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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

WOYWW 29th December 2010

Good morning Everybody!

Hope you all had a lovely Christmas and are now ready to party through the New Year festivities! Well I must report that I have safely (although a bit bumpy) arrived to Stansted and am now writing this from Maidstone Kent! So no desk for me! I will be travelling to The Cotswolds today where I will be spending New Years Eve but also having a look around Bristol and Bath! I hope all goes well and we don't get stuck in any traffic jam as we did on Monday when we were driving home from the airport! We sat in the car for an hour and then the police directed us up a slip road, stopped the traffic and let us go another direction, otherwise we probably would have sat there till morning - there was obviosly some bad accident and they couldn't clear the road! Poor people who had such bad luck during the holidays!
Well to give you a short update on all the rest of the goings on... I had a lovely Christmas with my mom, my daughter and my brothers family - I cooked a big meal and we ate, chatted and after dinner my brother took out the guitar and we sang carols and also other songs ( that we could remember the words of ha, ha) It was a fun day! My daughter came over the next day and stayed with me and mom all day so we had a bit of a craft session - not making cards, but teaching my daughter a few knitting tricks .....here is my beloved daughter and mom figuring out how to knit a sock.....

We had a fun day!
I got some lovely presents - also some crafty ones - my daughter got me a voucher for the craft shop that opened in our city so when I come back from England I will be rushing over there - ha, ha that doesn't mean I won't grab a few items here in England ....
I am lucky to have 2 Christmases - one at home and one here in England....I got some lovely presents under the Christmas tree here too and yesterday I was treated to a shopping day at Bluewater - my DBF is sooo good to me! I got a lovely new coat, a new dress for New Years Eve and for the first time in my life I had my bra fitted - ladies if you haven't had that done before you should! I now own a bra (actually 3) that fits perfectly, ha, ha I feel like a right Dolly Parton!!!!!
So my dear friends you are now up to date with all the news, I will report more when I get back!
Wishing you all a lovely NEW YEARS EVE and lots and lots of health, happiness and love in 2011!!!!!
Hugs to all of you
Cardarian aka Dolly Parton :-)

Wednesday, December 22, 2010

WOYWW, 22. December 2010

Hello my dear Friends !

I have fallen off the face of  Bloggy Earth and WOYWW  so if anybody out there has missed me here are a few reasons why: I was running around doctors having tests, I had a few dinner parties I have every year around this time so that took a lot of time preparing and in between I was rushing to make cards and going to work! We had another lot of snow which I had to battle with and yesterday I spent the whole evening baking! Luckily my Christmas backing is finished now except for a cake my daughter and I will make for Christmas! So all I have to do is wrap the presents and I am ready to go! I have documented all my doings so you will be looking at a lot of photos ....
To be honest I can't wait for all this to be over, so that I can get on the plane and have a peaceful week with my DBF! We are going to the Cotswolds for the New Year, also visiting Bath and Bristol! Hopefully! The weather isn't exactly behaving in England and planes are not coming and going! I am hoping though that by the time I go it will change for the better! We will see!
Anyway onto WOYWW....my work desk is one big mess - almost ashamed to show it - I have exactly 3 more Christmas cards to make and then 3 birthday cards (for my brother, my niece and my boss)  and 1 card for my cousin who has graduated last week!  So still busy with cards.......

This is the snow I have to battle day in and day out....

This is my Christmas baking in the making.....ha, ha that actually rhymes.....

This is for something called Parisian cubes - sugar, dates, figues, walnuts....yummy......

My Christmas tree and Nativity....

The lovely Christmas frog from Donna - I won it almost guessing how many frogs there were in the pile Thank you so much! Love it!

Oh and something new.......So practical and nice....IKEA..... All my papers and stamps go in this lovely new thingie.....

