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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

8 years of WOYWW! Congrats!!!

My dear bloggy friends! 

HAPPY 8TH WOYWW ANNIVERSARY!!!! What a wonderful celebration! And how long it has lasted! And I hope it goes on for many, many years! Congrats to our Queen of desks Julia! Thank you for your idea and weekly gathering! It is amazing!
What I love about it most is the friendship that has happened over the years but also on the crafty side I have discovered many new things on the WOYWW desks over the years! It is just such a nice thing to be part of! I am also participating in the ATC  thinge! So besides the person who I have to contact - the next one linked after me, I will gladly send ATCs to anybody who would want them as I have quite a few! So write something in my comments and I will contact you and send the ATC! Last year I tried to contact a few ladies but they never got back to me with their addresses so where do I send them? 
Anyway even though it is a birthday party we still have to go about our regular business - that is showing our desk and what we have made this week!
Nothing that exciting on my desk today - a few ATCs and a other bits and pieces! I am very much into fountain pens! As you can see there are a few on my desk! I loved them at school but over the years stopped using them but my friend Jo gave me one as a present and I was hooked!!! I buy different color inks so it is fun to use them! Another crafty obsession! Huh!!!

 There is something new in my craft room and that is a new blind! I am not hiding from the people looking in ( the craft room is upstairs anyway)  but because my room is positioned on the southeast the sun is sometimes very strong and there is a strong reflection - also I think papers and other crafty stuff fades over time in the sun so I decided for a subtle blind ! I really like it - tell me what you think.

I have made a few cards - it seems to be birthday time so I am trying to keep on top of things...so here are a few of my latest makes!

 Last week I showed the Kiss Glitter that I bought at the Create it show I tried it out this week and I really liked it! First you don't have glitter all over you when you use it and what is really great you can sort of have different looks depending on how much of it you use - it can be quite a distressed look which I really liked - you can see it on the close up!!!

This card was made with the Concord and 9th Lily stamp - and an Altenew birthday die - I am not very happy with it because I think the sentiment has covered the flowers too much! What do you think?

Well that is it - my 8th WOYWW anniversary blog post! I will leave you with a photo of a lovely peony that has just come up in my garden! 
Have a lovely week - enjoy WOYWW - not just today but also in the future - it is a wonderful thing!
Hugs and love to all - we need a lot of love in this world don't we????

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

I am back with WOYWW!

Hello my dear bloggy friends!

So sorry I have been away for such a long time! I had so much going on in my life! My DBF had a knee operation and I was caring for him, then we went to Slovenia and got some physio for his knee there and it seems I have been organising things, taking him to doctors appointments and generaly being very busy! He is finally okay now - been signed off by the doctors so maybe I will get some very much needed ME time now!! I have been trying to make cards and other stuff but not much - this last week I have been to the Create it! craft show in Kent and I think I will soon be back on track with my crafting....
So first my desk...actually I will show you all the stuff I bought at the show and has been dumped on my desk....

I bought stamps from various companies - Inkylicious now have some "Banksy" style ones which I really like! I bought some stencils and tools....

This product called Glitter Kiss was new to me I think it is really good for making glittery backgrounds and not getting too messy!

It has a spunge in the lid of the pot and that is for spreading the product! I haven't tried it yet, but I will try it and report!
Oh the good news is I have got a new camera! I have recently celebrated a round birthday and with having big problems with my old camera my DBF bought a new Nikon COOLPIX A900 for me! I am very happy with it - I haven't figured it all out yet but I am getting there!....

I have a good phone for taking pictures but I still love to take pictures with a proper camera!
Here is a photo of a flower in my garden I have taken a picture of with my new toy....

Here is a nice one of a little lamb that has posed for me....

I will end this post with a photo of a bit of mixed media art I have made recently after buying a Stampotique stamp...

So that is it for todays WOYWW...I haven't posted for more then 2 months but hopefully I am back for good! I will of course participate in next weeks ATC round robin! Yay! 8 years of WOYWW ! AMAZING!!!
Have a lovely week, lots of hugs to all