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Wednesday, January 23, 2019


Good evening my dear friends!

I am late posting and this will be a quick one too! I have been making cards and ordering new stuff too so that is what I will be showing you!
My mom was 85 last week and I made a card for her birthday....

She liked it very much - I think because it was so colorful! 
I have also made another Valentines day card... I make these love cards for friends who I know will not get a Valentines day card - just to show some love and kindness to them...

Now that I look at them both they look similar although they have been made with completely different dies and techniques!
I have recently, actually before Christmas, discovered a German company that makes stamps and dies and lovely papers called Alexandra Renke - I have ordered stuff to England and also here to Slovenia and the service is perfect!  So I recommend it!
Here are a few bits I have ordered.....

A few dies, papers, which were too big to fit into my photo and lovely washi tape! I said I won't buy any more washi tape but I just couldn't resist it! 
So there my lovely friends that is me for this WOYWW.... I probably won't be on here next week as I will be travelling back to England!
Have a lovely week and enjoy your crafting!
Love and hugs to all of you

Wednesday, January 9, 2019


Good evening WOYWWers!

I am a bit late coming on here - the reason being I was contemplating what to make to show on my desk - I have not been doing much crafting since Christmas - simply burned out! Huh! 
Today was one of those days when outside it was dull and dreary so I thought I can start on something! What to make? I did see somewhere on the internet that this years Pantone Color of the year 2019 will be LIVING CORAL. So I thought maybe I can do something with that! I made a background with Distress oxide inks, Abandoned coral, Tattered rose and Squeezed lemonade. I then looked at my paper pads and found a lovely one with similar colors from Graphic 45 - they have these lovely paper pads with so many useful bits and pieces - very easy to make a card! 
Here is the result of my efforts...

It is a Valentines Day card - a collage but I am quite happy with it - my first make of the year! I have birthdays coming up soon so there will be more to see but this is all that is on my desk for today!
I am sure you all have lots to show so I will now go and have a look at your desks....
Have a lovely week and enjoy crafting!
Love and hugs

Thursday, January 3, 2019


Good morning my bloggy friends!

I am a day late but it is sort of still the festive season! So first


I wish you all health, happiness and may you prosper and may all your wishes for this new year come true!

Next a big congratulations to Julia on the 500 WOYWW: What an amazing achievement! Julia you have really done a lovely job and the wonderful friendship we have all gained from this is priceless! I am really thankful to have been part of this and I hope I will be in the future!

 I haven't been blogging much all this year! Mostly as I am still struggling with my knees and trying to loose weight and it takes all my energy! I have lost 10 kg which is about 20 pounds but it is not enough. It is so easy to put weight on but a terrible struggle to get it off! I will not complain I have to do this, get this operation and move forward! 

Regarding blogging I am hoping to get back to it more regularly in 2019. Also try to not just blog on Wednesdays for WOYWW but also more often on other days and try to talk about other things! I will see how it goes! I have the ideas in my head and hopefully it will happen!

Now my desk is festive - I am at home in Slovenia at the moment and after a big rush up to Christmas to get all the cards out, there are just remnants of all the work done but nothing I can really show - I did make about 80 cards - they were all different! I think I have exhausted myself!

I think you can't find more messy then that - just random stuff everywhere! I am thinking of tidying up and changing things - here in Slovenia and in my craft room in England. That is on my to do list for 2019!
Just got my "tea up" call! So I better finish this! Wishing you all the best - have a great year, month, week and keeeeeeeep craaaaaafting! 
Love and hugs to all of you