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Wednesday, July 28, 2010

WOYWW, 28th July 2010

Good morning my dear snoopy friends!

How are you this morning?? All ready to go for another snoop around the world of messy (and tidy) crafty desks? Queen Julia is waiting for all of us to gather around the "linky" table and give our opinions on all the crafty affairs!
As you know I have been pulling my hair out because of my bathroom - yesterday more search for the source of the problem has been done but still no results so I am now almost bald and going to the toilet is a nerve recking task! I must thank all of you for your kind words and "condolences" regarding my bathroom - I guess everybody at some point in their life has problems with a leakage - be it one in a bathroom or a biggy like the one that leaked out at Pentagon! If I think about that,  my leak is not such a big problem! Ha, ha...
Luckily I have my craft room where no leakage is possible ( unless I spill my coffee or tea) and I have been doing things!
I went to visit my mom the other day with my daughter and my friend from England as it was her name day and also my daughters name day! I made cards for them and I will show them off here as I won't enter them into any challenge - lately I don't have time to do challenges - I write them down over the weekend and start doing them but then I don't have time to enter.
So first my 2 cards this one was for my mom:

And this one was for my daughter....

And this is my boring desk from this morning....unfinished project, a new punch - 1 1/2 inch square a few new meshes I bought the other day and Mr. Don Key sitting on top of my MS punches - also bits of paper everywhere - leftovers from some of my projects! Oh yes and on the shelf you can see my new Bird legs Stampotique stamp - now all 3 of them are on display!

And just to put a smile on your faces - as we were travelling back from my moms in a village about 5 km away from my mom we saw a family of storks....the father sitting on the light and the mother kissing her baby in a nest on an electrical pole! Sooo cute!

So there this is my contribution to the crafty affairs of the day!
Have a lovely snoop and a lovely day!
Lots of hugs to all of you,

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Bad news and good news!

Hi lovely friends!

I hope you enjoyed the weekend! I had a good weekend but I do have some very bad news too! The men came and changed all the pipes under the bath where there was suppose to be a problem, also cleaned all the drains so I was happy and thought the problem in my bathroom was fixed but unfortunatly 2 days later my neighbor payed me another visit saying that her cieling was even more wet now! So what to do?? Today we will be putting color into the drains to see if it comes through - if it doesn't it means the leak is from the mains! Then we start tearing down the bathroom, trying to find where the leak is! It may happen that it is not even from my flat as in apartment buildings pipes of many flats are connected! Disaster! Still what can you do?? I guess I will have to tough it out!
So to look on the bright side of things I had a lovely weekend! Had a visitor from England and we did some travelling so I have a few photos to show you! I will be back later in the day, I just wanted to give you a little update on what has been going on!
Have a lovely day!
Hugs to all of you!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

WOYWW, 21 July 2010

Good morning dear friends!

It is Wednesday again and time for WOYWW! I am sorry I haven't been blogging much but domestic problems have occured so I am dealing with that! I made a big plan what crafty things I will make this week and started doing stuff - even took photos of the stuff I bought in Italy to show off to you but then my downstairs neighbor knocked on the door and said she has a wet ceiling ( coming from my bathroom) and that was the end of my crafty week - from then on it was getting hold of the super, men walking in and out of my bathroom and not knowing what the problem is - still no solution, today they will come with some machines and try to fix it - if it doesn't work they will start tearing the bathroom down! What fun! I know my bathroom is old but I wasn't planning on renewing it till next year! But there you are - you can't really plan anything!
So there that was my daily moan! Well last night I thought I need to do at least some crafting otherwise I won't have anything to show you! I saw there was a challenge at Charisma cards  for pink and Crafty Catz - anything but a card, so to take part I made something to hang on my library door when I go out for a few minutes ( ha, ha you know to the loo) It says "I will be back soon" in Slovene! I really like the image from Tiddly Inks...
To make this thing I made a really big mess on my desk and here it is.....

Well here it is hanging on my cupboard....

And as I am at work now I took a picture ( mind you, not a very good one) to show how it will look hanging on the door!

