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Wednesday, May 8, 2013

WOYWW, All new order and a short video!

Good morning my dear bloggy friends!

Sorry I haven't posted last week - I was away visiting my mom - she had a new shower put in her bathroom and once you let workmen in your house you know what happens - the whole house was dusty so we did a big clean up from top to bottom - also cleaned the windows and my brother mowed the lawn and tidyed up the garden. It was nice weather so we had a BBQ one day and in general had a good time! When I came back home I started on a big clean up of my craftroom! It was a lot of work because there has been a mess there for a while and the problem was I just couldn't find things so I decided to make a big change get my act together and really tidy up....here are the results....at the end of the post there will be a little video which I shot this morning so don't have a scare when you see me - it was 6am and I just got out of bed - so no glamourous me ha, ha.....plus this is my first ever video with my little camera that isn't really a proper video camera.....
First some still photos......
Well I have put all my washi tape, special ribbons and most of my jewelry making stuff in tin boxes, you can see my Crafty individual stamps peeking out of a box...the other 2 boxes are also full of stamps - I can't really write down all the different makes but in the black box there are just Hero arts stamps....

In the white box on top I have Paperartsy and Dylusion stamps - the black box holds La Blanche stamps and in that yellowish box I have Papermania, Stampattack, Artistic outpost and a few other companies....

Although this bit doesn't look like it is organized it is - I have sorted all my pencils, brushes, stencils - even when I had order it was never as good as it is now ( I better not mention how many things I have found that I thought I have lost! :-) )
 Here are my TH dies, Sizzix and Spellbinder dies all organized and easy to reach - on top some glues and various mediums for painting....
 And the other side - I finally organized my papers - they are organized by color and use ( stamping papers and crackly and stuff like that) I have also got up to organizing some of my stamps into files - I will show how I did it next time....

And last but not least a short video of my newly organized room - it is not at all anything professional and as I said an early in the morning spur of the moment thing but it is my first go at something like that so have a laugh ....
That is all I have to show for today - I will be visiting you all soon!
Lots of love and hugs to all of you

PS: I am very sorry but my video did not want to upload for reasons that are not clear to me - I am blaming mr. Blogger! Hopefully next time I will be able to show you a video of my craft room!


  1. Wow looks like you have been busy! It's always good to have a good sort out now and again. I do it a couple times of year just so my room doesn't get too organised!!! Take care Zo xx 65

  2. I would blame Blogger too. Have NO IDEA how to help though! Love your new organised self..understand that you've 'found' stuff, I do it a lot. It does look very organised. And pink.

  3. You need to come and sort my room out maybe.... but I am not doing any throwing away...! Can't help with your video either, sorry. Helen, 5

  4. Čudovito urejen delovni prostor imaš,
    lp Tamara

  5. Good luck with uploading the video. I struggled a few times before I managed it....can only upload mine on the lap top for some reason if that helps. Your crafty space looks really fab now. Well done.
    A x # 53

  6. Love when you find things you think you have lost or have completely forgotten that you even had.. Your room is lovely and organised and I am sure will give you lots of crafty fun..
    Sandy :)

  7. Your photos display a wonderfully sorted craft room!!! Well done you. x Jo

  8. shyame about the video. I've had that problem with blogger too. Its such a shame after you have taken the time to take the video

    Great work space, thanks for sharing.

    Have a great week and happy crafting

    Candace #62

  9. Awww. Shame about the video. Did you upload it to YouTube then try to embed it? Although I am pretty sure even Wordpress makes you pay for the video upgrade to be able to LOAD a video directly, but lets you EMBED one from Youtube easily, and free! I'v heard that Blogger limits pretty severely the space you can use for free, so I wonder if size wise it was too big? Of course I don't know blogger :) so I may be talking out my hat, IYKWIM.

    Good luck getting it sorted!

    Happy WOYWW!
    MA (20)

  10. You have been very busy, it is so much better creating in a space that is organised, be proud it look wonderful. Shame about the video maybe next time.

    Hugs Eliza & Yoda 50

  11. wow you are really looking neat a tidy when can you come round to my space. I just need my daughter to go to uni so I can take back my craft room as I am a neat freak and she is soooo untidy.
    Thanks for sharing your desk today, Happy WOYWW hope you have a great week
    Ria #42

  12. Oh, my, oh my! I PROMISE not to mess it up... we'll craft on the terrace instead!! tee hee! I'm sooo excited!!!
    Love Jo x

  13. You've really done some wonderful organizing. Happy crafting #1

  14. I like your storage for your punches. It is a good feeling to have tidy place to create.
    Sue xxx

  15. It is always good to have a sort out if only to find the stuff you've "lost" over the years. I really need to put some labels on stuff in my craft room i spend far to long looking for stuff rather than crsfting! You've done a great job! MMx '72

  16. You obviously have a skill for organising....can you come and sort me out, please :) looking forward to seeing you at the crop... Not long now!!
    Hugs, LLJ 33 xx

  17. I am still writing that letter and it will arrive before I do!!!!! looking forward to seeing you sooo sooon now, caught up with your news Via Jo - BIggest hugs darling girl, keep your chin up,


  18. HI Dolores
    WOW what a tidy room you have made for yourself, so organised. It is amazing how a bit of sunshine can make us all want to spring clean. thanks for sharing
    janet #31

  19. WOW! you really meant clean! Looks great!
    Krisha #20

  20. I love sorting almost as much as stamping!!Thanks for sharing and have a great week!! Ginny#120

  21. Mr. Blogger is a real pain in the butt this week. I hate when it takes forever to load a page, you type a response comment and then it decided to delete it all! I think it has to do with this reader update due to come up next month! Hope you have a great week and thanks for sharing! Vickie #36

  22. Now that looks like a great tidy up of the craft room. I tend to find things I had forgotten all about. Great thing to do if you can spare the time. When in doubt blame Blogger is my current motto.

  23. Happy Very Belated WOYWW. Wow - an amazing tidy up. Looks so organised and pretty now. I hope you can get your video uploaded - excited to see that. Ali x #25

  24. Lovely and tidy, well sorted out Dolores. Hope your visitors have arrived.
    Hugs, Neet xx