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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

WOYWW, 29th September 2010

Good morning my dear friends!

The only day I seem to register is Wednesday - all the rest of the days of the week seem to go and I don't know when! Anyways it is WOYWW and I should show you my desk which is for once very tidy but as you know I have been to Ally Pally which was a bit shocking to me! I mean I have been to lots of fairs and stuff but this was just nothing I expected - the massive crowds of (mostly) women buying craft stuff, all the many companies (some of which I have never heard of ) selling amazing craft goodies! I think I was so surprised at the size of the whole thing I didn't know what to buy! Ha, ha noooo just kidding.....I bought a lot of stuff and that is what I will be showing you today! I had a nice chat with Linda Elbourne at LB Crafts and also a little hello with Jennie and Hels at the The Artistic Stamper....so here are the photos of my Ally Pally goodies...
I put them all down on the carpet in the lounge....

 Here are all my goodies in detail....

I finally nailed the Tattered florals and also bought the tattered leaves....I tried them on my cuttlebug last night ( although they are suppose to be for the sizzics) and it worked perfectly! YIPEEEEEE!!!!!!

 Also I have done very well buying stamps - I think I am all stocked up for the season of making Christmas cards!

This is a photo of the crowds waiting to get their crafty shopping on!

 Linda Elbourne made and gave me this lovely tag - it was very interesting looking how she made the tag - I have been given a few tips on how to do certain things and I am very greatful Linda! Thank you so much!
And here is Linda in her elemet! Making lovely stuff!.....

 Unfortunatly it was very crowded around Hels so I didn't get to chat much but I did get this lovely photo...As I shopped so well at The Artistic Stamper I earned a lovely flower that was made by Hels - you can see it up there with Lindas tag!
I also got to meet Helen ( the one that works on the floor) I could then see why she can do it and I couldn't ! Ha, ha....a big weight difference! But there you are - that is why I do my crafting on a comfortable chair at a my desk!!! Anyways Helen it was lovely meeting you!
I do have lots of photos from Ally Pally and I will blog them but for today I think this is enough otherwise all you snoopy girls and boys won't have time to snoop around other desks! 
Have a lovely day, an even better snoop  and I will see you soon!
Hugs to all of you!

Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WOYWW, 22. September 2010

Hiya Everbody!

I am very late posting....the reason???? Well I read Julia Dunnits post yesterday talking about going from plan A to plan C or D.....I am around plan Z now.....since I came home from Germany - yes I arrived safely, after driving 1500 km - it was just a nightmare getting to do anything crafty! Monday I went shopping after work, yesterday I worked till 6pm so that was Tuesday gone so here we are on Wednesday - yes and it it is WOYWW! And well I went into my little pink room this morning  and managed to mess it up even more then it was already and almost finished ONE card! It is a thank you card for the lady we visited in Germany....so my dear friends have a nose around my desk, where you can see the almost finished card , that black thing there is a new punch bought in Germany - a very interesting heart punch and the "Danke" ( Thank you) stamp I bought there too! To be honest I didn't find much crafty stuff at all - I was quite disapointed! The only thing I am really sad about is that I was about 35 km away from the factory KNORR PRANDEL where they make all the art paints and glitter and lots of stuff for card making but I didn't have enough time to go there! Shame! 
Also on the right hand side there you can see a few new bits of stash that came in the post while I was away....ha, ha did I mention I was on a stash diet?????? Well I ordered these things before I decided I would be on a stash diet so.....

Ok then I better get this posted.....
Have a lovely day and a really good snoop and I will be back with you later with a few photos from my journey to Germany!
Hugs to all of you,

P. S. If any of you are going to be at Ally Pally and would like to meet up leave a comment on my blog and I will try to find you there!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

WOYWW, 15th September 2010

Hi WOYWW-ers!

I was going to make a card and show it to you but last night I was too tired to do anything ( I finished work at 6pm where usually I finish at 3 or 4pm) and this morning I only got as far as stamping my image and (not) deciding what paper I was going to use....I won't be able to get round to much of you as I am off to Germany tomorrow at 4am ( early bird........) so I need to go to bed early! This will be short and sweet but I promise I will blog about my travel and also get up to crafting next week when I come back and show you a few things - when I finally ink up my new stash!
So here is my desk as of this morning.........initially it was quite tidy but then I started getting out all these papers and it got all messy again! Eh what can you do????

I can't decide on the paper - the darker or the lighter floral one????

And an overall look......

The card I have to make is for the lady we are visiting in Germany! She will be 87 so I must make a nice little card! Huh so much to do before I go!
Have a nice snoopy day, I will come around to as much of you as I can!
Hugs to all of you,

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Hi my dear Friends!

