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Wednesday, April 24, 2013

WOYWW, ATCs and colorful spring!

Good morning my dear bloggy friends!

Are you having a lovely bright and sunny morning like we are??? I hope you are...
I have been doing my spring cleaning - so far I have managed to do the big terrace, lounge and kitchen - the bedroom is not a problem but the craftroom - that is a BIG problem! Huh!! But I have a plan and I will tackle it! 
I will soon reveal my lovely new order! :-))
At the moment there is no order - a big mess I should say - I have been making ATCs for the WOYWW swap - I will show some of them as I am giving away loads - I guess it will still be a surprise to the person who recieves the ATC as what she/he sees on my desk might not be what she /he gets.
So the desk of today....I was too early taking the picture to be able to catch a ray of sun on it.....

What you can see are a few ATCs in the front,  my special sequins container 
( I store sequins that are unusual shapes - like leaves, flowers, shells - by the way if any of you know of an online store in England that sells this sort of stuff please let me know), a big bunch of precut ATCs - they are all different sizes - I guess there is a confusion because some places use inches for the size of them and some use milimeters...the fact and the matter is that they should be 3 1/2 x 2 1/2 inches or 64mm x 89mm but people who sell them obviosly don't know that! Hmm what else can you see - two pairs of scissors, TH DI Vintage photo and a Stampin up stamping pad in olive, oh yes and my ATC stamps, and a little plastic box where I keep my Cut n Dry foams for my distress inks,  also a jar of flowers! If you see anything else - good for you! Ha, ha...
I still haven't started on the Gelli plate! The reason is I want to have time to play and I am putting together a selection of homemade "tools" to use on the Gelli plates! Julia Fei-Fan Balzer gives some excellant advise!
Of course I can't walk away without a few colorful spring photos! Enjoy!
A lovely pink....

two different purples....

and yellow and red....

That's it for today....have a good snoop and expect me to come and have a snoop at your desk too!
It is all the idea of a certain nosey  lady at Stamping Ground - go over there and find out!
Lots of hugs to all of you,

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

WOYWW, Ally Pally haul!

Hello my dear friends!

I hope you are all well and happy enjoying the spring that has finally sprung! We went from -5 deg C just last week to +23 deg C yesterday! Lovely change! Still I didn't feel it straight away as I was in England where we had rain and not very warm - quite windy! I did have a good time with my DBF, we went to Ally Pally on Saturday so that made me very happy! My knee didn't like the walking around and standing in queus but it was worth it as I have seen a lot of new stuff and of course I left  a lot of money there!Huh!
So to say something about the show - I think it was good that it was in one of the big rooms -  a lot easier to breath! As always there were queus everywhere - all the stands must have made a lot of money! 
I think the biggest sale belonged to Clarity Stamps - they were promoting the Gelli Plates - you could either buy the gelli plate and the brayer or a kit they put together that had some acrylic paint and some other things with it! Unfortunatly the demoing of Barbara Gray was very hard to see as there was such a crowd - she did have a demo in the dedicated area but that was full too so I didn't see much of that but I did buy the gelli plate and brayer!  
I spent some time at the Paperartsy stand and some at Creative impressions and of course I tried to see as much as I could at the Gelli Plates..
I met Helen from Stamping by H, Sam from Hettiecraft and Darcy from Art and Sole - they are or used to be WOYWWers.....I was really happy to meet Darcy as we have been in contact before but never met in person so that was really nice! I didn't meet any other WOYWWers but honestly it is hard to find people in that crowd! 
So finally here is my Ally Pally haul..... lots of stuff - let me show you some of it in detail...

  Gelli plate, brayer  and Panpastels.....

Paperartsy stamps, Fresco paints, Grunge paste and Treasure gold.....also you can see Gilding flakes and guilding glue from Cosmic Shimmer....

 I also bought a load of dies that I wanted for a long time - Memory box and some other ones...

As you can see there are also other bits and bobs - I got some rubons, glitterations and stickers - all comes in handy and it was at a good price! 
I haven't done anything much since I came home from England - I think the travelling and all that walking around has worn me out a bit so I am having a rest from crafting! I will probably be back in the swing next week when I will be showing you some of the ATCs I am making for the swap and I will try out this Gelli plate - see how that goes!
Have a lovely week - enjoy your weekly snoop and if you don't know what I am talking about go to Stamping Ground where you can find all the info about this world wide madness!
Lots of hugs to all of you,

Wednesday, April 10, 2013

WOYWW, Spring has sprung!

