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Friday, January 28, 2011

Še ena nagrada!

Danes sem bila zelo presenečena - Kirena iz Vsesortarij mi je podelila nagrado Veter v Hrbet! Nisem vedela da kdo iz Slovenije bere moj blog, ki je sicer v angleškem jeziku! Zelo vesela sem te nagrade,ki se mi zdi da ti da krila!!!! Ko nagrado dobiš pa moraš napisati o nagradi na svojem blogu in dodati povezavo do osebe, ki ti jo je podelila. Izbrati 3-5 novih blogov, ki imajo manj kot 100 spremljevalcev ter dodati povezavo. Obvestiti  jih o nagradi na njihovem blogu.
Nagrado torej dajem naprej :

No mislim da sem naredila kar moram! Upam da bodo prejemnice nagrade vesele!

Lep pozdravček vsem ustvarjalkam

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

An award from Nicky!

The lovely Nicky from Stiggys Cards has given me an award.

Thank you so much

There are a couple of conditions for the award

You have been TAGGED and want to participate?
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You should also blog the persons link that gave you the award and inform her/him that you accept the award.

You can then choose 3 - 5 favourite blogs which you also link in your post, then each blogger will inform you that they have been tagged.

Dear bloggers:
The aim of this action is that we bring unknown, good blogs to light, so I would ask you not to blog fellow bloggers that already have 3,000 followers.As always, the hardest part is to pick who to pass this on to, there are so many bloggers I could give it to but I pick these...

you have been awarded!

Hugs to all of you

WOYWW, 26th January 2011

Hello my dear friends!

Another week has passed nothing happened on my blog - I know I am getting a bit boring! Thing is I had a big scare for my daughters health and I couldn't get my mind around anything! She had a scan on Monday and thank God everything is ok but I must admit I am still shoock up! Every one of you mothers out there know how you worry when your child is ill! Especially if it is a lot more then just a cold! I guess I just need to hug her a lot - I do already (sometimes she thinks it is annoying as youngsters do) but I think I need to hug more! She is my only child and I just love her so much!
So those were my worries for the week. I haven't done anything crafty although I have sat down to my desk a few times and tried to force myself to do something but as you know you can't really force yourself to do crafty things! Still I have something to show you ....I did get a bit of extra money for Christmas and ordered a few things they came from the States so it took a while but I got them all this week! I have a new Martha Stewart scoring board - I was deciding between Score pal and MS and in the end decided for MS - a few videos on youtube probably made me lean towards MS, but I must admit the price was also convincing!(I would be interested in what you ladies out there use!) I am quite surprised because as we know all the rest of MS stuff is quite expensive! I also got a few Hero arts cling stamps - I love Hero arts ( do I sound like an advert?????) and their catalog! I know everybody has it already but I am late as usual! I also finally got the TH long die which I have been waiting for - Donna now I can finally test the cuttlebug with the long die! And also I got Rock Candy! I couldn't get that thing anywhere! Even when I was in England I went to a few shops and it was all sold out! So now I am stocked up with new stuff all I need to do now is get Mr. Mojo to work with me - I do have loads to do - Valentines Day cards, birthday cards, thank you cards huh....so hopefully by the time the next WOYWW comes around there will be some crafty things to show you!
Photos.....huh it took me a while to get to the point didn't it??? Here is my lovely stuff....

It is now 5.31 on the computer clock - that shows you I don't sleep very well if I am writing my blog this early! oh well...
Have a lovely day! Have a lovely snoop! Be happy and safe!
Lots of hugs to all of you,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

WOYWW, 19th January 2011

Good morning everybody!

