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Wednesday, August 3, 2011

WOYWW, art journal, and the Mediteranean holiday!

Hi my dear friends! 

I am a bit late posting but I had a rather busy morning and now I finally have a bit free time to do this post! I won't be chatting much - this will be a "photo post".....What will I be showing you??? Well as you all know I was away last week with my friend - we went to the seaside to stay in her daughters house - ahhh I love the Mediterranean....the skies are blue. so is the sea, the air smells of pine trees, rosemary and lavender with a bit of bayleaf on the side - what else do you want??? It can be so inspiring - especially if you are doing art! My friend was all into knitting whereas I decided to make a special present for my daughter - she doesn't read my blog regularly so I think I won't ruin the surprise! Anyway I was making an art journal / memory book for my daughter! This my first attempt at altering a book and using acrylic paints ( well not since I was at school) so you can imagine this was a big step for me! I did do my homework - I talked to the expert on mosh books Donna who gave a lot of excellant advice, I read up a little bit and watched a few videos about using acrylics...bought tons of stuff ( don't ask this month I will be on bread and water ) amoung other things I bought the new Kate Crane double DVD on Art journaling ( some very good advice there too) and well then I started - I took an old book from the library - that was soon to be thrown away I covered the covers in silk paper ( or tissue paper ), cut out pages so I have a bit of space to work my embelishments in - I gessoed the whole book then started with the acrylic paints and "first layer decor" stamps and other home made stuff ....let me show you a bit of my work and also a few photos from my holiday and not to forget my desk from this morning! Did I say this was a no chatting post....sorry!
Here come the photos......
My desk this morning.....

I am now in the fase of writing and decorating my journal so that is what you see on my desk....
Now let me show you my basic work.....
The covers......

And here are a few pages....

I have now stuck photos and other stuff on the pages but it still needs a lot of tweeking - please if anyone has some suggestions I will be very greatful....
And now a few photos from my holiday.....this is the view I had all day long.....
I could get used to that.....

The house we stayed in.....

the huge garden.....

the beach......you just go down the steps from the house and jump into the water.....

Me on the beach - taking a picture of yourself isn't really easy......

and my friend cooking.....

Al fresco dining.....

My friend knitting.....

And me doing my stuff.....

and an arty photo .....

Thanks for hanging in there!
Lots of hugs to all of you....


  1. Wow...what an awesome view!! I bet creative juices could really flow with a venue like that. Thanks for the tour. #76

  2. Your journal is fabulous,(I AM trying to do one, but,no...it not ready to be seen yet!!) Lovely crafty room loos darker pink to me, I must need new glasses! And fab pics! I wish I was there!! Happy WOYWW

  3. Your journal is looking brilliant. Wonderful photos :-)
    A x

  4. I love that art journal/altered book. I taught an altered book class a couple of years ago on blogger. It was a free class, but I kept it a private blog. However, if you would like to "join" the class, there are 14 or 15 lessons. I would be delighted to send you an invitation if you shoot me an e-mail at hfsolutions at juno dot com. The invite would be from Bleubeard and Elizabeth.

    As for the holiday photos? I am IN LOVE! Simply in love. I want to move there.

  5. Good luck with the journal - you will love doing the whole thing. Great pages and how exciting to discover various ways of applying paint.
    Bet you could have got used to living in that house - wonderful in every way and so soothing to be creating with that fabulous backdrop. Thanks for sharing. Hugs Neet #5

  6. Wow - so much lovely stuff to look at in this post! The view, your journal, those pink walls and that lovely white kitchen...! I'm quite envious and I hope you felt refreshed afterwards.
    Helen S

  7. What a lovely gift for your daughter. It was good to share your holiday pics and it looks idyllic... yet another cool place to craft!
    Love joZarty x
    If your DD is going to write/fill in those pages why not give her a lovely pen, to match the cover, with it and make a packet of paper punch outs (put a bit of double sided tape on the back ready for her to peel off) so she can add them as she wishes.

  8. Wow stunning piccies and I love your journal. Looking good! Kim

  9. What a perfect place to have a holiday. Your journal is going to be lovely. Don't forget to show us the finished book. x Jo

  10. Ah Dolores you were born to alter books and make journals, you will now never stop and it is just so wonderful to see your fabulous work, I love it ALL,

    I have just used some of the flowers you made for me - I will blog post it tomorrow...


  11. I love your journal especially the plant ones ...you will know what else to do when you have placed the photos. That last shot is stunning ...so glad you had a great time xx

  12. wow, that looks like a great place to stay! and great journal pages! thanks for sharing! happy WOYWW!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  13. Beautiful photos - looks like you had a glorious holiday - lucky you! Your journal looks wonderful too, can't wait to see it again.

  14. Hmm, I thought I'd commented earlier. Perhaps hadn't woken up properly - love the photos and the journal is looking great. You look so relaxed and happy on your hols too. Di xx

  15. What a gorgeous place for a holiday, you looked so relaxed :D I loved the colours in your journal, bright and beautiful!! xx

  16. Hi D - long time no visit - I've missed reading your posts - they're always so informative and descriptive - I love them... You're journal book is looking good - I haven't the foggiest how you would go on, but I am interested because I would love to do one. Do you basically gesso pages together to make thicker pages? The idea of decorating the covers is really interesting.

    What a lovely view from your friends house - and its so modern inside too - she is such a lucky person. Does she live there or is it her holiday home. Would she like paying house guests???

    I'll return to see how the journal is coming along.

    Take care

    Paula x x x

  17. OMGosh ..I'd love to visit there is looks so serene! Could use that right now! Your journal is awesome and I hope we get to see more of it before it's given to your daughter. She's going to love it I'm sure! Thanks so much for sharing your pictures and journal with us. :D

  18. thanks for the peeks. Looks like a fab holiday. Those scene look fabulous. The altered journal looks like it will turn out great. Have a wonderful day

  19. great post! Love the journal and the pages. Looking at your pages make me wish it were closer to the time for our vacation...well mine cause DH is working, to Mallorca. Sorry I am so late getting around but once again life has interfered with what I want to do! Thanks for sharing. Vickie

  20. Hi Dolores, ooh the holiday pics are fab, wish I'd benn there :-)
    The journal is beautiful, perhaps you could add some fancy threads round the spine with some beads and or charms.
    Anne xx