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Wednesday, April 28, 2010


Hello my lovely friends!

Did you think I would miss WOYWW?????? No chance! Ha, ha.... I love to play along even if I am far away from my pinky craft room! But you are right I won't be showing you anything on my desk today as I am blogging in a big lounge on a big table in a middle sized house in Kent! I probably won't be able to visit you all today as if I am on holiday I shouldn't spend the day on the computer!

Anyway to start from the beginning, I had a bit of a bumpy start on the plane coming over here, but as we got higher up it was smooth all the way to Stansted! Yesterday I had a lovely meal out with friends and popped into a smaller craft shop where I bought a few things....here is what I bought

Ha, ha that is just the first lot, I didn't really see much of what is on my loooooong list so I guess tomorrow when I am in London and in the next few days there will be more to show off - he, he I brought a fairly empty suitcase with me so that I can get a lot of goodies in it when I leave ....I might have to sit on the suitcase to close it!!!!!
I will wrap this up with a couple of photos I took just before I left home - the lovely japanese cherries were in full bloom and I just had to take a shot!

Have a lovely day girls, enjoy your snooping around I will visit a few of you tonight and I will be blogging to let you know how I got on with my snooping around craft shops!
Hugs to all of you!

Monday, April 26, 2010

Changing plans!

Good morning girls!

I have been away from blogland for a few days....WOYWW is getting bigger and bigger so it took me about 3 days to do the rounds! I think the last nr. I saw was 99 but we might as well be on 100 now!  Weekends sure do come around quick but also dispappear quite quick and I had a busy one...It was one of those weekends when all the housework had to be done so I washed a load of washing, ironed a mountain of clothes and vacum cleaned the lounge and the kitchen and then......well my vacum cleaner decided it was enough and stopped working - and that was just before I got to my craftroom where the floor is covered in  bits and pieces of paper! Oh well what can you do?? I think I will have to do some resarch and find a new vacum cleaner - I have my eyes on a Dyson but in our country they are quite expensive! I will see! 
All last week and this weekend I have been making up my mind wether to fly to England or not ( or should I say the Civil Aviation Authority was doing it for me) as it looks at the moment everything is back to normal, except some people still being stranded in varios places! If nothing changes in the next few hours I will be at Stansted at about 8pm ! I will be doing a bit of blogging from there and of course I will participate in WOYWW! 
I have been up since 5.30 am, packed my bag and got everything ready so my dear girls this week I will be spending close to you! I have plans to go to several craft shops in the London and Kent area and spend a bit of dosh on stamps and other things I don't really need but need desperatly if you know what I mean! It looks like the weather will be nice so I am quite happy to go, except for the flying bit - not just worried about the volcanic ash,  I am always a bit worried when going on planes! And I do a lot of flying - I will be flying to England 3 times in the next month and a half ! So a frequent flyer!
To wrap this up I managed to make a card this weekend - it is for 3 challenges!
Caardvarks - Monochrome and
Here is my card:

The cute zebra was a digi I found on the internet. I think the card could be for a little boys birthday and I think I know who that boy is going to be! The punch is Martha Stewart and the flowers were zentangled and then punched out with an EK succsess punch....My daughter criticised and said I shouldn't have put the flowers on - maybe she is right! I must tell you it was heart breaking to punch out all that hard work zentangling but I thought it would really go well with all the black and white! Actually is black and white monochrome??? It could be if you think  white as the lightest black or black the darkest of white! I know I am not making

any sence at the moment it must be my "beforeflyingadrenalin" already kicking in! 
I think that is all folks from me today....next time I will be reporting from England! he, he!
Have a lovely day ( we have bright sunshine and about 25 deg C) !
Hugs to all of you,
PS.: Maybe some of you haven't seen the last blog from our dear bloggy friend Paula who after getting rid of Tomi ( a tumour) had to go back to hospital because of another problem! Please girls send positive thoughts her way I am sure it will help, she is such a lovely lady!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

WOYWW, 21st April

Hi Girls!

I hope I got the the date right this time ha, ha.....how are you ladies today?? Ready for the snoop??? This is my 3rd post this morning so I have been quite busy trying to fill you in with all the news! So what is on my workdesk this morning....allsorts! No, not the candy although I wouldn't mind as I like allsorts very much....allsorts of bits and bobs that have been left on the desk from my last card and a few new things...
Swing to the right! My pink box with brads and other embellies, the black box is full of various shapes of Nestabilities but I would always want more!

