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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WOYWW week 51!

Hiya Girls!

I am so busy these days, yesterday I thought when I come home I will make some cards but nothing happened! What I did manage to do is some of my WOYWW anniversary project! I have to finish it today because tomorrow I am off to England and I won't be back till next Tuesday - so I will just about catch next weeks anniversary - fingers crossed there will be no ashes floating around so I can get home! I probably won't be able to visit much of you today because I will be busy packing but I promise I will try to get around to as much of you as possible!
So my dear nosy girls would you like to see what is on my workdesk this week ???? Ha, ha I won't show you my project so that will be covered but you can see the rest of my very messy desk!
Lets swing to the right! My punches are all over the place - poor Mr. Don Key is sqeezed amoung them - he is not very happy because some of you thought he was a mouse  the other week which was a big insult to him! But he will survive - he, he life is tough even for donkeys! Also in the background on the printer you can see a big pile of papers - I am a messy beast!

In the middle is my WOYWW project covered with some lovely new paper I bought the other day.....

And swing to the left......more papers I bought the other day and some cards and cardstock - all there with the rest of the junk ( a bag of sweets I polished off - why do I do that????? )...oh yes important - in the front you can see my MS punch around the page set - I didn't have the corner loop one before - that is my new purchase and my first punch around the page set ! 

Oh and I musn't forget - the day after the funeral of my daisy punch the new one arrived so I am now happy and complete ha, ha :-)

So thats all on my desk....and now a quick update - some of you have been asking where I will be going on  my trip to England - I think I mentioned before I am a proud member of the Maidstone MG owners club! (not that I actually own an MG) Every year about this time we go for a trip somewhere with the old bangers ! This year we are going towards Suffolk - we stay at the Warners and wizz around varios places with our MGs - it is a fun weekend - we dance away in evenings too! I will take photos and blog about the trip.....
This will be my ride for the next few days.....

There - another secret revealed! 
I will see you all next week my lovely friends!
Hugs to all of you

Monday, May 24, 2010

A real Bambi!

Hi Girls!

I must share these lovely news with you.....
In the back of the institute where I work we have a forest and many times I see wild animals come right up to my library window....but this morning we had a very special surprise - a lovely little deer baby - A REAL BAMBI !
It was there with the mom still a bit wobbly but ever so cute!

So there something lovely to start the week!
Hugs to all of you,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

Gardening and visiting!

Hiya Girls!

I haven't been blogging or creating because gardening and visiting my mom got in the way.....BUT I have finished my garden and the flowers are starting to grow - all I have to do now is pour litres and litres of water on them and they will be fine!
I have spent Saturday and Sunday with my mom and she was really happy I stayed there - we had long chats and I think that is what she enjoys most - a bit of company! 
A very busy week is coming up - I have quite a few cards to make - I have to finish my WOYWW thinge and I have to pack my bags for my journey to England which will be next weekend - I will blog about it later in the week! Anyways now I better put my thinking cap on and start making things cause I have missed out a lot - also I see that all you girls have been quite busy and I must hop around and see what you have been up to!
So my dear girls I wish you all a lovely evening and nice week and I will be on here with my creations and news!
Hugs to all of you
PS.: My moms red roses were so beautiful I had to take a few photos for you all to see them...

Wednesday, May 19, 2010

WOYWW and a few new things

Good morning girls!

How are you girls this morning??? We have a bright and sunny morning, so nice! I have been a good girl this morning - I PUT THE SEAT BELT ON! I was really surprised at your kind reactions to me being naughty and I am so happy that you all care for me enough to tell me off - I promise I will be a good girl now! :-)
I won't be waffling away this morning better get right to the point as we have a rush here at the library!
First Queen Julia please make it clear when is the 1 year WOYWW ( the exact date)  because I will be away for a few days and I don't want to miss any goings on ha, ha....
And now my desk - nothing special going on this morning but I have new stuff which I am about to show off!
I went to Ikea in Klagenfurt with my daughter one afternoon and I purchased these see through boxes for my stamps - in comparison with the amount of stamps some of you have I have a rather poor collection but I love them all....so here is the box with all my clear stamps, clings and unmounted stamps....they are sorted by brand (I can't get out of my librarian skin when it comes to sorting things...) 

This box is full of my wood mounted stamps...

I got a lovely present from my daughter for my birthday - 2 gorgeous Stampotique stamps - I wanted them for a long time and she ordered them from England and they came quite quick - I haven't inked them up yet - I am still in the phase of stroking them ha, ha...

I think I never showed what is under my desk - yes as you can see just the computer and lots of wires! And yes I have a pink computer - unfortunatly I couldn't get the rest of the gear in pink so it is just the box that is pink....