Hello my dear friends!

I hope you are having a lovely sunny spring morning as we are! Finally!!! It was a long wait for this sun but it did come eventually! I was getting really depressed as there was no end to the winter! I am looking forward to the next days when we are supposed to have around 20 deg C! YIPPEE! But first I am travelling to England tomorrow to visit my DBF and also to attend the Ally Pally! I hope to meet a few WOYWWers there! We will have a quick cup of coffee and a chat and then run around to see what is new in the world of crafting and also spend a bit of dosh no doubt! Oh I am looking forward to this event!
But at the moment it is time to show our desks to all of the world! What??? You haven't heard about this mad thing??? Well if you haven't then I recommend you go over to Stamping Ground where our leader Queen Julia has all the info for you!
Soo without further ado here is my desk - still sort of tidy well not really....I haven't had much time this week to do crafty stuff but I did manage to make a card and some backgrounds for ATCs - that will be for our WOYWW swap!

There are a few empty boxes and a pill box which I intend to decorate and use for various crafty things like buttons, thin dies and stuff like that! He, he a bag of jellies, a few sprays and yes those eggs are still there...
Here is another shot of my desk where you can see more of the mess...

In front there are my Dylusions sprays, my Big shot and some digital downloads I intend to use for my ATCs..Also my ATG and lots of other junk - he, he have a snoop you might find something I don't even know about! 
Here is the card that is sitting on my desk but for the purpose of the photo I took it to the kitchen where the light is much better!

This card will be put in for our Slovene challenge CRAFT-alnica  where they have a color challenge - the card was made with dry embossing and then I used the Faber Castell PITT markers to color the embossed bits, added a Donna Downey tag, stamped the sentiment and added a few other bits! 
So thats the crafty bit of my post today and now comes the spring bit! 
A few primroses flowering away on our faculty grass...

And a crocus in full bloom....

Thats all folks! Have a lovely week - I will be away but I will try to visit some of you this week! And I hope to meet some of you at Ally Pally!
Lots of hugs to all of you,

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

WOYWW, I have a clear desk but.......

Good morning my dear bloggy friends!

How are you all today??? Some of you are basking in the morning sun - some of you swimming in the endless rain! Well we have snow and rain happily married together for the last few weeks! I think my eyes have a membrane over them so if we ever see sun again I won't be able to look at it!! Still there is one thing we can not make to suit us - that is the weather so I guess we will have to deal with it whatever it is like!
I visited my mom over the weekend and since I came back home I haven't done much crafting. Before I left I made some Faberge eggs which you can see here
Now here is my desk for once clear! Nothing on there except 2 eggs that have been colored but not decorated....to me this is as clean as my desk ever gets but I am sure to a lot of you it still looks a mess....

I need to get up to making ATCs for the WOYWW anniversary plus other projects are pending....
He, he but don't be fooled by this photo.....the desk might be clear but my couch that is on the side of the desk is one big mess....haven't had time yet to sort that mess out....

Lots of stuff on there - stamps, cardstock, sizzixs plates, embossing foulders, ribbon,  stickers.....and on the right hand side a bunch of Christmas cards I have started to make ( one a week) but stopped making them as I was busy with other stuff - I better get back on track with that!
So there enjoy the snoop and join in as the world snoop is on at Stamping ground where our Queen Julia reigns! 
Have a lovely week - I will have time this week and will try to visit as much of you as possible!
Lots of hugs to all of you,

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Faberge eggs

Hello my dear bloggy friends!

I am still doing the rounds from last weeks WOYWW - huh! Well Easter was inbetween and I have been away so there is a bit of an excuse! Still I hope I at least visit people who have visited me....
I have something to show you - I always thought one of the most beautiful Easter art were the Faberge eggs! These amazing detailed jewels fascinated me since I was a little girl! I guess all of you know the story of the Faberge eggs! The Russian Zcar gave his wife and daughters these lovely little gems for Easter every year!They were made by the jeweler Faberge especially for the royal family! 
I have made a few for my family - my mom, my brother and my daughter!
What I made is not even close to what the actual Faberge eggs look like but it is an experiment!
I colored the stiropor eggs with metal acrylic paints and then decorated them with german scrap, gems, glass flowers, pearls....
Here is what I have made

As this is something very much "vintage" it is my contribution to the Slovene crafting challenge CRAFTALNICA....
 I hope you like my faux Faberge eggs! 
Lots of hugs to all