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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

WOYWW, 26th January 2011

Hello my dear friends!

Another week has passed nothing happened on my blog - I know I am getting a bit boring! Thing is I had a big scare for my daughters health and I couldn't get my mind around anything! She had a scan on Monday and thank God everything is ok but I must admit I am still shoock up! Every one of you mothers out there know how you worry when your child is ill! Especially if it is a lot more then just a cold! I guess I just need to hug her a lot - I do already (sometimes she thinks it is annoying as youngsters do) but I think I need to hug more! She is my only child and I just love her so much!
So those were my worries for the week. I haven't done anything crafty although I have sat down to my desk a few times and tried to force myself to do something but as you know you can't really force yourself to do crafty things! Still I have something to show you ....I did get a bit of extra money for Christmas and ordered a few things they came from the States so it took a while but I got them all this week! I have a new Martha Stewart scoring board - I was deciding between Score pal and MS and in the end decided for MS - a few videos on youtube probably made me lean towards MS, but I must admit the price was also convincing!(I would be interested in what you ladies out there use!) I am quite surprised because as we know all the rest of MS stuff is quite expensive! I also got a few Hero arts cling stamps - I love Hero arts ( do I sound like an advert?????) and their catalog! I know everybody has it already but I am late as usual! I also finally got the TH long die which I have been waiting for - Donna now I can finally test the cuttlebug with the long die! And also I got Rock Candy! I couldn't get that thing anywhere! Even when I was in England I went to a few shops and it was all sold out! So now I am stocked up with new stuff all I need to do now is get Mr. Mojo to work with me - I do have loads to do - Valentines Day cards, birthday cards, thank you cards huh....so hopefully by the time the next WOYWW comes around there will be some crafty things to show you!
Photos.....huh it took me a while to get to the point didn't it??? Here is my lovely stuff....

It is now 5.31 on the computer clock - that shows you I don't sleep very well if I am writing my blog this early! oh well...
Have a lovely day! Have a lovely snoop! Be happy and safe!
Lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. Good morning!
    Yes I'm on stand by now, I hope we all don;t have to wait for this baby for too long.
    Would you believe I was just looking fora MS score board online but son't seem to see any stockists in England. Where did you get it from?....maybe you can email me the deets. I have a Crafter's Companion score board and a Hougie board and a Score Buddy and an old MDF one which was my first purchase. I use different ones for different things.
    I fancy the idea of the MS one. I'd be interested to see how you get on with it.
    Have a good day.. from your early start!

    Your other new goodies look great.

  2. Thanks for the info... I appreciate it. You're right about the postage... you simply have to order a lot of things to make it worthwhile!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. lovely looking stash... I have a MS Scoreboard...and... *hangs head* I have never...used it!!! So glad that your DD is ok, what an awful time for you hun x Hels #6

  4. Glad things went ok with your daughter. Hope it continues that way and she is returned to full health soon.

    Funny - I was looking at those stamps today. Didn't buy them but was sorely tempted. #11

  5. Glad your daughter is ok, i'm not a mother but can imagine your fears.
    Have fun playing with your new stash.
    Thanks for visiting me :D
    Happy Wednesday
    Minxy #1

  6. I realize I don't have a child, so have NO real idea what you are going through, but I DO have a cat, and when he couldn't keep his food down last month, I was in a panic and a wreck for about a week.

    I've never owned a score pad. I don't make many cards (maybe 10 or so a year), so really find no need for one. However, as much as I badmouth MS, her punches are wonderful. So, I have to "assume" the rest of her tools are, too. Happy WOYWW from #10.

  7. Hope your daughter is ok now, what a worry for you. Love the stash you had to buy to make the postage worth it... love your thinking!! Hope you have a better week this week, see you soon. Are you coming back to England again soon, for any of the shows this year?

  8. Your Hero arts catalogue cover looks interesting! Will check that out. So sorry to hear about your daughter - mine has had health probs too and it is very worrying - keep positive - hope all is well. x x Jo

  9. Hiya

    ooooh scrummy yummy goodies! I differed on a score pal or ms board and ended up with the score pal I love it. Glad all is ok with your daughter.