And a bit of a close up.....I have been playing with TH inks and also tried a bit of zentangling....I find it quite hard although it looks quite easy...you have to keep up thinking of new ways to doodle ( sorry - zentangle) if you want it to be interesting! So not that easy! I want to make bookmarks similar to the one's Sherry Goodloe from GOT ART? made for one of her demos,  to give away when we open the new library! So I must learn! :-)

A close up on my shelf shows my new TH inks - all the new colors ( I just got them in the post!) - they haven't been opened yet I intend to have a play with them tonight!

And now swing to the left...my cuttlebug and all the rest of the junk but there is a new thing there too...

Yes here is a close up - I have yet another new punch :-)  a McGill bracket punch! Love it!!!!

And last but not least 2 photos I took yesterday in our old city by the river:

And here is one with all the people sitting outside and enjoying their meals YIPEEEE!! We finally have nice weather!!

I hope you have too! Enjoy the snoop! I will be visiting all you girls and snooping around your work desks! Thank you Julia for this brilliant snoop idea!
Bye for now!

The Golden Wedding Anniversary!

Hiya Everybody!

This is my 2nd post this morning and I would just like to show a few photos from our family do! My cards were a success and the ones that thought I gave them the one in the middle were right - I was deciding between the one with the birds and the one I gave them but in the end my brother said " This one looks sooo arty you should give this one as you put so much work in it" so that was it!
And now a few photos: 
This is a photo of the goldies ( nooo not oldies! They are 75 so not too old!)

Another photo of the goldies with me the big thing in the middle! Ha, ha....

Here is a photo of the whole lot of us taken at the local church - the priest also joined in,  I am standing behind him, the front row is the couple with my aunts brother , my mom (her sister) and an older sister Kristina! My uncles parents died when he was very young and he doesn't have any relatives - but our bunch is pretty big so he is happy to have such a big family!

This is from the doo afterwards....we had a big party in a very nice restaurant that is right on the border between Slovenia and Austria! You can see my brother leaning over the table in a black suit! The young girl and boy in the front of the photo are my god children - my cousins kids!

This is my cousin and uncle ( her father is my moms brother) They sang a song for the golden couple - very touching we all had tears in our eyes! She sings in the Maribor opera!

And the last one is my mom - her speech for the couple in the name of all of her brothers and sisters!

So there - that was the golden wedding anniversary! I hope you liked this post! Next one is WOYWW! YIPPEE!!!
See ya in a mo!

I am back!

Good morning!

I was naughty these last few days but I had so much stuff I had to do after work everyday that when I came home I was just too tired to get on to the computer, but I have done everything now so I am back!
You are probably wondering what I have been doing.....over the weekend I went to this wedding anniversary (which will be a separate blog), Monday afternoon I had to have my car serviced, and on Tuesday MOT and car registration ( that is something like road tax in your country!) of course everyday it is hard work at the library ( that will be going on at least till the end of May!) It is 5.30 when I am writing this so I must be mad! 
Still I am up, I've got my cuppa and if all goes well I will have 2 or 3 posts done by the time I go to work!
So to start with Nr. 1 I have a card a just managed to make inbetween all this madness. It is for 2 challenges Penny Black Saturday Challenge (they want monochrome brown)
Card Patterns (sketch)

So this is my card: 

I usually use brights or pastels for Penny Black but this one is quite dark...the papers are all variations of brown although looking at these photos the DP (Rayher) looks a bit reddish. Anyways I used a Penny Black stamp, colored the image with Copics  added a bit of Stickles too. I stamped the upper bit of the card with a swirly stamp (Scrappy Cat) and Versamark ink, the flower was colored with TH inks vintage photo and spiced marmalade, twine and a brown My minds eye button! Huh! I think this post is finished , stay tuned for the next one folks!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


Hi Girls!

So sorry I haven't been around since Wednesday - it was a bit of a busy and tiring week for me - I am too old to do library moving! Ha, ha....still you have to do what you have to do! My busy week is not over yet as I have to travel to my moms (leaving in about an hour or so) another 200 km of driving and then tomorrow we have this golden wedding anniversary party at my aunts,where all the family will gather! I hope to take some photos so there will be news on my blog next week!
Before I leave I thought I would share with you the 3 cards I made for me, my brother and my mom to give to my aunt for her anniversary! I put quite a lot of work into them so I hope you like them and I want you to guess which one I gave to my aunt!
So here are the cards:

This one is the one I showed on WOYWW but it wasn't finished off yet - I added ribbon and a sentiment so I think that will do!