And to wrap this up a few cards I made lately....I wanted to use the angelina that I got from Jo from Jozart when I realised that I don't have the right stamps for what I wanted to make but yesterday the postie dropped them off so Yipeee! I will show what I will make this evening.... here are some of my latest makings.....

And this last one is for all of you WOYWWers.....

.......wishing you all a MERRY CHRISTMAS from Slovenia....thank you for all the lovely snoops I had and all I have learned from you....it has been a lovely journey with you all and I hope we have even more fun in the future!
Love and lots of hugs

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Party and a card!

Good evening Everybody!

I had a few really busy days this week! Wednseday WOYWW day I had my daughter and her friend over for a baking afternoon! They were doing all the work - I was doing other pressing things! On Thursday I had this party for the students that work in the library - I invited them to my home - I cooked something (actually it was quite good - spicy chicken made with cloves, cardamom and anis stars served with couscous) so we had a sit down meal and for sweets we had the lovely cake and chocolate mousse my daughter and her friend baked! Here is the lovely group of library helpers - on the right is my boss - she is the boss to all of us! :-)

On Friday I went out with two of my best friends for a birthday meal! My friend Anna was celebrating and we went to a lovely restaurant had a good meal and a nice chat!
Saturday I went to Trieste with my daughter and my friend for a Christmas shopping day - it went well I got most of my gifts - just 3 more I need to buy,  and after finishing shopping early we drove to Vilesse near Gorizia where there is an IKEA and I bought something for my crafting stuff which I will blog tomorrow!
And now I have a card to show - actually it was on my table since Wednesday but I will reveal it now...

It is a card for the Slovene challenge Craftalnica! It is sort of  last minute but I just didn't get around to blogging! They want red on your project and I think my card is pretty much red - as you can see it is a Christmas tree made of bits of ribbon - initially I wanted to make knots but because of the different materials in the end it just looked like a big heap of ribbon so I untied everything and started a new!¨I distressed the white background with TH DI fired brick and barn door, used a bit of Christmas red Stickles on the edges and stamped the pot with a swirl! The stem of the tree is a skewer!
And now a few words for my Slovene bloggy friends!
Malo sem pozna z mojim prispevkom za izziv a bolje pozno kot nikoli! Kot vidite sem naredila čestitko s smrekco iz raznih trakov - najprej sem mislila narediti  "krošnjo" iz vozlov a ker so materiali tako različni je vse skupaj izgledalo kot en kup zavozlanih trakov - vse skupaj sem odvezala in začela znova, mislim da je zdaj bolje! Belo ozadje sem "distresirala" z TH DI , dodala še malo bleščic na robu in nekaj na smrekco, lonček pa sem poštempljala z vijugo! Steblo drevesa je lesena palčka na katero se sicer natikajo ražnjiči! Trakovi so od vsepovsod, nekaj jih je iz mojih zalog, nekaj is trgovine Memories, nekaj pa iz ameriške spletne strani Really reasonable ribbon! Tako to je moj prispevek za danes!
Lep večer vsem!
Have a lovely evening I will see you tomorrow!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

WOYWW, 8th December 2010

Good morning everybody! 

It is an early hour and I am half stretched over  my bed with my lap top, writing this post for WOYWW! Do you see the enthusiasm? Well I should be enthusiastic as I have realised in the night that it is another Wednesday and I haven't done any posts in between! I really don't know where the week has gone but it seems that most of it I have been spending working and clearing snow - very little crafting! Yesterday I started panicking because I have realised that I must get on with my Christmas cards if I don't want to end up doing them the last evening before Christmas (happened last year). Anyway I have a lot to show you but it isn't my work! 
First I must tell you that I got my FIRST ATC ...Donna from   Doings of Doone has sent me this really beautiful one! I just love it - such a lovely thing.....