I would like to present to you my lovely new crafty friend - his name is Don Key and he lives in my craft room - doesn't say much except for the odd  iaaaaa, but he is very happy to sit with me while I do my cards...

And here is my broken MS Daisy punch - please say goodbye to it as I am having the funeral this afternoon...
( saying this very quietly - a new one is coming in today I think)

And an overall look at my desk this morning basking in the sun....

There we are! Done! Have a lovely day - have a lovely snoop - I will join you in the evening as I have to finish my gardening today - I was naughty and didn't finish it yesterday!
Hugs to all of you lovely ladies

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A broken punch and A FINE!!!!!

Hi girls! 

I hope you are having a better day then I although I should be happy to at least see the sun! We haven't seen it for a week or so - rain almost every day!
So let me tell you what has been going on in my pinky room and outside of it!
I was making this card - I had an epiphany and knew exactly what I wanted - the challenge was to follow a sketch which was quite easy but I needed to punch the side of the card ( you will see what I mean) I took out my lovely Martha Stewart daisy punch and punched one bit, then the next and then suddenly....I couldn't punch anywmore! I tried to fix the punch because sometimes they jam but there was no way of fixing it - broken - MY LOVELY MARTHA STEWART PUNCH!!!!!!! So sad! Of course that ment I had to throw away the punch AND the card and start again - this rarely happens to me actually it was the first time! Ok lets start again - this time I printed out a thinner DP  paper so the bit that I had to punch was thinner - used a more sturdy punch and made it!  I still smugged the Stickles but I sort of fixed it so I think you won't see much of my disaster!
Going on to the next disaster - as usual I went to work got into my car and offski ( I only have a 7 minute drive to work - nice isn't it???) I almost never put the seat belt on because nr. 1 I feel very uncomfortable with it digging into my neck and nr. 2 it is hardly worth it for the few minutes I drive - oh but this morning I have learned that it is worth 120 Euros but if you pay in 16 days it is only 60 Euros! So there now you know! I guess I learned my lesson ALWAYS PUT ON THE SEAT BELT!!!!!!! ( I hope my partner and my daughter don't read this because they always say I should put the seat belt on and I am sure they would enjoy this!) Anyway that was the start of my day - I hope it will end better then it started - I intend to finally plant all my plants and then when they start blooming I will be able to show you my terrace workdesk on WOYWW! Hopefully in a few weeks - maybe on the 1 year anniversary! Have any of you started your project ??? I bet you did!
Ok onto this card now! It is for the Card Patterns challenge!
The DP is a digi download from Pink petticoat  - so is the wheelbarrow! The ribbon is from stash and I used the MS Scallop two dot punch instead of the now broken ( oh this is torture) Daisy punch! I colored the digi stamp with Copics and put a bit of Stickles in on the flowers for a bit of shine!

I hope I wasn't moaning too much and didn't spoil your day - "it is all in the past" now said the monkey in Lion King so lets get on with the rest of the day and hope for the best!
Hugs to you my dear friends,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Penny Black and Pollycraft


And here I am back with my card nr. 2  It will be for Penny Black Saturday Challenge (flowers) and Pollycraft Monday challenge  (summer blooms)
Both challenges want flowers on projects so I made a card with a cute Penny Black stamp, DP is Rayher ( no specific designer mentioned) flowers and leaves are punchies ( I think Woodware), ribbon also Rayher, a bit of Stickles and a gem from stash.... Sentiment is computer generated! The stamp was colored with Copics and Promarkers and a bit of TH inks!
And here is the card

I went back to bright colors and cute - I just love pink! :-)

Have a lovely day - see you later!

Manic Monday

Hiya Girls!

Do you remember The Bangles Manic Monday?? Some of you might have not been around yet ! Well it was a good song and sometimes my Mondays are manic! My weekend was rather boring - it rained and I didn't go out much - only to the market! I must admit I was still not 100% so I did spend a lot of the weekend in bed! Also raiding the frige! I HATE MYSELF!!!!!!!!!!
Of course I really wanted to make some cards and I did manage to make 2!
And this one  is for the Inspirational card sketches.
When I was in London I bought the Craft Stamper magazine and there was this sun stamp freebie that came with it  which I liked and thought I could use on a card (I stamped it  and then cut it out), and for the sentiment I also stamped the words and flowers - so this card is all about stamping! TH inks - wild honey, spiced marmelade, vintage photo and brushed corduroy and memento - black tuxedo! The pearls are from stash, the DP is K & Company ( Wild Rasberry) !
And here is the card:

So there this is card nr. 1 - Nr. 2 will be in the next post!
Have a lovely day! See ya all later!