I am so late posting - initially I wanted to start this post at 6am but I didn't sleep very well in the night so I just turned off the alarm clock and had another dose of sleep which ended in a bit of a rush to work! I wasn't late really just that I didn't do my post so this will be a quickie with lots of news - ha, ha I have to bring you up to date with all the goings on here....
I spent the weekend at my moms - yesterday she was 77 so I thought as I can't be with her during the week when her birthday was I should at least go over there at the weekend! She was happy - I made a card for her and the most important thing was that we spent time together! 
Yesterday I went to a demo for coloring at our shop Memories....the owner showed coloring with various media, well most of it I have already done but I haven't done much with chalk ( so I bought a box of chalks) and also I wasn't familiar with the mixing of perlex and gum arabica....so another bit of knowledge was poured into my brain.....and that wasn't all ....when I came home I got a message on my computer saying that a tutorial for tissue paper flowers is waiting for me on Mandy's blog - she makes these really lovely flowers on her cards and I asked her how she does it and I got a tutorial - ha, ha I seem to be getting those quite often - obviosly I still need to learn a lot ( last week I had a Cuttlebug tutorial from Donna from Doings of Doone ) One of these days I will have to show cards with all I have learned from these lovely ladies!( I must mention Jo from Jozart who sent me angelic fiber - must show something I did with that too!)
So without further a do here are some photos for all you nosey girls and boys.....

Yesterdays demo......

My desk with some new goodies .....see if you can spot them.......

and now a view to the left......a bit of a mess everywhere you look....oh dear those sweets should have been hidden!

A close up of my Valentines day goodies.....

And a card I made last night.....I used some new papers from DCWV called Colorful life - lovely art from Donna Estbrook ( I think that is right)....a very unusal card for me but I quite like it - it is also the first of my Valentines day cards.....

And that is it - I will probably be about number 100 and something but never mind it is not a contest it is fun!
Hugs to all you snoopy friends,

Friday, January 14, 2011

Card Patterns challenge #97

Hello to Everybody!

I have made a card that follows the Card Patterns challenge sketch! It was made with DCWV papers, scallop punch, Rayher flowers , TH DI dusty concord and a sentiment made with a Hero arts stamp, stamped with Versamark and then heat embossed - I used my new purple embossing powder which I really like!
So here is the card....

And a close up.....

Have a lovely day!

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Penny Black challenge!

Hello my dear Friends!

This is just a quickie - I made a card for a challenge YIPEEEE!!! And it is the Penny Black Saturday Challenge and they want New beginnings....as you all probably know I am into nature and animals - love dogs, cats.....I dedicate this card to all the poor doggies and cats that get given to children at Christmas and when they are not small and cute and actually want to be taken out for a walk EVERYDAY 2 or 3 times,  they get left on a motorway or some woods or where ever - lets hope that they all  find a new and warm home always! 
The cute doggies come from the Penny Black set Party Critters, the door is a Stampotique stamp - who would think I could put those two types of stamps on the same card but I think it works very well! Papers are DCWV all the embellies are from my stash, the sentiment is handwritten! Glossy accents on the heart of the door!
There we are!

Hugs to all of you,


Hello Everybody!

I thought I would come back with  photos from my travels....you know how I said I was going to the Cotswolds for New Years celebrations and I imagined the place would be like the Mid summers murders scenery well I must say we drove quite a way into the country and just couldn't find anything like it exept for the extremly narrow roads that were driving me crazy! We stayed at the Cross Hands Hotel in a place called Old Sodbury! The hotel was nice, the food was good and the staff very kind so no complaints there at all! It is a long way to that side of the country as we were driving from Kent! So the first day was just travelling from Kent to Old Sodbury! The next day we went to Bath....I read up about Bath and wanted to see all the sites! So after a long time searching for somewhere to park we finally parked in an underground car park! A warning to all of you do not park or drive anywhere in the center of Bath just leave your car outside the city at a P + R !  Don't ask why just do it! Ha, ha....
Anyway we walked down to the river Avon there is a very interesting bridge with tiny shops on it (they are tiny as they have just a wee bit of space on the bridge)  and there is a famous horse shoe wear on the river.....here are some photos I took....

Here is a picture of the bridge and the wear.....