This one has Hero Arts flowers on it stamped on gold cardstock, embossed with white embossing powder, cut out and finished off with a ribbon and pearls and a computer written sentiment!

And last but not least - this one is made with my new Hero Arts stamp ( I got it in the post yesterday - just in time!!!!) - I stamped the lovely two birdies embossed with gold, punched and put together the flowers and leaves and stuck a pearl in the middle of each flower....ribbon of course and another computer written sentiment! So there, I think I have enough of  "gold " cards for a while!

Have a lovely weekend all of you and I will be back with you soon! Back to challenges too as I have done only one this week! 
I would like to thank all you lovely ladies commenting on my WOYWW post, I tried to get round to all of you but I am running out of time, please forgive me if I don't visit, I promise I will next week!
Hugs to all of you!
Cardarian xxx

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

WOYWW, 14th April

Good morning snoopy ladies!

How are you all on this lovely Wednesday morning??? We are just about to have some sun coming through the clouds so I hope it will be a nice day! It is a nice day anyway because it is WOYWW! YIPEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!
This post will be much shorter, then the last one was as I won't be showing any of our lovely country - it was very dull all these last days so no photos....still I have a few of my pinky room, so lets get right on it:

First my desk....a bit of a mess I am afraid ....I did change something - I had my ink pads in a box before but because I use them everytime I do something I took them out of the box and they are now on the shelf....the box was used for my flower stash.

This is a close up of the right side of the desk - remnants of my gold anniversary cardmaking....still not finished - will get some new ribbon today and then finish it off!

Swing to the left.....a cuppa, my pearls, my phones and all the rest of the junk ha, ha....

My pinky room is quite narrow so behind where I sit is about 50 cm and then there is a wall that is covered in antique Chinese pictures...my great uncle ( my grandads brother) was a missionary in China so he brought these back from China about 80 years ago....they where laying around my moms house for a long time when I decided to take them and I think they look good on my pink wall - I haven't changed the frames they are still the 1920 ones, some of them are falling apart - I think because of the temperature differences or maybe just because they are so old! 

So there a bit more of the pinky room revealed! 
I have to go and move a library so my dear ladies enjoy your snoop and I will be back to see all your messy desks as soon as I can!
Hugs to all of you,

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Anniversary card nr.1 almost done!

Good evening Ladies!

How are you all this evening?? Had a hard day?? Tired??? Or are you just waking up or having a lunch somewhere???  It is strange and yet wonderful how we are all connected and we all have these different times when we log in and blog about the exciting or boring days of our life! Well as mine was spent at work most of the day where mayhem has struck because we are moving library which means KAOS!!!!! The first day of this "exciting" event was mostly really just trying to figure out how to do it - although we had a fancy strategic plan once we started we found that we need to give it more thought but I guess we will get there in a few days...
Well let me tell you about the anniversary cards I was obsessing about last night - I have almost finished the first one....I will show you bits of it as it isn't finished yet! I went for a bit of a vintage look.....I took some cream paper and stamped Le London script over it - actually some old writing, then I took this hero arts flower and stamped silver and bronze flowers on the writing...on an extra piece of cream paper I stamped and gold embossed the same flower...I distressed it all with TH Vintage photo and embossed the edges with gold too! All I need now is some sort of ribbon and a Happy anniversary sentiment and I think it will be done....
This is the kind of stuff I never do - stamping one stamp over another is I think way out of my league! I am always worried to do that although I admire it on all your blogs! I am quite happy to have gathered the courage! Ha, ha you should have seen me cleaning the stamps, doing the embossing....I really liked it!
Unfortunatly this is the first one and I have 2 more to go....Still I must thank you all for your lovely advice and for the links of cards that might help that you have sent me! It helped a lot....
Here are a few photos of what I have been doing....

Blogger is playing up so I can't put text between the pictures which is sooooooo annoying!! Anyways I hope you see what I have been doing and I hope I am on the right path - I will show the finished card tomorrow  and hopefully I will have another done! And tomorrow is marathon WOYWW on again! YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!
Have a lovely evening, day or afternoon and I will be back with you tomorrow!

