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Wednesday, June 26, 2013

WOYWW : Donna.

Hello my dear bloggy friends!

I haven't posted for a while. I know I am a bad blogger but there are reasons for that! I had visitors and more visitors, but today I am going to post no matter what!
So what is on my work desk? Donna!

Yes my lovely friend has been here with her lovely boy Niall (isn't that a romantic photo)

and we have been travelling, eating good food 

having good laughs aaaaaand CRAFTING!!!!!!!

So what have we done craftwise....

here is the desk of last night......

what we did was we made a template (texture board) out of modeling paste, stencils and we used it on the gelli plate and here are the fantastic results..... texture plate..

and here are our mono prints which look very layered because of the way they were printed - there is a new video about this technique which was made by the Gelli plate company - do have a look!

Donna did loads of lovely bits for my journals and I was taught how to do randomness ( I can' t explain it on here but in future when I do stuff you will understand what the lessons were about!

Now here is something Donna has been working on for her collabor - art (using my stamps - she did clean them) sitting here in excrutiating pain because she managed to throw herself down a flight of stairs the very day she arrived and sprain her ankle ! Have you heard the one about nurses and doctors being the worst patients??? I will say no more.... he, he....

I have also recieved 2 lovely ATCs from Sam from Hettiecraft 

and Sarn from Stamping for pleasure!

Thats all folks - there will be more photos in the next few days but for now I think this is more then enough!

Lots of hugs and love from
Cardarian and Donna

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

WOYWW, Life takes over and then you have no time!

My dear bloggy friends!

A very good evening to all of you! It seems that life gets in the way of my blogging and crafting lately! I had very good plans to write about my travels and post a few posts about what I am doing and also send a few people long overdue ATCs, emails and my address for them to send me things ( Sandra from Stamping for pleasure and Janet from Fairy Thoughts) but all my plans came to a halt when my mom called saying she has some health problems and I had to rush over there (200 km away) to see her and sort her out! She is feeling better now so I am back home and working long hours - I will try to sort out everything and get back to normal but obviosly when you are at my age it isn't that easy to carry on when you have a bit of a shock!
Anyway I will get back to everybody and I will send off the ATCs tomorrow - they are all ready to be posted - just need to take them to the post office!
Next up - my desk - I had a rush job to make two cards for my daughter, she will be going to a christening of her friends little boy so she wanted a card to say thank you for the invitation and also a card for the christening so here is my desk after making them - a right mess.....

and here is what I made.... The card has a vintage baby photo - not the actual baby that will be christened!

I made the little envelope with my new envelope maker which is quite a practical little tool....very easy to make any size of envelope - big or small!

I hope to have some time on Sunday (Saturday I will be at my cousins 50th birthday party - another day when life takes over)  and write about my latest adventures I will get to Sandra and Janet as I finish this post and hook up to the WOYWW central! Whaaaat????? You haven't heard of it! You must have! It has been going on for 4 YEARS!!!!! Well go over to Stamping Ground and Queen Julia will tell you all about it!!!
Ok then I am off deskhoping and emailing people - see you sooooon!
Lots of hugs to all of you
PS : I have recently recieved yet another lovely ATC from Twiglet and as it came after I showed the rest of my lovely ATCs you can have a look at it now... thank you Twiglet - it is lovely!!


Wednesday, June 5, 2013

WOYWW - all about the crop and my desk....

Good evening my dear bloggy friends!

I am very late posting - the reason is I came back from England last night,  went to work early this morning and came home late and honestly I am soo tired but I thought I just must jump in to say a few things before I trott off to bed!
Number 1 : THANK YOU JULIA AND LLJ for a wonderful day at the crop! I know you had a lot of work organising this and it was absolutly amazing! It was just a great day of friends and crafters meeting and enjoying doing what they like to do,  having some really good food (LLJ thank you it was all yum, yum) and enjoying our occasional teas ( mhmmmm Julia you did very well with that) and we even had an amazing cake (Fairy thoughts - Janet uhhh I must get that recipe!) and lots and lots of chat!
Here is a picture I snagged from LLJ blog - I didn't take a single photo at the crop!!! Imagine that!! I was chatting and eating and drinking tea and finishing off some of my atcs and suddenly they said we were going home and they all packed up ( I had to also!) so in the end I didn't take a single photo! Please go to LLJs blog you will find loads of photos there - others have also put on lots of photos so have a look!

Number 2: THANK YOU to all the lovely girls that attended the crop! I had a wonderful time chatting with you and find that everytime I go I meet some lovely people! This year I was especially happy to meet Shaz Silverwolf and her husband - both amazing kind people! Shaz laid out a table full of lovely things for us to take home! All sorts of die cuts and other nice things! Her husbund helped my DBF with some computer problems! Thank you so much!It was also lovely to meet Debs who was sitting next to me and gave me some nice crafty tips! I can't mention all of you but you were all wondeful!!!
Number 3: ATCs - I gave everyone at the crop an ATC and got ATCs from most of the attendees! I have sent one off to my original swap partner who was Minxy! Now I didn't have anymore to send from England but at home I have another few so I will send them tomorrow to a few people in England and other parts of the world  - I won't say who - let them be surprised!
Here is my lovely collection of ATCs....

From left to right Kyla, Jo, Wipso, Donna, Janet, Helen, LLJ, Cash, Julia, Mary Anne, Shaz and Zoe!
Those are the ones I have recieved up till now....love them all - thank you to all of you!!!
If anybody would like to swap with me let me know and I will send you one!!!
So there that is done!
Number 4: Finally my desk - I haven't done anything but what you can see are bits of lino cutting I did when Jo was here and a crackled butterfly me and Jo made with this new kid on the block called Kroma Crackle - very good cracks!!!

I promise I will share some photos from my travels in the next few days just give me a day or two to organize myself!
Ok then time for bed!
Have a good nights sleep and I will see you all soon!

Lots of hugs and love to all