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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What? 7 years? Huh! We have done well! Congrats to everybody on WOYWW!!!!!

My dear WOYWW friends! 

What a lovely anniversary! Thank you a million times to Julia who started this lovely thing - it initially started as just a desk surfing nosing around thing but turned into this amazing friendship and supportive gathering! Yes we still show our desks, yes we still nose around, look and admire each others work but we also listen to each others problems and support each other! Lets send a lot of positive energy to Julia our Queen who needs our support now! And lets say a big thank you to our stand in lovely host Jan! 
It seems appropriate  that my new craft room was finished just around the 7 year WOYWW festival! I have added new things since my last post - I keep on improving and tweeking trying to make the room as practical as possible...
So here is my desk......

I have been making ATCs to mark this occasion but I am not showing them as I did on the last post but it seems lots of other ladies kept them secret so I am doing that this time too! I will show you a card I made for my 82 year old auntie!

My new IKEA cupboard - it doesn't look big but it certainly takes a lot of stuff - all my cling and clear stamps have a new home in there.....

Buttons and washi tape in my jars.....

Here are my sprays, and all sorts of coloring mediums....

I will show more of the organisation of my stash in my next post - I don't want to keep you busy nosing too long as it is a special day and we need to visit each other on a massive scale!
My last photo is my little mate - it is a stray cat - she comes and goes but seems to have taken to our garden and as she had her meal I left out for her, I took a picture - she happily posed! Unfortunately you can't get close to her as she runs away......

Have a happy WOYWW 7 anniversary, keep on crafting, keep on posting when you can and thank you to everyone who visits my blog and comments - I try to get back to you but many times fail to do so...sorry I will try to get better! Many thanks again to our lovely Julia who started this madness - oh what fun it is!
Lots of love and hugs to all of you
P.S. If you want an ATC leave a comment on my blog and I will contact you to ask you where you want it sent! I have made many extra ones so there is a lot to go around!

Wednesday, May 11, 2016

WOYWW, I am back with a new craft room and a pension! YIPEE!

Hello my lovely friends!

Sorry I have been away for such a long time - I have been at home in Slovenia to sort out my pension and from yesterday onwards I am a pensioner! YIPEEE! The other thing was we were doing up this room that used to be my DBFs office which he doesn't use anymore and it is now changed into my lovely new craftroom! The painting was done by my DBF, his daughter and her boyfriend where as the old cupboards which I wanted to use as they had good storage space, was painted by my DBF - ha, ha I just did the knobs - as you can see they are a pink and carribean blue color - one of my favourites! It took me a long time to sort out my stash as I got a lot of it from my friend Jo (Jozart) and also when you don't have a proper craft room stuff is all over the place in boxes and bags, so I had to sort everything out! 
I have now put it all in order and I am really happy with my new room! I am most happy as it is so light! It makes such a difference when your eyes are aging! I never thought of it before but it does make a difference!
So I will first show my desk - it is the first order of business on WOYWW so here we go!

What you can see there is all the most useful crafters tools and a few ATCs - I haven't been doing much crafting what with all the work kitting out the room, so I thought I should start small and what better to start with then an ATC! Here is a close up....

It is funny how things inspire you - the space ATC was inspired by something I heard on the radio about Tim Peake ( the UK space man) - I used the new Infusions from Paperartsy to make the background - they are very similar to Brushos just that the colors are not as vibrant, as they supposedly have some walnut oil in them and that makes them have a brown tinge. The houses are an Artistic Stamper stamp set which I love and sadly the fires in Canada inspired that one! For the other two the backgrounds where what started me off and then I just looked for things to go with them!
Oh yes here is another rather practical thing....

The people out there that wear glasses for reading must know how many times you put your glasses on the desk and you cover them with something and then spend ages looking for them although they are somewhere right in front of you! Well let me introduce you to the "nose glass holder" soooo practical! You can buy them in Tiger (3 pounds) and they are worth every penny!
That was my desk....and now let me show you my new room! Some of you have seen it on Facebook but the ones who didn't here it is.....

It is not perfect yet there will be a few new items after I have been to Ikea but not much change! I am very happy with it - it is spacious and light and all my bits and pieces are where I want them to be! I will open the the cupboards next week and show you what is behind those colorful knobs! :-)
Have a lovely week and thank you for stopping by!
Lots of hugs to all