Then we walked over to the Bath Abbey......amazing rosette vaulting.....your king Edgar was crowned there in 973

There was a very nice exibition outside the Abbey called Britain from the Air - great photos - I saw a similar one in London outside the V & A museum a few years ago....if any of you live near Bath or in Bath you should go and see this!
And then we headed to the Roman baths the Aquae Sulis  "the waters of Sulis" which was the roman name for Bath - Sulis was the Celts goddess of waters and although the Roman goddess was Minerva they encouraged worshipping the Celts goddess and also named the natural spring after her! Clever they were those Romans - the Celts liked that and were more susseptable to the Roman culture! 
The Roman engineering was really amazing - such modern use of a natural resource in those days - I have travelled around Italy a lot and have always been amazed by their culture! 
If you look at photos of of the Roman Baths on the internet they are all taken on a perfect sunny day clear skies and all that but I think my photos really look like the baths looked like at that time....have a look....

Here is me blocking the Abbey ha, ha.......

I love the fog on the photos gives the place that extra misteriousness...

 And another one of me preparing to go into the water....NOT....it was sooo cold that day....

So that was the Roman Baths - our last stop was at Sally Lunn's the oldest house in Bath...I really love that place and not to mention the Yummy Sally Lunn's bun and a nice cup of tea which was really great after wondering around the city on a cold day.....

Oh yes almost forgot - the last stop was the Royal Crescent! Bath is all about Georgian architecture crafted from Bath Stone!

The arial photo is not mine.....but it is the only way you can "see" the Royal Crescent in its vastness and beauty!

That is all about Bath - tomorrow we will be off to Bristol to see the famous SS Great Britain!

I hope you enjoyed my walk around Bath.....have a lovely day!
Lots of hugs

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

WOYWW, 12th January 2011

Good morning everybody!

I am late and to be honest this time it isn't the crafty mojo that is giving me problems it is the blogging mojo! I sat down to the computer a few times this week and when I wanted to start writing there was a sudden blank!
When I was sitting on the plane coming back home from England I was thinking about New Years resolutions wether I should make any or not! So I thought I must eat less ( as I was really feeling jammed into the airplane seet! That resolution went out the window as soon as I got home! I love to cook and love to eat so...., then I thought I should do something about excercising - go for a walk every day - hah that happened only once and then my feet hurt so much and I was cold so I said "Bugger!" Oh then I thought I must blog more - try to be a BIBO ( I think that stands for blog interesting blog often) well that resolution went out the window as we are now the 12th of January and I have only blogged once and that was for WOYWW!!! Then I said I must not buy stash as I have so much of it - I must start using it! Well that one went out the window too as since I came back I bought way too much stash! What is left then??? The only resolution I have stuck to is crafting....well I made 2 cards in 3 days which is more then my average, unless we are talking Christmas rush! So as you can see I can't stick to resolutions! One confession out  and here comes another one - I just can't ever make the rounds on WOYWW anymore - sometimes I can't even go back to the ones that called into my blog! I will try hard to do that and do a few more but visiting 140 or more desks is simply impossible for me as I am sooo slow! The ones I go to I read every letter so if I comment you must know that I read every letter! 
There all my confessions and faults are out ( there might be a few more I can't think of at the moment but if I do I will mention them!) so I can now go to my desk which is in a big mess as I have been crafting....the left side looks like this.... the photos are not very clear, I don't know why! 

and the right side like this.....

I have also been making some rosette flowers which I quite like - I ordered a Tim Holtz rosette die only to realise I probably won't be able to use it as I have a cuttlebug and it won't work unless you have the really long mats which I don't have! Eh well didn't do the research beforehand! 

I know I still haven't posted anything about my travels I will try and do it today maybe as I have written this my blogging mojo will be back!
Have a lovely day - have a good snoop and I hope to visit as much as I can!
Lots of hugs,

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

WOYWW, 5th January 2011

Hello and HAPPY NEW YEAR everybody!

I came back from England last night on a very delayed plane so I don't have much to show you today on my desk! It is quite tidy as before I left I put away most of my Christmas stuff and well I tidied up as much as I could but as you know I never have a completly tidy desk - ha, ha it never happens to me!
I am at work at the moment so I can't stay on long I will give you a full report on my travels (I did take quite a few photos)  later but for now just have a look at my rather boring desk!


I hope you all had lovely holidays and are now back and full of energy ready for the 2011 challenges and lots and lots of crafting!
See ya all later!
Lots of hugs,