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Wednesday, April 20, 2011

WOYWW, 20th April 2011

Good morning my dear friends!

We have a lovely sunny morning here in Slovenia and I have been up very early this morning! I took my car over to the garage to have it serviced and the tyres changed - in our country it is obligatory to have winter tyres from the 13th of November onwards - if you don't change them you get fined! To change them back to the summer ones you don't have an exact date but you have to wait till there is no more danger of snow! So that was my morning chore !
On the crafting side of things I am still busy with  Easter cards - they have to go to the post office today or tomorrow so my crafty room is in a right mess - papers, stamps, copics, cuttlebug stuff everywhere! As I make "cute" cards mostly for Easter I have been doing a lot of coloring - and realised what a lot of work it is! I spent ages on one little image!! I must admit I am a very slow crafter anyway but this took me ages....
Ok then lets get on to the snoopy bit..... here are some very messy photos so the ones out there who are very tidy better not look ha, ha.....
Here is an overall look at my desk....I am sure you can see what I mean with messy - there is hardly any room on there to actually do something....

then if we move a bit to the left.....more mess....

looking into the room from the terrace - you can see stuff all over the couch.....

There is even stuff on the floor.....

And as you can see there is no room on my desk....

So there that is me done for today.....I now have to rush off to a meeting will be back later to nose around your desks!
Lots of hugs to all of you lovely friends,

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

WOYWW, 13 April 2011

Good morning my dear friends!

How are you all today??? Ready for the snoopy day ahead of us??? I will make this short and sweet as I am at work and my desk is full of books that need cataloguing!
So let me start with what I have done this week - not much to be honest - Mr. Mojo left me again and although I really need him now as Easter cards are pressing he doesn't care - he just walks off! Huh!! Men!!!!
Still I managed two cards - this one is for "Less is More" This week the challenge is sentiment focus - I have chosen an odd one but I really like this card - it is so different from what I usually make! Ha, ha I think it is another really good one for our Wednesday gathering too! I hope you like it!

This is my Easter card....nothing really striking but as I said Mr. Mojo is being very naughty!It is for the challenge at Die cut dreams - the challenge is Easter!

And last but not least my very messy desk......on the side there you can see paper flowers which I am making for Donna and Amy.....I will soon be finished and send them off to them - making flowers is amazingly therapeutical...

Ok that is all for today folks.....have to go now - books are calling me! 
Have a lovely day, I will come round later to see what you are showing off!
Lots of hugs to all of you,

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

WOYWW, 6th April 2011

Good morning dear Friends!

How are you today?? Are you having a lovely spring like we are??? During the day we have 25 deg C, so my "terrace season" has started - when I have some flowers in my pots I will blog it  but now it still looks a bit empty!
This weekend my DBF was here from England so we went around various places enjoying the sun! Also my daughter came over for a visit with her boyfriend so that was nice too!
On the crafty side of things I did some stuff which I will show off so that you can have a nose around....
I made a sympathy card for my daughters boyfriends family - his granddad died last week!
I used one of my new La Blanche stamps for this one......

Then I made a card for one of the students that used to work in our library - students don't work in the library anymore - you know financial cuts - but we are still friends as they are all lovely young people! As you can see it is a boy card - Luka is a boy name in our country - Lucas probably in the English speaking countries - I sort of combined his future proffession - forestry, time going by - clocks, his age - 25 and just a bit of TH stuff...lots of stamping for me as I usually avoid lots - still a bit worried that I don't get it right! I was inspired by this picture in an old forestry book....
And my last little offering is my " Less is More" contribution! I think the sentiment is apt for our Wednesday gatherings....I think although we don't know each other over the time there is a strong bond of friendship, support and care.....and those are all words that simbolize love!! Julia you made it happen! Thank you!

And now a few peeks at my desk.....
Turn to the left..... a big mess as usual and happy, happy my dolly pegs arrived finally (DBFs gift) so I can sort my ribbons out - although I am worried 50 pegs won't be enough....

Swing to the right......my big mess on the printer - loads and loads of lovely DPs which I would rather stroke then use...also you can see the set of stamps I used for my Less is More card - love that set!

And I am just showing you my last project - I am making flowers for Donna - she asked me to make some for her and I started - don't know what colors she would like! Everybody seemed to like my flowers so I guess there is at least one thing I can do right!

Have a lovely day, enjoy the snoop!
Lots of hugs to all of you,