip Typeset Alphabet! Sticking those letters on was a very looooong process! But I made it! The twine and deer is from my stash!

Ok thats my Monday episode - stay tuned for the Tuesday one - I will show our finished (painted) retaining wall outside the library !
Have a lovely Monday and a good week!
Lots of hugs to all of you,