So there I won't say much more * I am doing this at work and I shouldn't really* ....
Enjoy the snoop - I will be thinking of you all when the men raid my bathroom and try to get to some of you in the next days!
Hugs to all of you,

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

WOYWW, 14th July 2010

Good morning everbody! 

How are you all today?? As hot as we are? Temperatures here are still in the 30's so we are hot, hot, hot! Noooo, not that sort of hot! Don't you have any naughty thoughts! 
I went to Trieste yesterday as blogged and I bought a few very nice things but I will blog about that tomorrow because today is Wednesday and it is time for WOYWW! I don't know if it is just me or do these Wednesdays come around faster and faster! Sometimes I think - I haven't done much between 2 Wednesdays! Worrying that is I am telling you! 
Anyways to be short today,  for all our lovely snoopers I will just show off some of my new stash and an overall photo of my desk - no project on there because I wasn't there yesterday - shopping trip! Dah!
So there is a very nice shop ( Hobby & Art ) about 15 min drive from where I live, they stock lots of stuff for artists, jewelry making, also cardmaking but they do have certain things in there that you can't get anywhere else - I bought my Crop a Dile Big bite there, blank cards - they have all the colors and shaps you want and as of about a month ago they stock DCWV papers which I love - I keep driving over there and buying yet another stack - This time it was Mi Casa and Once upon a time - lovely paper - some glittery - really nice... With some of the stacks you can also get shapes which I bought for the Once upon a time stack!
Have a look.....

And here is an overal look at my desk! I think I need a bit of a tidy up as I have less and less work space but it is so handy to have everything where you can reach easy! 

So there that will be it for today - have a good snoop and be sure I will snoop around too, I might not make it to all of you but at least some I will definitly visit!
Have a lovely day,
hugs to all of you,

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

A birthday card and a blue tag!

Hi Everybody!

Reading some of your blogs most of you had a lovely weekend enjoying the hot summer weather! Well I thought I would have a family gathering this weekend but it lasted about 10 minutes - my brother was called back to Ljubljana because his mother in law had a hip operation so the whole family went to visit her! So me and my mom were left alone at her place - no BBQ then :-(. Still we did have a good chin wag but stayed indoors most of the time as the temperatures were between 35 and 40 deg C!!!! And they still are - we are having a proper tropical heatwave! And silly me I agreed to go to Trieste (Italy) this afternoon for some shopping and nosing around Italian fashion! It is only an hours drive, but I don't think it will be any cooler there - maybe there will be a wind blowing!
Anyways my mojo seemed to have returned or should I say at least the will to craft! I managed to make that card for my goddaughters birthday and also a tag for the Sunday stampers blog - it is not by far as artistic as Hels beautiful hanging but I am really a begginer at stamping....actually to be honest I can stamp a single stamp and color it but I feel very unsecure when doing backgrounds and using more stamps at a time - I know you have to try things and get into practice but.....Anyway let me show you my card first ( ha, ha that is more my area of expertese)

Julia do you see my lovely new easel???? 

The stamp is a Cuddly Buddly Miss Daisy, papers are DCWV Garden Party and Basic Grey - Green at heart collection! Ribbon is Stampin' Up.....
And here is something for the BLUE challenge at Sunday Stampers - as said nothing artistic - these are baby steps - first I covered the tag in TH Tumbled glass and stamped little blue fish all over the tag....then I punched a few small fish and stars - doodled on them with Copics glitter pens stuck them on with glue pads and there it was my Blue Under the Sea tag....

That will be it for today - tomorrow WOYWW - Yippeee!! 
Have a lovely day, enjoy crafting or what ever else you are doing and see you tomorrow at the Queen of Snoop Julia!
Hugs to all of you,

Friday, July 9, 2010

Friday - YIPEEE!!!!!

Hi Everybody!

Some of you might be thinking what is going on with me as I am not blogging as much as I usually do - there is no special reason it is just that after this big event of the library opening things have cooled down a bit and the holiday spirit has kicked in. Most of the staff of our faculty is on holiday and so is my Mr. Mojo. It is funny really I am in the habit of crafting every evening so I go and sit in my room take out the papers and embelishments and then just stare at it - no inspiration at all! I made a pencil holder last night, but I can't say that it is a piece of art! Have a look and tell me what you think!