I am not sure what you are suppose to do with it - I was thinking of putting it in a frame and also am I suppose to send one back??? Can somebody explain! Donna thank you sooo much I am really happy to have it!
The good news are not finished yet I also won the contest called "how many frogs are there in the pile" - I got it almost right and won! Ha, ha....thank you again Donna - looking forward to that frog! 
And still more lovely stuff that has come my way - yesterday the postman brought me a little package and it was from Jo from JoZart - I was admiring her work with Angelina and she suggested I should try some and I was sent a little package of it, instructions how to use it and a card made with Angelina - soooo beautiful! Thank you so much Jo, I really love this!I will be making something with it this afternoon!

How nice that people are so good and send me these lovely things - I am thankful for everything !
And now onto my desk...... swing to the right you can see the ONE AND ONLY card I have made this week - I will reveale it in full later as I want to enter it in a challenge, my make up bag....mhmm I have been looking for that one...I wonder how it got here.....and all the rest of my usual stuff....

Swing to the left......

A bottle of Mod Podge which I bought for .....I don't know why but I think I wanted to make something.....then a bag full of my Christmas ribbons....2 new memento ink pads and a lot of other stuff...have a snoop and see what other junk is there ha, ha....
To finish this 2 pics of our snow.....

Most of it is gone now as we have had 2 days of non - stop rain.....at least I don't have to clean the car 3 times a day!
Have a lovely snoopy day - I will be around too but probably late as today my daughter and her friend will come and we will be BAKING a cake and making Chocolate mousse!! I will tell you what is the occasion in one of my next posts... huh rushing now to work!!!!!!
Hugs to all of you,
P.S. You might not have noticed I have changed the look of my blog a little bit - made it a bit more Christmasy - the color scheme is the same as my normal one - I was lucky to find one like that! I hope you like it!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

WOYWW, 1st December, 2010

Good morning my friends!

It is 1st December today! 1st December!!!!!! Where did this year go??? I just can't believe it! I think the older I am the faster the days go! Not days - years! But I am still not any closer to my pension! If all these retiring laws will happen I will probably never get to retirement! And I am now working my 33rd year huh! Had to have a bit of a moan about that - sorry ( ha, ha you will have to put up with more of that in the future!) 
I didn't have the weekend I was suppose to - for starters I didn't go to my high school reunion - it snowed practically all weekend I just didn't want to drive in that horrible weather - we had some bad accidents on our roads - one was one of the worst in our history - 38 cars crashed into each other - we call it chain crashing! 3 people were dead and about 50 injured! All due to snow and fog and people driving crazy! So no reunion - also not much crafting due to very bad pain in my hand - obviosly arthritis has hit me and on top of all this  I had an eye infection - my eyes were watering so I didn't do much on the computer! I am a bit better but still not !00%!!! 
I would like to thank the lovely Chrissie for an award I have been given and already proudly sits on the side of my blog! I also have to answer 8 questions about myself which I will do in my next post! 
Now onto what is really important today  - WOYWW! As I said I haven't done much crafting as such but I have a few things to show you! 
First something I am really happy I finally got round to do - I labelled my Tim Holtz disstress inks - not just labelled but also colored so that you can actually see the color you are reaching for - love my work ha, ha!

And a bit of my new stuff - I ordered a circle cuttter from EK succes - I still haven't figured out how it works but it does amazing circles and as you can see on my project I have cut quite a few - sooo easy! In the same batch I have ordered this lovely tree punch - I think this is a really good punch for a christmas tree - I had all sorts but this one looks like a proper fir tree ( ha, ha I would know as I work at the forestry library!!!)

And this is my poor hand - actually I have the problem on both hands - swollen and hurts so much I can hardly move my fingers - typing this was really a pain! It really makes it hard to do fine things which is really neccessary if you are crafting!

Well that is all folks! I better rush off now - I am still in my PJs - we have snow outside and I have to clean all the snow off my car and bugger off to work! Huh!! Not fun! I am a moany beast today aren't I??? Ha, ha..
Have a lovely day, get that snoop on and enjoy!
Lots and lots of hugs