Monday, April 12, 2010


Hi girls! 

I am frustatrated (see I can't even spell it right! Frustrated!!!!!!!!!)....I have nothing to show and I have been at it all afternoon! I have to make these cards for my aunts anniversary and it is very traditional here to have some gold on a golden anniversary card.....and that isn't really my thing - unless I do Christmas cards and even there I try to avoid gold! So I have been stamping, gold on white, white on gold, flowers, couples all sorts and I don't like any of it! Gold on black or black on gold would be ok in my opinion but I know what my mom would say...are you sending them your condolences?????? So I am a bit stuck here.....maybe gold and blue??????? I must come up with something......I better go back to my craft room....

Sweet dreams and hugs
from a "frustatrated" Cardarian

Sunday, April 11, 2010

Penny Black and mommy weekend!

Hello my dear friends!

I am sorry not to be around for a while but this weekend I was taken over by my daughter! She came to visit me 2 days in row! YIPEEEEEEEE!!!!  Over the weekend she usually comes on the Saturday or Sunday but this weekend it was both days so all my time was spent with her or doing things for her ( mommy was cooking good meals for the poor starving daughter ha, ha, well no she isn't starving just loves my cooking! He, he another secret about me revealed - I am a good cook!). I was very happy she chose to spend time with me!
We had a good time chatting, on Saturday I had an extra special visitor called Flo - short for Flower - my daughter's lovely dog! We went out for a long walk and because the weather wasn't as sunny as it was for the past few days it was quite empty around the lake, so I didn't have to keep an eye on all the kiddos! Phew! :-) The down side was we were a bit too enthusiastic about walking and my back didn't like it so today I didn't go out walking - it didn't stop me from doing other housework of course - like IRONING - the most hated job, besides having to clean the oven!!! ( you know after doing a roast and it is all greasy and horrible and you get dirty all the way up to your elbows!!!!)
Well onto cardmaking I managed to do 1 card! I did dream up a few others but this one was all I managed - I have to do 3 cards this week for my aunt and uncle's 50th (golden) wedding anniversary! One for me to give them, one for my mom to give them and one for my brother to give them so I better get busy....
The card I did manage to make is for the Penny Black Challenge where they want us to use lots of buttons...ha, ha I took that very seriosly and put a load of them on my card! 

I also used glossy accents for the first time so please don't judge too harsh! I am always afraid to use all these varios "chemicals" on cards but I want to learn! I think I didn't spread it evenly so there are a few bumps around! Ha, ha.....

I used my extra special Italian ribbon for the little curtain on top and the buttons came from a big bag of buttons my mom had in her cupboard that I recently discovered and confiscated! My mom was a teacher and I guess they used to do things at school but she is retired and doesn't need them anymore!!

Well I think that is it for today - I better hop off to bed because tomorrow I have to go to work : -( .
I hope all you ladies had a lovely weekend - the ones that went to ally pally - I envy you - but I hope to see big reports on your blogs! 
Big hugs to you all and see ya tomorrow!
Night, night!

Friday, April 9, 2010

Allo, allo!

Good evening my dear friends!

Sorry I haven't been around since Wednesday but it seems commenting on all 70 and more blogs worn be out a bit so yesterday I had a rest from blogging! We also had lovely weather all week so I was enjoying the sun, just sitting around the lake and doing the "people watching" thing! I must say I was also doing the kids watching thing as it seems that now that I am older I have become really worried for kids if they are playing close to the lake - parents are chatting away and the kid is just about to splash into the cold lake when I give my warning shout! They probably think "stuuuuupid woman" (do you remember Allo, allo?) but I don't care I can't jump in the water to save them so I better shout! You would think with age and experience you wouldn't be worried about these things but I seem to be more and more!
I haven't been doing any crafting just gathering ideas and I drove to Kranj ( a town about 20 km away from Ljubljana) to a craft shop to buy some blank cards - they don't have all that much stuff for cardmaking - they are more specialised for painting and jewelry but they have a big range of blank cards - all shapes and colors you want! So I had a snoop around and found a few more things for my stash....
I will now go to my pink room and try to produce something to show on here in the next few days...
All my lovely ladies thank you for all your comments on WOYWW, I am happy you enjoyed the snoop around my pink room and also that you liked the pictures of our lovely lake and mountains!
Have a lovely evening, enjoy your crafting and I will see you tomorrow...