I have realised that altering is quite a fiddly job! You have to fit the papers perfectly to the shape of the object you are trying to change and if you are silly like me picking lovely papers (DCWV - Mi Casa) but very hard - sticking them to the shape - not so easy - huh! Actually you can't tell from the photo but this cup or what ever it is is a bit narrower at the bottom but I couldn't get the papers to bend ! No, no I don't think I will be doing too much altering - ha, ha I better stick to cards! I have to make one today for my goddaughter and how to do it with NO MOJO!!! I better hop around and have a look at what all you girls are doing - I might get a sparkle!
I will be travelling to my mom this weekend - no internet there! My brother is also there and we will have a bit of a family gathering! We might even have a BBQ, if my brother will want to do it in the heat that is expected this weekend - we will be up in the 30 deg C again!
Have a lovely weekend and I will be back with you Sunday evening and  tell you all about my travelling!
Hugs to all

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

WOYWW , 7th July 2010

Good morning dear friends!

How are you all today?? Well I am at work so not much fun.....just a quick post and then I will try to visit as much of you as possible! 
So what have I been doing lately - I must admit not much cards - I think the bookmarks blew me out a bit and Mr. Mojo left me, not completely as am doing little things every day....I am trying to make little boxes and stuff for my desk at work because although it is all fancy and new it is really boring so here are the boxes that contain various office things.....

And this is my desk at work....

I also made some earrings to go with my new necklace.....I looked everywhere for simple black earrings with a clip, couldn't find them so I made them....bought all the bits - colored them, glued together and bob's your uncle ha, ha.....

I also repaired this neclace.....

And my latest new thing in my room is a big fancy paper bin ha, ha .....I can't believe I am showing this off but thats WUYWW ha, ha....

It has pinky bits on it so it goes well with the rest of my pinky room!
Ok then my lovely friends have a nice snoop, have a lovely day and enjoy life!
Hugs to all of you,

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

Library opening

Hiya my dear Friends!

How are you all on  this not so lovely morning?? Well it is not so lovely because the weather is not very nice - we have a very dull day - I should say thankfully as yesterday we finally got a nice bit of rain that made it nice and cool - the heat - around 33 deg C all week - was just too much for me so all I did was a bit of crafting in the evenings - I will show you what I have been doing later but first is first I must tell you all about the library opening!
Let me first explain a little bit about it! We are a joint library of 3 institutions - The Forestry Faculty, The Slovenian Forestry Institute and the Slovenia Forest Service. You might wonder what is so important about forests but it is in our country because almost 80 % of our land is covered in forests so forests are an important issue!
What happened was the library was situated at the Slovenian Forestry Institute for over 60 years but because of the new study programmes
(especially the Bologna programme) students have lots of seminar work and a library was needed close to the classrooms. The Faculty decided to build an extension where the new library is now - we still work the old library too so we will be working in both buildings!
Let me show you around!
This is the Faculty Garden entrance to the library

As you can see the extension is built into a hill so on the side and the back we are actually like in the basement - only the front looks into the garden...
Here are our 2 reading rooms.....
The computer reading room.....

.....and the journal reading room....

All the reading rooms are upstairs downstairs is where the actually library and archives are.....Let me now show you a few photos from the opening....
We all gathered in the main class room....

The dean had a speech.....
and my boss....

and between the speeches we listened to a lovely trio - a guitar and 2 flutes

After this official part of the openeing we all walked through the faculty garden into the library....and here are a few photos.....

Some of our lady professors having a chat....

our professors and young assistance having a rumage through the shelves ( notice my bookmarks??????)...

This is the working force of this big project.....Natalija, me, Anna (my daughter) Laura and Luka......

All the material for the shelves is proper wood - oak to be exact, the green lights on top of the shelves should represent tree crowns......

And of course at the end we had a party out in the garden - we were lucky - it was a beautiful sunny day....

A group of young librarians.....

And another photo of us girls with my boss......Laura, Maja, Anna, Natalija and me.....

So there my dear friends this was the opening of the library.....

Have a lovely day.....

Hugs to all of you....