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Wednesday, January 25, 2023

WOYWW 712 Still cold but my desk will start to look like spring!

 Hello friends!

I hope you all had a good week and did a lot of crafting ! That did not happen in my case BUT I did start sorting out my boxes. I had a box full of A4 tonic studio card-stock and I am telling you I have found that I have every color imaginable, so my files where I had a few  are now full! I think there is enough there for the rest of my crafty life! Also I put away all the Christmas stamps and dies which I didn't use much as I didn't send any cards although I did make a few and they will be used next year! I also sorted out some Valentines day stamps and dies and also some Easter ones.

Now to my desk! Another rather bad photo! My camera is somewhere - I don't know exactly where so I am using my phone camera - as my phone is on its last knocking ( I am deciding to buy a new one but I haven't decided yet)   the photos are not very good - sorry!

As you can see I pulled out some Penny Black stamps with a Valentine's Day theme: I did stamp them but haven't colored them yet. Also there are some new dies from Penny Black (resolution to not buy anything went out the window) I found a heart stencil from Simon says stamp so I have a few Valentines day things ready to make things. Although my dear Alan has passed away and I can't make a card for him anymore I will give some cards to friends who don't have partners but are happy to get a Valentines day card! 

I hope I will have some cards to show next week when I sort my desk out so that I at least can put a A2 card on there! To write this post I had to prop my keyboard on top of that pile of things you see on the photo! 

I want to share a memory with you ... Whenever I went to craft shows like Ally Pally Alan would come with me and while I was pottering around he would patiently wait for me. Here is a photo of him at Ally Pally happily waiting for me - He was such a nice man! It was 6 months since he passed away and I decided to only think of happy memories.

Lots of love and hugs to all have a lovely week - enjoy crafting as it is still cold and our hobby is the best thing to do on a cold winters night!


Wednesday, January 18, 2023

I am back after 2 years! WOYWW 711

 My dear bloggy and WOYWW friends!

After 2 years of absence I am back to start my new blogging life! A lot has happened in these 2 years! Most of 2021 I was very ill! After a lot of physiotherapy and suffering I got to a point where my life was a bit easier and I was hoping to have my knee operations and then be free of this pain! But in 2022 tragedy struck again! My dear Alan fell and broke his neck and in a second became  paraplegic! Which means he could not feel anything from his neck down. He was hospitalized here in Slovenia and then flown back to England after a month and sadly passed away a few months later. A few weeks after Alan passed away my dear friend Jo Pritchard a fellow crafter also passed away so I have lost 2 of my dearest people. I will be honest I did not expect this to happen and it has really struck me down so bad some days I couldn't even get out of bed. No crafting has been done for many months. I did try to make Christmas cards but also gave up on that as there was no mojo at all. My daughter got really worried for me and has been sending me encouraging messages for weeks now every morning so I thought I must get out of this terrible route otherwise I will pass away too and I still have to take care of my 89 year old mom and my daughter, so I decided to give it a go and start life over again! It is hard to do it but I must! The sad thing is because I went back to England to be with Alan I have lost my spot for my knee operation so have to start anew on the waiting list! Also I had to move out of Alan's house and my flat now is full of boxes I have shipped from England and have no will at the moment to unpack, well I don't even know where to put things! So my dear friends that is what has happened to me in the last 2 years! I have finally made 2 cards this week, one for my moms birthday and also for my cousin - they both have their birthday on the same day! My photos of my desk and cards are not very good as I have taken them with my phone and well the quality is poor but I hope to improve my blogging and photo skills as time passes.

So this is my messy desk and craft room!

And here are the 2 cards I managed to make with Pink Fresh Studio washi tape and dies! Not very good but that is all I could manage for now!

Sending lots of love and hugs to all of my friends and I hope I will have the courage to carry on crafting!