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Thursday, March 31, 2011

Something for my mum!


I am back again with my Mothers Day card! I took it to my mum over the weekend so I can show it off now - well she doesn't read this blog anyway ( doesn't want internet) so there is no worry that the surprise would be spoilt!
For the card I did some stamping with My Minds Eye stamps, the vintage picture is from the internet, the flowers were made by me, I used a bit of stickles - not much, lace is from my stash, I used the MS punch and Bo Bunny papers, also TH distress inks and a TH  ornate plate, sentiments are computer generated, exept for the one in the ornate plate - handwriting....I think that is all....
I am entering it into the following challeneges:
Allsorts Challenge (For a Special Lady) Mums are special ladies and my mom certainly is!
Stampin for the weekend (Mothers Day) and
My Time to Craft (Mum's the word) I used the word I call my mom - I should think that will do!
So here is my crafty offereing for the day:

I hope you like my creation!
Have a lovely spring day!
Lots of hugs to all,

Less is More!

Good morning everybody!

How are you ??? Having a good start to the day??? I hope you are! We have lovely sunshine and the temperature is slowly rising so I think we will have a nice day! I managed to finish my "Less is more" card and here it is.....really simple I think!

I am sorry the photo isn't very good - I just don't seem to have enough light!

Have a nice day!
Hugs to all,

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

WOYWW, 30th March 2011

This is added on Thursday! I noticed that Kristina Werner is asking about what our messy desks are like, maybe she hasn't heard about WOYWW...I added my link just to show that we all have messy (or tidy) craft spaces!!!!

Good morning Blogettes!

A few days ago Sarah from La-De-Dah used that term (Blogettes) and I find it quite nice, the only thing is it doesn't seem to include men but we seem to have lost the few we had amoung us - or am I wrong?? Anyways how is everybody?? Feeling all spring-y???? We have sunny days and warm weather - well mornings are still cold but the afternoons are lovely! This sort of weather isn't exactly what you want if you are going to be crafting but still I think it gives you some energy! I am ashamed to say that my blogging has gone right down to one post a week and that is WOYWW! But lets hope that this lovely spring weather will get me back on track! I have started with the spring cleaning - I am trying to do one room a day! Huh! 
Ok then more to the point - crafting and desk! I have been doing some cards - I made one for my mom - I visited her over the weekend and gave it to her - I will show it in my next post....I also made a cute card for my nephew (forgot to take a photo of that one doh!!!!!!)....but I am just in the middle of making one for "Less is more" but it isn't finished yet! Also I have a few ideas for the Fruarna Lilja Challenge.....it will all be shown later on this week....At the moment this is my desk.... Swing to the right....

 The usuall mess with my card in the making, two new stamps - a palm tree - yes I am thinking of making my first ever scrapbook layout about my Cuba travel and I definitly need a palm tree for that ( Cuba has 60 sorts of different palm trees) and Hero Arts Wildflower Garden stamp - I just thought I would give that watercolor- spraying technique a go and I think that stamp will be perfect for that....
Then swing to the left.....

mhmmm that side actually looks quite tidy...not! 
And now to the middle.....my card in the making...

and.....something I have been playing with....I like rosettes - I have the TH one and I have made some on my own - this one I made with an MS punch - some of you ladies might have done this but this was my first go .....I punched a long strip with the MS border .....then scored it with the scoring board and made the rosette...it is a bit wonky as it is my first one and I used a paper that was too thin - it shouldn't be too thick either but still I think the result is quite nice - I will try it with other punches - the pattern must be one that makes a nice border around the rosette.....

So there for once I have shown you a technique - not that I think it is my original idea but maybe you haven't tried it yet and might give it a go!
This is all I have for you nosey people today! I hope you enjoy the snooping and be sure that I will come round to at least some of you....I try to get to a few new people every week but I must be honest I never make it to all of the desks...
Have a lovely day!
Lots of hugs

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WOYWW, 23rd March 2011

Good morning my dear friends!

