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Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Last minute WOYWW!

Hello everybody!

Sorry I am soooo late, but I must tell you my brain is not working - it is HOT, HOT, HOT here and I just don't feel like sitting at the computer - the little room feels like an oven and well I am ringing wet all day!
Anyway to show you how hot it is I took a picture of the thermometer I have outside on the terrace - this is at 8 o'clock in the morning! 28 deg C!!!!

And this is at 6 o'clock in the evening! 34 deg C!!! 

Imagine what it is during the day! Huh! And I have to go to work too! Sooo that is the reason my desk looks like this.....

yes as you can see all empty! (I have a new camera but I don't even feel like researching its potential - that is why this picture isn't very good!) Well I can show you a bit on both sides where there are a few new things...on the left...distress stains, Faber Castell metallic Gelatos - a big bucket of black gesso

and on the right....a pile of very small canvases and some gems and alpha beads....hehe and a little box of jelly beans....mhmm....there are still some in there.....

and last I have made a card over the weekend for my goddaughter when I could still function.....I have used this stamp before and I really love it for "seaside" cards..... wish I was at the seaside now......oh well.......
Wrapping this up as I can't explain to you how hot it is in here.....sorry for the short and late post but they say it will cool down in the next days so I will try to be more active then!
Have a lovely evening!
Hugs to all of you my dear friends!


  1. We are all enjoying (let's go with that) the heat. We have had one very warm day after the next but because we only get summer for a couple of months in Canada and I'm not a cold weather person I'm not going to complain. I do love your very pretty work area....mine isn't pretty but it's functional

  2. Gosh that is seriously hot. I don't blame you for not feeling creative. Hope it cools down soon.
    A x

  3. I was worried, so glad you posted, now perhaps it would be best to go sit somewhere cool ( in the fridge?) and eat ice cream?, ha ha,


  4. Send some of that heat over here please!! I even have sox and cardigan on as I am so cold!!

  5. Wow! I couldn't cope with temperatures that high. I don't like extremes of heat or cold. You need a fan or air cooler to cope with that. I am amazed your desk still looks so interesting and that you've managed to make a lovely card for your God daughter.
    love joZarty x

  6. That is hot ...definately too hot to do anything ...is it humid too ...that is the worst.

  7. I know what you mean about the heat. It's been bad here too but finally cooled down today so I feel somewhat human again. Your work space looks wonderful. Hope you get back at it soon:)

  8. Res je vroče za znoret - jaz si vzamem popoldan svoj "craft predal" na vrt in medtem, ko se sine igra v peskovniku, se mama igra s papirčki. ;))

  9. Hmm, sem poskusila že parkrat pustit komentar in mi ga sploh ne objavi - da vidim, če bo šlo zdaj?

  10. I moan about the lack of summer here ;in the north of England but when I hear of temperatures like yours I shut up!
    Love all your pinkness but what a shame you cannot enjoy it at the moment. Thanks for sharing your desk with us all. Hugs, #5 Neet x

  11. Glad to see you, but not envying you the heat - we had a couple of days when it was hot (not your hot though!) but luckily now it's back to normal - hope you get crafting when the temperature dips.

  12. Being a true Celtic red haired person, I think I'd suffer in that sort of heat. I feel hot just thinking about it.... That seaside card is just delicious, I'm sure the little girl will love it :) xx

  13. I swear it is COOL where you are. We have topped 38 C several days this month. I KNOW what hot is, and I'm only working in my craft room in the early morning. Any other time, it's too warm. Your seaside card made me feel a bit cooler, at least. So, I hope it cools down for you, because there is no letup in sight on my side of the world.

  14. Ooh I sympathize with you, although we're not quite that hot, but it's getting on for 15 days now with only one decent day where it didn't get too hot. Not good for crafting is it?


  15. i wish we had some heat, but maybe not that much so early in the morning, but your workspace looks very pretty. good luck with the camera they take a while to get used to
    thanks for sharing

  16. Oh my gosh - that's really hot! Love your desk area and the card you made is cute. I still have yours standing on my desk here! Hugs, Di xx

  17. Awesome pics of your desk. It has been miserable hot here too! 17 days with only one day below 100 degrees and that was 99!!! I stay inside and stamp cause the heat makes me sick. Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  18. Love your cute card. Desk looks like a lot of fun things pending@!!. Will have 3 grandchildren later today for their summer visit. We will have 117 heat index this afternoon so it will be inside fun. TOO hot for even the pool. I'm playing catch up Enjoy the week