Sorry I haven't been around much but it seems this month will be a very busy one for me! I had visitors since the middle of August, my friend from Australia left yesterday, but she will probably be back! This weekend my daughter and I will go for a "little" trip to Germany to visit some old family friend of ours! I am looking forward to this and will blog about it! The weekend after is Ally Pally so I will be flying to England - ha, ha it sounds like I am a right jetsetter but things seem to all come at once - I know I will be sitting on my own doing nothing all winter - well I will be doing cards - I see some of you have started with Christmas cards - I can't really wrap my mind around that yet but I think I should start because last year ( my head is down in shame) I was still doing them the day before Christmas! 
I see some of you will be going to see and learn from Tim Holtz - that must be a lovely experience! I watched him today on HSN  - very interesting man! This range of his has expanded to really unlimited proportions! You want to buy everything but it is all quite expensive so you have to choose carefully! I am trying to be on a stash diet till Ally Pally but I am not sure if I will be able to stick to it! 
Anyway I better go now and start on some cards, I only have today as tomorrow it will be packing the suitcase again! And of course WOYWW where I should show something before I am off for the rest of the week!
Have a lovely evening and I will see you all tomorrow!
Hugs to all of you,

Wednesday, September 8, 2010

WOYWW, 8th September 2010

Good morning my dear friends!

How are you all this morning! Our morning is dull and rainy - I guess we have to admit it summer is definitly gone - autumn is here to stay! So sad......
Still we have a nice snoopy day ahead of us so I guess that will be fun! Oh you don't know what it is??? Well then go to STAMPING GROUND and our Queen Bee Julia will tell you all about it!
So to make this short and sweet I will start on showing off my "lovely" mess....
First the middle of my desk.... I started a project yesterday.....sort of altering a CD but to be honest I am not sure what I am doing.....yes, yes I just made a cuppa tea.....

A bit of a close up..... it is suppose to be something you can hang somewhere and what ever side you look at you will find some wisdom.....But I am not very much an altering person so I am not sure what will happen!

Swing to the right, a mess of punches, Copics, a bag with a lovely necklace but it is too short for my big neck so I need to do some adjusting...That tiny little picture there is actually a little bag of sugar - I thought the picture was really good - a woman drinking coffee - a bit of a Picasso style...I might use for something in the future!

And a swing to the right.... a big mess here - my stampotique originals are still there - I haven't had time to tidy my  craft room so the poor things are still sitting there with the punches Mr. Don Key completely stressed over all the mess....A pile of my new stuff sitting on the printer - that hasn't been put away yet either - ha, ha the question is where to put it??? My little craftroom is getting too small for all my stash.....ehhhh problems of a craft horder!

Ok then I better buzz off to see what all of you gals have been up to!
Have a lovely day, enjoy the snooping....
Hugs to all of you....

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hi Everybody!

I am so busy these days I can hardly get to the computer - one visitors go, others come - washing and ironing inbetween, a bit of gardening and the days are gone! In the evening I am like a sack of potatoes! I have all this lovely new stuff and guess what??? My mojo is gone - so no crafting! I sat down last night but I wasn't very successful! I guess you can't force anything - I will get back into the swing eventually !
Sorry about my winging but I am not a very happy bunny these days - I don't like it when my mojo is on holidays!
Talking about holidays I said I will show you a few snipets from my holidays past.....
My friends came over from England on a Thursday evening so next day I had to go to work but Saturday was off so we went to a place called Idrija which is in the west of Slovenia! It is an interesting place because although it is hidden away in a narrow valley through the centuries it was a very rich and prosperous place!
It was the oldest Slovenian mining town – has been for half of a millennium widely known, at home and abroad, due to its mercury treasures, which have importantly influenced many events not only on a national scale but also on the wider European scale.  The Idrija Mine was for several centuries ranked among the most prominent Central European corporations, and it played a significant role in international economic relations. But mercury wasn't the only treasure of this town - it was the lovely lace making hands of the wives of the miners! Lace was probably as valubale as gold in those days - it was made for kings and all the upper crust!
I took a lot of pictures in the museum but because of the light and everything being behind glass the pictures weren't too good, still I did manage a few good ones!
Here is an interesting photo - the liquid in the bowl is mercury and the ball that is floating in it is made of lead!

Here is a photo of the inside court of the museum....

And this is the women that started the first lace making school.....

And a few bits of lovely lace for you....

Lace was kept in special drawers and shown to custumers as jewelry is....

I could show you more photos but this post is getting long and I haven't shown you the Mediterranean yet!
We stayed in this lovely house that overlooks the bay with a lovely garden....
And then you walk down all these steps and.....splash into the water....

This is a picture I took in the morning - just as the sun was coming out......

We also went to Trieste one day - this is me with the boys...... I didn't buy anything which was really surprising!

And this is a bit of an arty photo I took after the rain we had the sun came out just enough to make this lovely rainbow......

So there now you know all about my holidays! 
Have a lovely day and I hope you enjoy my post!
Hugs to all.....

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

WOYWW, 1st September 2010

Good morning Everybody!

I am back from my holidays - the reason I missed out on the last WOYWW! I had a fabulous holiday in the Mediterranian and I will blog about it but because it is WOYWW today I must show you my desk and then get up to other things! I just came back yesterday so there has been no crafting yet but before I left for my holidays I ordered lots of stamps and ribbon and it was all delivered while I was away - imagine the fun I had opening all those packages - it was like Christmas!!!!!! 
Have a good snoop around all my lovely new stuff and be sure I will be snooping around your desks to see what you have been up to!

So here are all my lovely goodies!

This is the birds eye view.....

New Stampotique Originals and Hero Arts Clings...

More Christmas Hero Arts, Artemio and Creative Expressions...

And a bag full of lovely ribbon!

So there I have lots of material all I need is a creative mind and creative hands! 
Have a lovely snoopy day!
Lots of hugs to all of you....