Friday, May 14, 2010

I missed WOYWW

Hi Girls! 

So sorry I haven't been around - I have been in bed for 2 days with a really bad cold - actually I don't know if it is a cold or hay fever - my nose is running, my eyes were watering so much I couldn't see the monitor, I had a pounding headache and well I felt like I have just been hit by a lorry! Anyways I am up and about now - not 100% yet but hopefully over the weekend I will be back to my normal self! I have been taking various pills and drinking lots of herbal teas with honey so hopefully that will help!
This was the first WOYWW I have missed since I started doing it - thank you Linby for worrying about me - I am still here and alive! I did take pictures of my desk in the morning and thought I would do WOYWW later but I was so ill by the afternoon all I could do is lay in bed.....eh well I will be playing again next week! Obviosly the only thing that can stop me from playing is being ill! 
I hope you all have a lovely day and a very nice weekend although in our neck of the woods cold and wet weather  is predicted - next week much better! I am hoping to get back to you with a few cards and catch up with all of your blogs - see what you all have been up to!
Hugs to all of you,

PS: Here is a photo of the lovely bouquet that was sent to me from my partner through Interflora for my birthday! 

Monday, May 10, 2010

About my travel and ...... time to celebrate!

Good morning girls! 

I hope it is a nice morning for you, we don't have a very nice start of the day it is raining and it isn't very warm, still hopefully we will see some sun later in the day!
So as promised I will tell you about my last visit to England ( he, he I will be back end of the month but that is another story)...
Anyways I already told you I had a rather unpleasant flight ( at least the beggining) but we got to England ok and I didn't have to go on a train or bus, my partner waited for me at the airport! So we wizzed off to Snodland and that was it for that day! How nice of him going to work in the morning to London then going home, getting the car and picking me up at Stansted, ha, ha I guess I am worth it! 
The next day was a relaxed day we went to a few nurserys and picked various flowers and bushes to put in the garden...I don't have a garden as such at home so when I go to England I do a bit of gardening there as I really like to do it....hopefully the flowers will grow by the next time I go to England so I will be able to show off my work. In the Notcutts nursery there is also a craft shop which was my first craft shop hop stop! In the evening we went to the club meeting! We are both members of an MG club and they meet up every Wednesday at a pub! Lots of fun meeting all my friends - we had a good chat - as the election was on its way politics was discussed too! 
The next morning it was London time! My partner goes on a coach and works at Canary Wharf! I like to go on any public transport as it gives you an oppurtunity to look around and do a bit of people watching! I didn't get off at Canary Wharf  I went all the way to Victoria! 
When you come from a country like mine - there is 2 million of us (which is probably 1/4 of the population of London) you are always shocked by the bussiness of London, all the different races, masses of people everywhere! Everybody carries a cup of coffee to work! I find that so weird! We all make coffee at work! You won't see a single person with coffee in their hand in Ljubljana!
Anyway I was a bit early to go to the craft shop I intended to visit so I wizzed around varios shops then jumped on bus 24 with my Oyster card! That is quite a nice bus for turists - you actually go pass all the famous places of London! I have been to London loads of times so whenever I go now I just visit 1 thing I haven't seen before or the V&A which is my favourite museum!
What a lot of chat - I better get on to my photos! Sorry girls I get carried away!
My second stop on my craft shop hop was Blade Rubber Stamp Company! It is in a little street off of the British Museum...

Sorry the photo isn't that great, ha, ha I must have been all nervous from the anticipation! The shop is Stamper's heaven! All the walls except one are covered in stamps! The thing is when you are faced with so many stamps you don't know what to choose! Anyway I did buy a few stamps and other bits and bobs...then I needed a rest from the shock and wondered over to the British Museum where there is a South African exhibition, it was a bit too crowded to go inside so I just sat outside and took a few photos of the South African flowers...
This was an interesting one called Sweet thorn although it looks horrific it seems to be extremly useful! Go figure!
After my wander around the BM I stopped at Baskin Robbins for a yummy (expensive)  ice cream! 
I am not really that much interested in big shops, unless I am looking for something specific, if I want to just go window shopping I prefer to walk around streets with small shops or a market - both of those things are combined in Berwick street in Soho! They have the most wonderful selection of cloth shops! And all those one pound shops too! The market gives the place that extra touch I like....
Here is a picture of a shop window and their take on of Alice in Wonderland - a weird photo too but I quite like it....

And here is a photo of the Berwick Street Market in the "busy" hours!