I hope you have a lovely morning like we do! The sun is out, the sky is  blue what else do you need for a perfect day?? Ah yes of course you need WOYWW!! A nice nose around other peoples desks! 
So lets get right on it! I haven't been crafting much as I am still having problems with my teeth - running around dentist but it is getting better and I hope to be back to 100% soon!
My desk is rather tidy today - just a few bits I bought the other day in our craft shop! A package of TH Ornate plates - they are lovely but quite expensive - to be honest everything TH is expensive ! But it is so nice! I guess you pay for what is fashionable and TH certainly is! I also bought a La Blanche stamp - they are very nice stamps! Also you can see a few digi stamps I colored and cut out to make a card for my nephews birthday! An odd paper flower - I bought some papers with a white core to make these! 
So here is the desk...

For some reason the flash didn't go off when I took this close up photo so sorry it is a bit dark! :-)

And here is the card I made for my brother.....

Thats all folks! I will make this short and sweet so you can spend more time nosing around other desks!
Have a lovely day, enjoy your snoop, I will too!
Hugs to all of you

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

WOYWW, 16th March 2011

Hi my lovely friends!

I can't believe this but my last WOYWW was 6 weeks ago! So much time has passed .... unfortunatly time flies when you are on holiday.....not so when you are at work! 
Still I am glad to be back as we all know "there is no place like home". 
I still have loads of photos from Cuba to show you but I am still struggling with my teeth problems so I don't do much on the computer after I come home from work - I just go straight to bed! Well yesterday I made an exception - really forced myself to do some things in the afternoon so I went to a craftshop and bought a few bits and bobs, I also got a package yesterday with some goodies and as I have not made anything in so many weeks I made a card for Chrissies and Mandies "Less is More" challenge!
Here is my desk....first an overall look at a really messy desk...how can you manage that and not craft at all I ask myself???

Swing to the left.....messy boxes full of I don't know what and my new MS punch around the page Wild flowers - I have been hunting that one down for ages it is now finally in my possesion! Also the bird trio from Hero Arts - I just love birds they will never go out of fashion for me....

Onto the right we have a new shoe box ( yes I also bought 2 pairs of shoes over the weekend - I didn't have any!!!:-) ) in which I have put my gems and pearls, but I am running out of space for crafting so that box will have to go - don't ask me where because I haven't got a clue! 

And here is my offering for the day - an "off the edge" card for "Less is more"

So that is my WOYWW. I have a librarian course later in the day but I will be round all you nosey people in the evening!
Lots of hugs to all of you...

Monday, March 14, 2011

I am back !

Hi Everybody!

I just looked at when I last blogged and it was a month ago! A month!!! I can't believe it! Ok the truth is I have been away for 3 weeks ( one week in England, 2 weeks in Cuba) and then when I came home I had terrible toothache which ended with the dentist taking out my wisdom tooth, so my dear bloggers do not expect anymore wisdom from me ! Ha, ha...
Onto the holiday - I must say it was lovely and I very much recommend it! If any of you are thinking of going there do not hesitate ! Go because it is great! Havana is lovely - I stayed there 3 days and there is so much to see I will have to go there again! It is not just all the interesting people, it is the colors, the music, dancing, art  just so much fun! The rest of the time I stayed in a lovely resort in Jibacoa and went on 2 very nice trips - one was going from North to South - where you see the "real" Cuba and then we also went to a "paradise" island - with a big boat - lots of fun too!
I should also mention the fantastic snorkling - all you have to do is walk about 10 meters from the beach put on your goggles and you see the fantastic world of tropical fish! So many and so colorful! 
Food is fantastic and so are the many different cocktails with RUM! I didn't try the cigars as I am not a smoker but I could see people really enjoying them! 
Donna asked about art - I went to the Museum of fine arts - well worth seeing but what I really loved was the craft market where you have a bit that is actually about their crafts - varios musical instruments, jewelry clothes made of any material they have available - lots of natural stuff like seeds and flowers and stuff and the other art  bit which is the most colorful place I have ever seen - artist selling their art which is just fantastic - I spent most of my spending money there and I think I should have spent even more!
Oh yes - I think someone was talking about the bucket list - maybe it was Donna - a list of 10 things you should do before you die - well I can tick off one of them - swimming with dolphins....here is a picture to proof it!

They are very gentle and lovely animals and I am so glad to have done this! I will come back with more photos from Cuba later in the day!
I wish you all a lovely day ( it is raining here but we did have a week of lovely sunshine) I see a lot of crafting has been going on so I better get up to it too!
Hugs to all of you