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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

WOYWW, a lovely week with friends and an op!

Hello my dear friends!

I haven't been active much as I had my knee operated on Sunday, just a day after my visitors left! I am doing ok - knee still hurts and it is swollen but if I will be a good girl, put ice on my knee and keep it up on a pillow I hope it will be better soon! 
Here is a post op photo of my knee

and another one - they drill two holes in your knee and clean out all the stuff that has broken off - looks simple but I don't think it is....

So to be honest I haven't done any crafting although I have been reading crafty books I got from Donna and Jo!

I loved the time I spent with Jo and Donna - it was the first time I sat down with crafters and had a right good chinwag about crafty things - also they have brought me so much lovely crafty stuff and taught me sooo much I am really grateful for everything - I had a lovely time and I hope they enjoyed the time here even though it was "stoncking" hot ha, ha.....we also had a good talk about personal things in our lives and I think our bonds are firm and nothing can break them! My love to both you girls!!
I will show you stuff I have done last week and my gifts.....

Here is a book we started making I haven't finished mine yet but as soon as this knee gets better I will be crafting away....we learned how to do backgrounds with starch spray and cling film....

As you can see I got the lovely new summer seasonal distress inks....YIPEEEEEEE!!!!!!! Thank you Jo!!!

Donna made me this gorgeous elephant - I LOVE IT!!!!!!!! It is right in front of my desk when I craft so Donna I will be looking at it all the time....

Look at this butterfly - one Jo gave me - beautiful.....

Here are is just a box full of various things I now have for my crafting - soooo happy....

Here is a page in my altered book that I have started I made under Donnas supervision....I don't know if the lovely layers of color and modelling paste will show but it is amazing I am telling you.....

 and as last a photo of all three of us .....

 Have a lovely week and a good snoop around the desks of the world - I will try to join you as much as I can but doctors orders is not much time on the computer!!!
Love and hugs to all of you...


  1. I have seen the photos by the other ladies, what a beautiful place you live in! Loved the photos, glad you all had such a lovely time. Poor knee, it will soon mend and feel much better - if you do what the Doc says......Happy WOYWw, Anne x #54

  2. What a fab time you all had and such gorgeous crafty activities. Lots of love and best wishes for a speedy recovery x Jo

  3. Get well soon - hope your knee is better soon and you will be back to crafting. Sharon x 103

  4. How lovely to have had a visit from such special friends but a shame you have had to have surgery since their visit. I have had that op twice and I know all too well that the pain is far worse than the tiny holes appear. I really hope it heals soon for you....rest rest rest :-)
    I'm doing a quick blog hop while the twins have their afternoon nap :-)
    Big healing hugs,
    A x #58

  5. I misss yoooouuu,

    will skype later,



  6. Have already visited Jo and Donna's blogs so I know all about the fab time you all had, and I saw both of them on Saturday as well - very tired but still full of fun. You live in a beautiful country.
    Hope your knee is not too painful and that you are soon up and about again and crafting like crazy.
    Ann B

  7. I have seen some lovely photos on Jo's blog that she took of your days out - you did them proud. Your country looks so beautiful. (so do the cakes!) Hope your knee recovers from the surgery soon and you can move around better again. At least you had a good time right beforehand! Much love, Helen, 16.

  8. Jej, jej ...... želim ti hitro okrevanje.
    Dolgočasila se ravno ne boš, ob dobrih knjigah.
    Če utegneš, mi piši na mail, ki je na mojem blogu. Ti bom dala mojo št. ..... je že čas, da se slišiva.

  9. I didn't join in this week but have been poping by a few blog friends ...your poor leg ...you must have been in so much pain. I am so glad you had a great time with the others ...saw the photos ...wow you live in a beautiful country. Take care of yourself and I hope it is a speedy recovery. xx

  10. I laughed when I saw Donna's video and those silly glasses. I really have enjoyed visiting all three of you because it has been a fantastic trip. I felt like I was almost there, too.

    I hope your knee continues to improve. I can't possibly imagine what pain you must have been in. I had a friend who had knee surgery and the day before her surgery, she cried (LITERALLY) with every step she took. When I took her to the hospital, I had to get someone to get her a wheel chair because she couldn't even walk to admissions. I would say you were a real trooper, and to take these gals around must have been fun for them, and I HOPE, fun for you, too.

    Bonding is very important. I'm glad for the three of you. Now get better soon and we'll see you next week!! Happy WOYWW from # 1.

  11. Wow... great pics of your crafty time together on Jo's blog and I watched the video also so funny loved your glasses... rest up now with that knee... wishing you a speedy recovery...Hugs May x x x#8

  12. Some lovely crafting here. Hope the knee recovers well and you can get back to your crafting.Hope you have a good week - Hazel, WOYWW #124 x

  13. I am glad you had a good time with Jo and Donna.
    I hope your knee gets better soon. I was in Austria last week just over the border.

    Carol 146

  14. Tudi jaz ti želim čimprejšnje okrevanje in da bi lahko čimprej dokončala vse začete ustvarjalne projekte.

  15. Wishing you well. It's just not fun to be sidetracked with illness. Enjoyed the visitors blog on your fun times. Great little photos of your projects and sweet little gifts. Happy WOYWW, #98 and truly hope your back to normal soon

  16. Wishing you all the best with your knee op. Lovely to see all three of you having fun crafting and the pics of your country were just gorgeous.
    Sandra @43

  17. So glad you three had the best time - how lovely was that?? Your country is incredibly beautiful, my brother visited there last year and loved it!

    Hope your knee mends really quickly!
    Hugs, LLJ #57 xx

  18. Good crafty books to read when you can't craft sounds perfect. Good luck with your knee and I'm glad you had such a fabulous time before the op.

    cheers, rachel #11

  19. I do hope you are in good spirits after your opp and it sure looks like the girls had fun. Your country in on my list to visit and will be sooner rather than later as I will be going there with my dads girlfriend, not sure when.

    Lovely bunch of goodies that you have to show us, I do hope you get back to crafting soon, it is real good therapy. LOL

    I would love to send you a card, can you please send me your address.

    Cyber Hugs Eliza #11

  20. Upam da bo koleno kmalo boljše in boš lahko nadaljevala z ustvarjanjem!