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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

WOYWW, very late but it is Christmas time so who isn't busy????

Hello my dear bloggy friends!

I am sorry for being soooooo late but I am just so busy making cards and decorations and surfing the internet for recipes and also still going to physio - I am all taped up again - I will be going back to work on Monday so they are trying to do anything that would make me feel comfortable at work! Eh well I won't be comfy but at least I will earn some dosh ! 
Anyway getting to the point I have quite a few photos to show so enjoy the snoop......first up my really messy desk...everything is on there I can't move!.....

and now a few things I have made lately......I bought some vintage postcards from Freubel Art and  also found some free ones on the internet and made some vintage cards....here are a few....

 Here are a few of my cards that are not vintage.....wreath....

One with buttons and felt....

Hero arts cars and houses background......

And Artemio trees 2 different ways - my first ever use of snowtex!

and last but not least my altered cd - Christmas decoration..... I am really proud of this one......

the ribbon has angels on all the way to heaven...... sorry the picture is a bit bad - my camera just died ( well the battery did!)

So that is it for today - I still have loads of cards to make - I think in January I will close the doors of my craftroom and not go in for a while! Why does this always happen to me??? Every year I make a resolution that I will not make cards the last week and well it isn't the last week but it sure will be in a few days and I am still at it!! Huh!!!!
Have a lovely snoop around the worlds crafty desks and enjoy the Christmas holiday spirit! (he, he I didn't mean eggnog!!!)
Lots and lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. Hi. I love all the cards you've been making. I have posted mine today and so many of mine needed a large letter stamp so I'm feeling rather cross. Next year I will make sure I put nothing on it to make them too fat :-)
    A x

  2. Wow you have been busy that's lots of cards and they are lovely. Elaine

  3. Oh poor you, never mind we keep going dont we, lol. Love the trees they're fantastic
    Bit late getting on this week due to various disasters, but belated happy WOYWW
    Lou #102

  4. Wow - your cards are amazing - how busy you must have been. Have a wonderful Christmas. x Jo

  5. good to 'see' you. i also got an update from Jo, as she skyped you - i was worried about your leg, glad that you are getting back to work, despite not yet being 100% right, see you next week,


  6. Do you know Cardarian, I think your card style has changed since we first 'met'...really they've always been lovely, but they've really developed. Am hoping that returning to work wont be too uncomfortable, be a good girl and keep up with the exercises! Love the CD, and the ideals the angels all the way to heaven. You have been so busy! Xx

  7. I love your vintage cards...lovely. That is a great idea to make decorations out of old CD's.

  8. You have been busy!!

  9. beautiful cards you are making! Love the vintage feel to them! Hope you get better soon. Pain isn't a good thing! Have a great week and Happy Holidays! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #35

  10. Fantastic cards! If it helps, there's some tail chasing going on here too :) Happy WOYWW and get well soon. Di xx

  11. Wow, so many gorgeous cards - I don't know which I like the most, they're all so lovely!
    Glad to hear your leg's getting better but don't go mad at work next week :)
    Hugs, LLJ '#34 xx

  12. Beautiful cards, you have been busy, have a great week, and take it easy going back to work, Huga May x x

  13. Your cards are INCREDIBLE, dear D. They are so beautiful and sophisticated. I can see why that CD is so special. It is lovely.

    I hope the first few days back at work will be tolerable, and that you will be able to settle into a routine that doesn't hurt.

  14. I'm very late getting round the WOYWW desks this week but had to tell you I love your vintage cards, especially the first blue one, so pretty.
    Ann B

  15. Ooooh! Such gorgeous cards... you certainly have been busy! I really hope you manage OK going back to work ... take it easy!
    I'm home early from my holiday, due to the dreadful weather, so I'm home Friday, tomorrow if you want to Skype after 7 pm.
    Hugs Jo x

  16. Love the cards, thanks for sharing these gems. I'm late in doing the rounds too, so happy belated WOYWW. xx

  17. Fabulous cards, I'm still making some of mine, I'm always casing my tail...umm..maybe not my tail, that would be weird! Hope you have a great crafty week!
    (Lyn)) Happy late Woyww!