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Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Christmas cards and mom in hospital

Hello my dear friends!

I am sorry not to come around to all of you that have commented on my last post but there has bin a bit of trouble in our family since and I will tell you about it now! 
After I posted 2 weeks ago we had 2 days bank holidays so I went to my moms as we always gather there on the 31st of October as it is the anniversary of the day my dad died! My brothers family came too and we we all had a good time until Saturday night my mom fell down the stairs and broke her right arm and pubic bone! And that was because she did not turn on the light!!! So ladies please when you go to the loo in the night TURN THE LIGHT ON!!!
 Anyway my mom has been operated on her arm and is much better now she does have problems walking because of the broken pubic bone but as she is still in the hospital she has physiotherapy every day and she can now do about 20 steps with this special zimmer frame! She can not use cruches at the moment because she has a broken arm! I have to drive 400 km each weekend to see her so not much is done around here! I am trying to make a card a day and this week I have managed to do that so here is my desk and a few Christmas cards I have managed to make!

On my desk you can see lots of Christmassy stuff - a card in the making, flowers, distress glitter, golden stickers and other bits and pieces....

And here are a few cards I have made in the last few days! I have bought a a package of kraft cards because I want to do a few "scandinavian" style cards as it seems to be the "in" thing this year - well even if it isn't I am making them just for a change....here are a few samples.....

This card is the one you can see on my desk.....I think I have finished it now although I am not sure yet...

and here are 2 other cards I made using various dies - Memory Box and Marianne...

I love the background on this card - it is a Hero Arts background stamp called Tiny stars - love it!!! I also used their silver shadow ink - very nice! 

Ok then that is me done for today! I will try to get round to as much of you as possible - so sorry I didn't manage to do it when I last posted - life happened!
Lots of hugs to all of you,