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Wednesday, May 29, 2013

WOYWW 208, 4th Anniversary!!! WOW!!!!

Good morning my lovely WOYWW friends!

I have been away for a while - very busy galavanting around Italy, Slovenia and now England! Read about all our adventures in Italy and Slovenia on Jozarts blog she has visited me with her husband Dave and has done an excellant job reporting about all our adventures! We all came back from Slovenia to England last Thursday and the next day I whizzed of with my DBF on our annual MG club trip to the Isle of Wight ! I will talk about all that later but now there is more important stuff to talk about!
And what is that you ask????? it is the 4th ANNIVERSARY OF WOYWW!!!!! YIPEEE!!! Open a bottle of champagne and celebrate this wonderful idea of our Queen Julia from Stamping Ground who 4 years ago started this lovely gathering, got us all hooked and is the heart of all this lovely friendship that has evolved over the years! THANK YOU JULIA AND THANK YOU TO ALL WOYWWers for taking part in this event every week and making all this friendship splash around the globe! We are sooo lucky to be a part of this!!
Now even though this is the celebratory week we still must carry on with our regular weekly business so I will now show you my desk....well it is not my usual desk it is the dining table in my DBFs launge!
The flowers are to celebrate the 4th anniversary! I am making ATCs  - I have made a lot already so they will be sent out to the people I will not see at the crop but I will bring the ATCs to the crop to give them away as it makes no sense me sending them from Slovenia!

So there that is our usual WOYWW done - as said I will show and tell about my adventure on the Isle of Wight but here is just a line up of all of the MGs that went on this trip! - took a picture when we were waiting for the ferry!


My dear friends, have a lovely 4th Anniversary WOYWW - I will be around to see you all and ask you for your adresses so I can send some of these ATCs out! Thank you again for all your comments and friendship!
Lots of hugs and love to all of you,

Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WOYWW, All new order and a short video!

Good morning my dear bloggy friends!

Sorry I haven't posted last week - I was away visiting my mom - she had a new shower put in her bathroom and once you let workmen in your house you know what happens - the whole house was dusty so we did a big clean up from top to bottom - also cleaned the windows and my brother mowed the lawn and tidyed up the garden. It was nice weather so we had a BBQ one day and in general had a good time! When I came back home I started on a big clean up of my craftroom! It was a lot of work because there has been a mess there for a while and the problem was I just couldn't find things so I decided to make a big change get my act together and really tidy up....here are the results....at the end of the post there will be a little video which I shot this morning so don't have a scare when you see me - it was 6am and I just got out of bed - so no glamourous me ha, ha.....plus this is my first ever video with my little camera that isn't really a proper video camera.....
First some still photos......
Well I have put all my washi tape, special ribbons and most of my jewelry making stuff in tin boxes, you can see my Crafty individual stamps peeking out of a box...the other 2 boxes are also full of stamps - I can't really write down all the different makes but in the black box there are just Hero arts stamps....

In the white box on top I have Paperartsy and Dylusion stamps - the black box holds La Blanche stamps and in that yellowish box I have Papermania, Stampattack, Artistic outpost and a few other companies....

Although this bit doesn't look like it is organized it is - I have sorted all my pencils, brushes, stencils - even when I had order it was never as good as it is now ( I better not mention how many things I have found that I thought I have lost! :-) )
 Here are my TH dies, Sizzix and Spellbinder dies all organized and easy to reach - on top some glues and various mediums for painting....
 And the other side - I finally organized my papers - they are organized by color and use ( stamping papers and crackly and stuff like that) I have also got up to organizing some of my stamps into files - I will show how I did it next time....

And last but not least a short video of my newly organized room - it is not at all anything professional and as I said an early in the morning spur of the moment thing but it is my first go at something like that so have a laugh ....
That is all I have to show for today - I will be visiting you all soon!
Lots of love and hugs to all of you

PS: I am very sorry but my video did not want to upload for reasons that are not clear to me - I am blaming mr. Blogger! Hopefully next time I will be able to show you a video of my craft room!