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Wednesday, May 18, 2011

WOYWW, 18th May 2011

Good morning my dear friends!

How are you all today?? I hope you are enjoying such lovely sunny weather as we are! It goes up to 28 deg C in the afternoons so it is really nice - I am enjoying my "outside lounge" ( in fact terrace). On the crafty side of things I am very busy although my blog doesn't show it! By the evening when I should put up a post I am so tired I just fall into bed! It is very good that we have this WOYWW because you feel so much part of a community that you just can't miss out - so all of the work gets shown! 
So what have I been doing???? First I will show you 2 cards I have made - one for my friend's birthday - we celebrated her birthday on Monday! And another card that I made for my collegue at work - his birthday is next Saturday - he is a keen cyclist so I worked that theme.....
Here is my friends card.....

And here is the boy card......

I looked on the internet to find some ephemera that would suit the theme and I think I got it right - I stamped the backround -which you can't see much with one of the dylusions stamps - something new in my collection of stamps.....here is my messy desk where you can just about see it...

what you can also see is a decoupaged letter D which I made yesterday at a make and take demo at an art  shop in Ljubljana called PROMETEJ CENTER !
Here is a photo of the group working and our lovely  teacher.....

I now see that I have not taken a photo of a sketch of a face I have been doing to go on my collage I am doing with Donna - I think I will give up on the idea of drawing something myself - I wish I had inherited the talent of my dad who was really good at drawing but unfortunatly those genes did not get passed on ! As his mathematical genius didn't! Huh!  I have been doing a lot more things - also preparing my PiF and a few other gifts but I can't show them as you all know - at least not till the recipient gets them - so for now this is all I will show you for today! 
Later on I will post a recipe for paprikash....so if you are interested in cooking a hungarian national food come back later....
Oh one more thing.....Friday I travel to England and will be staying there for about 10 days - I am going to various events - Sunday I am in Faversham - Kent I will be there at the classic car show with my MG Club from Maidstone - if any of you will be there I would love to meet you! Also I will be in London Monday - going to the Eric Clapton Concert ( my birthday surprise - YIPEEEEE!!!) From next Friday till Monday we are going on an MG trip to Hailing Island ( I hope I spelt it right) but we will probably be cruising around - I will be blogging as much as I can so you will be up to date with all the goings on!
Have a lovely snoop, enjoy your day and be sure that I will have a look at what you are doing!
Lots and lots of hugs,


  1. Great cards - and have a wonderful trip - it sounds busy but exciting!! Look forward to hearing all about it later.

  2. Sounds like it will be a fantastic trip.( I'm a Clapton fan so envy you soooo much) Hope you have fun. I really think you should move to England... it would be easier and we'd all get to see you! Love your cards..
    JoZarty xxx

  3. Great cards. Hope the trip to England goes well....just a shame you aren't visiting the Midlands.
    A x

  4. Have a great trip! How exciting. You've been busy - TFS, loving your projects! #4

  5. Looking forward to your travel entries - Clapton - fab! Lucky you!
    Love your cards, especially the man one - that is fantastically wonderful! #10

  6. oh wish I was off work - I'd come say hello, lovely to meet you on skype, don't give up if you want to draw - it really is a learned skill of technique and practice, it's just most people notice once you get good and do not know about all the years of practice and mistakes...) ps Artists rarely show off their mistakes :-)


  7. It's a messy desk but lovely things come out of it. :) HAve a lovely trip to England. Happy WOYWW!

  8. I've never tried it but love the decopatch look, your letter is very cool x as for the messy desk not so cool, but then who am i to say anything mine is just as bad lol
    happy wednesday x

  9. Have a wonderful trip ... LOVE the desk ... makes me feel erm ... tidy :0)

  10. Love the decoupage look D? It is Hayling Island that you will be going to. It is very nice - I live very close by. Have a great time and enjoy the Eric Clapton concert.
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca (51) x

  11. Great cards and lovely busy desk there. Enjoy your trip over here - I too didnt inherit my dads drawing genes - annoying isnt it! thanks for sharing. Sunshine Girl No. 40

  12. Loved both your cards. Have a wonderful trip and enjoy the concert. Send some of your sunshine here while you're gone, K? Happy WOYWW ;)

  13. Hi ya hun
    fabulous cards, very creative desk, fab piccies, have a safe trip, bring ya cardi its not that warm any more, enjoy Eric Clapton have a lovely birthday day hun, thanks for the snoop, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  14. The cards are wonderful - really great. We aren't enjoying that sort of weather,sadly - I bet your terrace is a tranquil rest place after a long day now. I will keep checking in - Hayling Island isn't so far from me that I couldn't get to you if it was possible with cars, commitments etc!!

  15. Lovey cards D and looks like a fun class. Have a great trip, sounds busy but will be a lot of fun.

    Brenda 84

  16. Have a great trip to England...sounds fun! I love that first card; colors are beautiful. And the decoupaged "D" looks great. Happy WOYWW!

  17. I have sunny weather envy at the moment!! However, last month when I was off work recouperating it was lovely weather!! Lovely cards you have there. Enjoy your trip to the UK. You must come over to lovely Wales next time.
    Looking forward to your recipe!! Nom Nom!! If it is anything like Czech food I know I will like it (hence the CA in my blog address!!)

  18. Have a great trip! Your cards are lovely, I love the flower. HappyWOYWW

  19. Zelo mi je všeč voščilnica za dekle, čudovita rožica jo krasi.
    Srečnica, ponovno potuješ. Lepo se imej.

  20. Your cards are just lovely and I'm very envious of your 28 degrees and outdoor living!!
    Have a great trip to the UK and enjoy all your adventures.
    Hugs Lisa #94