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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Hi Everybody!

I am so busy these days I can hardly get to the computer - one visitors go, others come - washing and ironing inbetween, a bit of gardening and the days are gone! In the evening I am like a sack of potatoes! I have all this lovely new stuff and guess what??? My mojo is gone - so no crafting! I sat down last night but I wasn't very successful! I guess you can't force anything - I will get back into the swing eventually !
Sorry about my winging but I am not a very happy bunny these days - I don't like it when my mojo is on holidays!
Talking about holidays I said I will show you a few snipets from my holidays past.....
My friends came over from England on a Thursday evening so next day I had to go to work but Saturday was off so we went to a place called Idrija which is in the west of Slovenia! It is an interesting place because although it is hidden away in a narrow valley through the centuries it was a very rich and prosperous place!
It was the oldest Slovenian mining town – has been for half of a millennium widely known, at home and abroad, due to its mercury treasures, which have importantly influenced many events not only on a national scale but also on the wider European scale.  The Idrija Mine was for several centuries ranked among the most prominent Central European corporations, and it played a significant role in international economic relations. But mercury wasn't the only treasure of this town - it was the lovely lace making hands of the wives of the miners! Lace was probably as valubale as gold in those days - it was made for kings and all the upper crust!
I took a lot of pictures in the museum but because of the light and everything being behind glass the pictures weren't too good, still I did manage a few good ones!
Here is an interesting photo - the liquid in the bowl is mercury and the ball that is floating in it is made of lead!

Here is a photo of the inside court of the museum....

And this is the women that started the first lace making school.....

And a few bits of lovely lace for you....

Lace was kept in special drawers and shown to custumers as jewelry is....

I could show you more photos but this post is getting long and I haven't shown you the Mediterranean yet!
We stayed in this lovely house that overlooks the bay with a lovely garden....
And then you walk down all these steps and.....splash into the water....

This is a picture I took in the morning - just as the sun was coming out......

We also went to Trieste one day - this is me with the boys...... I didn't buy anything which was really surprising!

And this is a bit of an arty photo I took after the rain we had the sun came out just enough to make this lovely rainbow......

So there now you know all about my holidays! 
Have a lovely day and I hope you enjoy my post!
Hugs to all.....


  1. Really loved your post especially the beautiful rainbow :-)
    A x

  2. What beautiful pictures, I'm sure your mojo will return unannounced one of these fine days!

  3. What an interesting post TFS. I love the courtyard of the museum.