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

WOYWW and swans nesting!

Hello my dear Ladies!

How are you all this lovely morning?? We have a lovely bright sunny morning here in Slovenia! I hope most of you out there have a nice morning too!

First thing is first I must pass on 2 awards I was given to by Linby....and my decision is they will go to Angie from Shozzy's Place for her witty and down to earth blogging and to Vicki from Artistic Licence for doing a lot of lovely crafts and blogging and also managing to help out her sister with her kids which I think is a lovely thing to do! Congrats ladies! You are wonderful and inspire me!!!!
Spring has come and we are starting to wear less clothes - no coats to cover up all the winter sins! I have woved to do something about my very neglected body that has been making cards all winter, eating all sort of sweet treats and slowly become bigger and bigger... I said to my friend Ana "we should do something about this excess fat on our bodies", so we decided to do a long walk everyday until it gets warmer and then start cycling! Not cycling on a bike with very thin tyres and wearing lycra no, no, no....If I tell you I have a lovely red bike with a big basket on it that tells you I am not the lycra kind of cyclist - still cycling is cycling and it does get your legs in shape! (if you do a lot of it!) Anyway we started with our walks - there is a lovely lake near where I live and the councel has cleaned it all up put benches around and made it a really nice place for walking.... I think that although our main issue are cards and cardmaking we should show each other things that are not only related to our desks because I am sure all you ladies are a bit curios about Slovenia ( some of you might have not even heard about it) So today I will show you my desk and a few photos I have taken by the lake!
First my desk and my craft room - I decided to take a wider picture so you can see more of my craft room..
Not much going on at my desk at the moment - I bought some new papers and a Glue Glider Pro - I am not sure  I like it or not yet, as I have only made 2 cards with it..

Here is where I walk....The swans are nesting....

And here are some photos of the lake....

Nice decking where people sit and look at the lovely nature....

The decking from the other side of the lake ( see I am good I walked all around  the lake! ha, ha)

Our lovely mountains in the background - still covered in snow....

And as last an arty photo....
So there that is my WOYWW....sometimes nature can be a lovely inspiration for you work so I think I will be crafting after I come home from my walk this afternoon...
Have a lovely day 
Hugs to all of you

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Allsorts - no DP

Hello everybody!

I am in a bit of a rush so this will be a quickie - we have a Health and Safety course today! Yippee what fun! (NOT). I made a card for Allsorts challenge and they want no DP....I struggled with this one - not really happy with it but at least I went for it.....

I stamped the blue paper with a Hero arts tiny flower stamp, the pinky paper was cuttlebuged! I used an EK success punch on the yellow bit and pearls and ribbon from stash! Oh yes and the bird is an Inkadinkado ( I think I got that word right!) stamp!
So that is it - I better rush now!
Have a lovely day - we have bright sunshine so that should give us a positive outlook!
Hugs to all

Monday, April 5, 2010

Penny Black, Cutie Sunday and The Pink Elephant Challenge

Good evening all my friends in Blogland!

I have returned from my moms yesterday and made today a ME day....I had a really good time, made 2 cards, went for a walk around our lake, he, he had a nap and read a book....ohhhh I wish I could have more such days but unfortunatly as one of you ladies out there said there is this bad 4 letter word ( W O R K ) that keeps us from doing the nice things...eeehhhh....still life must go on - I had my moan now lets get down to business...
I have made a card for 3 challenges 
Penny Black (check it out)
Cutie Sunday (sketch) and 
Here is my card...

Papers: digi downloads Pink Petticoat and Cuddly Buddly
Stamp and sentiment: Penny Black, colored with Copics and TH Distress inks
Punches: MS Doilly punch, Xcut Butterfly
Ribbon and button from stash 
I cut the oval for the Sentiment with Nesties.
I think that is it for this card... I have to pass on my rewards which I will do tomorrow....Choosing someone to give it too is so hard to do - I have looked at peoples blogs and loads of the ones I would give it to already have it but it has to be passed on so tomorrow I will make my decision!
All of you lovely ladies have a good nights sleep as tomorrow we are back to the everyday (not so much fun) routine!