    Joey xx

  10. I am glad everything went okay for your daughter and I hope she remains in good health :) What a horrible time for you all xxx

    Have a great WOYWW,
    Karen #84

  11. Love your new stash. So glad your daughter's scan was a good news one. Really hope all goes on well and she has no more health scares.
    A x

  12. Hi Hun
    i am pleased all is well with your daughter, what a relief for you both. gorgeous goodies hope you can settle to play with them this week, hugs,have great day, happy WOYWW sue,x (30)

  13. I'm sure your new stash will help to produce some art :) That and knowing your daughter is not as ill as feared......hugs
    xoxo Sioux

  14. Glad to hear your daughter is ok.

    Wow, loving your HA stamps. I've been drooling over the catalogue since it arrived. You'll love that rosette die. You might be interested to know that Tim Holtz is unveiling a new version that does 2 smaller rosettes at the CHA show in the States this week. You know you'll want it when it comes out, I do already!

    I have to ask - what's rock candy??

  15. Great pics!

    Thank you for sharing. Have a great Woyww!


  16. Thanks for your reply & telling me about Rock Candy! I got my wooden pegs from ebay, I'd be happy to get some & post over to you if you like - just let me know (email address is on my blogger profile page)


  17. Thanks for visiting and always being so great about my work. Sorry about your scare -yes...sometimes life just does that kind of thing! IGlad that all is well, hope you can start to relax and enjoy some peace and relief.

    Now you can get into that new stash and get creative!!! Enjoy yourself...
    Sarah (sasa)

  18. Glad the scan results were good, fingers crossed for a swift recovery xx

  19. Have not posted a WOYWW ...just a proud nana one ..but thought I would drop by a few friends.

    Love those stamps ...am green with envey

  20. Really lovely! :D I hope you are enjoying the book? how is everything?

  21. So glad it was just a scare and she is fine - but it will knock you for six (english cricket term means the ball goes to the boundary without bouncing/being touched = takes you to an extreme emotion), and with your recent traveling you are probably still tired.

    Do some therapy with your new stash and just have an unfocused play - also I will of course have the doll video up by the end of the weekend - and that project will cost you nothing ...


  22. Sorry to hear your DD gave you a scare. Lots of awesome new stash! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #59

  23. Glad things went well for your daughter. Things like that make you go hot and cold and you cannot think of anything else. Love the excuses for buying extra stash. Must try that one.

  24. Ooh i just got those same spotty HA stamps too..they are on my desk pic today too...lol
    I use the metric score pal! I got that b4 i even saw the ms one.
    Shaz x

  25. Love the new stash, I need some...I'm soooo greedy. Hope all is okay now, and and a happy WOYWW! Haven't got aMS score board have one of those Crafters companion cases...so glad I didn't buy it, but it is useful!

  26. I'm glad the tests came out well for you and your daughter. I completely understand how the creative flow stalls when a child is not well. It becomes the only thing that matters.

    Congrats on your purchases. I already had the scorepal by time MS came out with hers. Its a great tool and I find I reach for it all the time.

    Happy WOYWW!
    CaroleB #135

  27. Yummylicious goodies! Hope all goes well with your daughter.

    Thanks for the peek and sharing. Hugs, Marjo #7 Happy WOYWW

  28. those stamps look lush

    thanks for the peep

    Judie xx 158

  29. You always have such lovely things to show us! What fab new stash!

  30. i have GOT to get that paper rosette! Love all of your "goodies"

    Thanks for stopping by and have an art-filled day today sweetie :)

  31. So glad your daughters scan was ok - its does take a time for the worries to subside though - you have some lovely stash so I am sure it will not long before you are crafting again - I can understand the need to hug - as hugs make the world go round in my mind (ok I am a little crazy but it makes my kids hug me lol) ~ Nicky 17

  32. Good heavans that is the scariest thing - when your child is sick and you don't know whats wrong! I remember before my DD was diagnosed with epilesy and had to go for all sorts of tests, The devil told the most horrible things. She had 'brain cancer' and she was dying were the worst. I was so grateful it was 'only' Epilepsy wheb it was finally diagnosed that we never looked back! 20 Years later and she is a National Sports star and a teacher and lives a very full life in spite of her disease.
    Hope your DD is fine very soon.
    Enjoy your new stash.
    Tertia 137

  33. Hi Dolores, so glad all is ok with your daughter :-)
    Actually I don't have the Hero Arts catalogue, don't think I've got any of their stamps either. The one you bought are lovely.
    I don't used score boards but if I were to do another accordian type storage file it would be very useful. The only one I have which I bought a few years ago isn't a true right-angle so if I score a card in half I have to chop a little bit off the ends to correct it :-/
    Anne xx

  34. Great to hear your daughter is ok - stash looks fab!