After the market I had  a bit of a rest and then wondered into a few art shops where I bought my 2 sets of Promarkers half price - that was luck wasn't  it?? So that my dear ladies was my London bit...
Next day was time to go to the country so we went for a ride down to Eastbourne - we stopped at Glitter Pot - the next stop of my craft shop hop.....uhh another place I could stay in forever! Stamps, papers  you name it they have it!!!! Amazing! And this is in a tiny wooden house that you can hardly spot! We drove past 3 times even though we had a Tom Tom!
And now Eastbourne....
It was sunny but quite windy - I mean really windy ! Have a look at my hair flying all over the place!

The pier is very nice - I am a big fan of piers and beach houses - I didn't see any beach houses but the pier was very nice!

Next stop was Beachy Head....a bit of a scary place - apparently lots of people commit suicide jumping off the cliff! You must be in a really sad place in your life if you decide to jump off of this...

You are supposed to see a light house at the bottom but we never saw it as we didn't go far enough, you have to go to Tout Belle apparently but they are doing some road works there so we didin't bother!
Here is another lovely field of  primeroses!

The next day we went to the famous Bluewater shopping center - a bit too big for me but they have an Evans there and Wallis and a few other shops that have big sizes which I need and I got a new pair of jeans and very nice new dress! YIPEEEEEEEEEE!!! And I also went to the craft shop there - my last stop on the craft shop hop!
Sunday we should have gone to a car show in Maidstone but we didn't bother as it was chucking it down with rain all day! And Monday it was back to Stansted and another "suffer flight"! I just can't get rid of the fear!!!!
Well to finish this off I must share with you something! It is a special day for me - IT IS MY BIRTHDAY! 53 years old (young) I am! Where did all these years go??? And more to the point how did I survive all these years and I am still here! ( I am thinking of the life in a communist regime, divorce..) I am thankful for all the good and bad in my life - it was all a good experience and I am awaiting new adventures! Wish me well!
Have a lovely day, I am already having a lovely one!
Hugs to all of you

Friday, May 7, 2010

Sneaky peek revealed!

Hi Girls!

I am still doing WOYWW - I am sooooo slow! But I will get through it today and hopefully visit all you girls and then post my English trip. But before that I have to reveal what was the sneaky peek on WOYWW! 
I bought this lovely new stamp from Hero arts at Glitter pot ( one of the stops on my craft shop hop). But I wouldn't be me if I didn't complicate a little bit so what I did is stamped this stamp 3 times cut out various bits of it and then put it together as you can see on the card! I also played with my new TH inks which I am reallly enjoying, used Copics for coloring the bird and the flowers. The background paper is a fancy K and something (which  I would rather stroke then use  but you have to do what you have to do!) The lace is an old one from my stash and the butterfly is an MS punch! I am quite happy with the outcome - what do you think????
The card follows the sketch at Card patterns 
and as it has 2 animals on it (Bird and butterfly) it will go for Allsorts challenge
and because it is quite distressed it will go for the Crafty Cardmakers challenge.
And finally here is my card:

So there, all I have to do is link up and I am done!
Have a lovely day, especially as it is Friday and we have the whole weekend of crafting bliss in front of us! :-)
Hugs to all of you

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Back in the pink room for WOYWW!

Hi Girls !

I am back at my pink desk, it was nice travelling , I have written a post about my travel but you will see it tomorrow as today is WOYWW and it would be too much for all you girls to read through that as there is now about 100 of us and it takes a long time to get through all the desks - I still love to do it as it is such fun!
So to start with the most important thing MY NEW STASH!!!!!
You might not think it is much but I love everything I got - of course you never have enough and you always want more ha, ha in some of the shops I could have cleared them out but of course I would have to be a millionaire which I am not so my purse or card is the limit! :-(

You might be wondering what Tetley's tea is doing there.....well it is an essential asset to cardmaking....just think how nice it is to make a cup of tea take it to your craft room and then enjoy it while tweeting a card with varios bits and pieces - pure bliss! We don't have very good tea so I always stock up when I go to England! 
And now to the desk - get ready for a big mess! Swing to the left.....

A stack of TH inks I have been using - my ongoing project, my "distressing tools" and my new skin tone promarkers and of course the usual junk - Julia you asked if it was a real candy cane YES IT IS!!! My friend bought it for me for Christmas as I haven't had one since I was a little girl....
Swing to the right.....another mess - I just got everything out.....

And an overal look at my shamful desk.....

And to finish it all off a little sneaky peek of what I am doing - no not the 52 week project yet although I have been gathering some ideas for that too and I think I will soon be making it!

Have a lovely day girls, enjoy the snoop and be sure that I will be snooping around your desks!
Hugs to all of you my dear friends
P.S.: Don't forget to send our bloggy friend Paula positive thoughts - with all the love and care we send she must feel better soon!