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Wednesday, September 5, 2018

WOYWW, Not coming to the crop!

My dear WOYWW friends!

I haven't been blogging much this year! Actually I just looked and I have posted twice! I am not giving up blogging it is just at the moment I am struggling with constant pain and just can't do much! 
I do look at your blogs sometimes but I don't really engage! Still I am hoping to have my operation soon! I am trying to lose weight but it is a struggle! I have been swimming and dieting but it is a slow process! Anyway I was going to come to the crop ! So about 2 weeks ago I said to my Alan
 " Have a look for hotel in  Llandudno !" 
" When is the crop then ?" he says.
"Sometime end of September begin of October I think -  let me check!"
And then the shock! It was 8th of September!!!! We are still in Slovenia and will be almost till the end of September as I am waiting for news on my operation!
So sad! I think this is the first time I will not be able to come to the crop! And to be honest it is one of the highlights of my crafty year! I have actually been making these ATCs for the crop - I even ventured into making quilted ones - and have been very proud to be so brave!

Here is the set of the paper ones I made....

and here are my quilted ones....

I hope there will be a report on the crop and I will be able to see some photos on your blogs! I will be waiting for the news!
My desk has this really tiny space as I have stuff everywhere! But I enjoy making things at my old desk! There is no place like home! (says Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz)
I have a lot of the new Distress Oxide inks - I love them - I think they are wonderful - and I love that you can stamp with them! 

I have got into water coloring and I have bought 2 sets of them Koi and Altenew! I still can't decide which ones are better!

So there you see I am still making stuff - I try to make something every day - even if it is something small...
Have a lovely week - the ladies going to the crop have a wonderful time - wish I could be with you - I will be thinking of you! 
Stamping Ground - Queen Julia here I come! :-)
Love and hugs to all of you,

Wednesday, May 23, 2018

WOYWW 9th Anniversary! YIPEEE!!!

My dear bloggy WOYWW friends!

I am sorry I haven't been around this year! Yes my only blog post was on the 3rd of January! I have been struggling with a lot of pain - my knees are really bad - there is no cartilage so it is bone on bone and I have been rejected for the operation because of my BMI. So now I am going swimming every morning and trying to get that weight down so I can have the operation! Blogging was something that was hard for me to do but I think I might get up to it again! Still I have never stopped crafting! I make cards and all sorts of other things and that is a big joy in my life! 
It is the 9th WOYWW anniversary today! I haven't been posting on WOYWW from the beginning but my first post was on the 24th February 2010 so I have been around for quite a while! I have been to almost all the WOYWW crops and have met lovely people and now have very good friends thanks to Julia's WOYWW! Thank you Julia for starting this amazing thing! I must mention that because of being part of WOYWW my crafting has evolved and got better and better - I now have no fear of trying anything crafty!
I will show a few of the things I have made recently and yes I will be sending ATCs to anybody who wants one as I have made lots of them !
I have made an art book for my friend Donna for her birthday - it came a bit late but she did recieve and I can show a few photos....

These are just a few pages....

Then I made a birthday card for another friend...

And something I am really happy to say was that together with Jo my friend we made a quilt for a little girl that has a tumor in her head that is affecting her eyesight and she is having chemo therapy to reduce the tumor and they are hoping she will get some of her eyesight back....

and it goes in this cute bag....
So there that is some of the things I have been doing! I will try to be a good girl and blog more often ..Have a lovely week and a crafty celebration of the 9th WOYWW anniversary!
Love and hugs to all 

Wednesday, January 3, 2018

WOYWW, HAPPY NEW YEAR 2018, New Year resolutions? Naaaa

Good morning lovely bloggy friends!

Long time no see! Yes I have been away from blogging for a long time! No point in apologizing but sometimes (to be honest all year really) I need a break from things and this seemed to have been my break year! Too much stuff went on and I just couldn't deal with regularly writing a blog. Now should I start with new year resolutions? Nooo because I never stick to them! But lets say at the moment I have some inner determination that I will be blogging more often. Also showing my work so that maybe someone can benefit from it or I will benefit from criticism. Either way it might be good!
I am waiting for a knee operation which might throw a spanner in the works for a few weeks but I hope to be able to even blog about getting over that! Huh! 
So after that long introduction let me first say....
I hope you will all have lots of health and happiness in this coming year and hopefully we will have some peace and kindness in this world!
Now the main object of my blog is of course crafting - and making cards this holiday season I have realized how much I enjoy crafting and also that the more you craft the better you are at it . Here are a few cards I have made this holiday season.....

I think I made around 60 or more and everyone of them was different so it was a lot of using my thinking cap! 
At the moment I am at home in Slovenia - at my old desk where all of you used to see me every week ... and as our lovely Queen of desk snooping Julia demands here is a picture of my desk - not much going on but there will be so stay tuned :-)

And here is something new for the new year - new cutting plates on my sizzix big shot! The old ones broke so I had to replace them - they did last a very long time! 

This turned out to be a very long blog post - I hope you stayed with me till the end - if not I get it don't worry! :-)

Have a lovely week and always enjoy your crafting!
Love and hugs to all of you,