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Wednesday, July 10, 2013

WOYWW, In the summer time when the weather is fine...

Hello my dear friends!

I think I am finally back for good - I have had a lot of visitors as you all know and also I have no mojo so there isn't much to show - I have ideas in my head but they don't seem to want to materialise but I hope that this week will be the one when I finally get back to doing stuff!
As it is Wednesday I will show you my desk, but what you will see there is work of other people - not me!
I have been blessed with lovely gifts all summer! When Jo (from Jozart) came she gave me a bunch of lovely gifts - crafty and non crafty! Then I went to the crop where I was given all those lovely ATCs! My DBF gave me a lovely perfume from Paul Smith - Roses and some cash to by stuff at the Artistic stamper ( and yes I have spent it all there!) Next I came home and was sent a lovely package from Janet - Fairy Thoughts  - here is what was hidden in that package! A lovely card and a selection of amazing sequins ( i just desplayed some of them)  which I have been looking for for ages and have now been given! Thank you sooo much Janet - you will soon see them put to good use!

Next up is a picture - actually two pictures from Donna - absolutly love them....here is one side...

and here is the other....

she also painted me a lovely rabbit and other things which I will make into a little book and will show some other time....
And here is another lovely ATC I was sent from Neet from Hickydorums oh I just love this stamp - looks like a Dali painting! Thank you so much Neet!!!

And here is a photo of my boring desk....as you can see I have put together a few things as I have some ideas in my head but for now it is just material and nothing else! I hope Mr. Mojo returns and we will have a happy reunion with lots of lovely makes!

I have a bunch of photos to share and keep on promising I will and I will do it tomorrow! My DBF is visiting and I said to him -" I need to be at home for 2 days to do some blogging" so he said  " go on then"!
Have a lovely week as I hear lots of you are blessed with nice weather - so are we! Not too hot at the moment - just nice summer days! Do you know the 1970s Mungo Jerry song In the summer time??? I found it on YOUTUBE and thought you might all have a little dance..it really catches the essence of summer...

Share your tidy and messy desks at the Stamping ground where our lovely leader Julia is in charge!
Lots and lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. You have so many wonderful things on show on your desk this morning. Hasn't this WOYWW phenominon brought so much happiness into our lives?

  2. What a fab post and lots of super pics for us to see. Have a lovely week. Take care Zo xx 65

  3. Great space and card xx Jan (102)

  4. Great pics and thank you for letting me visit. :-)
    Ah !!!..... Mungo Jerry.... I remember buying that on a 45 :-) You have made me feel VERY old today.... thanks :-D LoL

    Happy WOYWW

    IKE xx #93

  5. Hope your mojo returns soon!! Brigita #99

  6. Oh YES - I jigged ..... a LOT :-D Hahahaha !!
    Thanks for the visit :-)

    IKE xxx

  7. Thanks for the share, you'll be back in the swing of things in no time.
    Krisha #5

  8. Love all the gifts you rec'd. I hope your mojo returns really soon. #7

  9. Wow, yes I remember that- and as I recall, it was a long, hot summer then so it was perfect! Beautiful stuff on your desk, I'm sure it will prod Mr Mojo into life. Have a great week, Hugs, Shaz xx #51

  10. Love all the pics! I hope your mojo returns.

    Katie (103)

  11. Hi again Dolores. There are two versions of the stamp, as I said. http://www.thestampman.co.uk/stampendous---raven-background---cling-rubber-stamp---crr152-14636-p.asp, this is the portrait version,and here is the landscape one:http://www.thestampman.co.uk/stampendous---nevermore---cling-rubber-stamp---crp166-14705-p.asp, Both available from The Stampman.

  12. What great pictures. You do some really great work. I know how it feels to have no MOJO> I've been there once or 20 times. You really are very talented. I've looking through your blog. Have a great wknd. (((HUGS)))
    WOYWW # 6

  13. Love Mungo Jerry's song! Hope you have a great week, and get some crafty inspiration soon! Helen 17

  14. great desk even so. Hope you get your mojo back soon. Anne x #50

  15. Lovely post Dolores, I couldn't get it this morning so that's why I'm late visiting. You certainly have some super stuff on your desk. Your mojo will rush back to be with you when it hears about the prospect of your new craft place. It's got to have a name too... The Art Shack, The Making Place, the Creative Zone.... etc., think one up or run a competition!
    Looking forward to Friday..
    Love Jo x

  16. Hi Dolores
    Glad you liked the sequines plenty more when you need them just let me know. Interested to see what you make with the fimo. Lovely photos
    Have a good week
    Janet @40

  17. Love your space this week, but I think I always say that! Great craftyness from other blogger fans too (Lucky you) Still sending out ATC's so I hope yours has gone too...sure it has. and Still waiting for a few from miles away, love getting crafty post! I have that song somewhere on my blog... can't remember why now, but it always reminds me of the summer!

    have a great week, happy woyww!
    ((Lyn)) #11

  18. Wowser - great cards, really funky
    and great music too :-)

  19. I've tried to follow your journeys. So glad to see you having so much fun. Of course, on your desk, I really like the cards. You do such fantastic work. Thanks for already visiting me. I'm a bit pokey this week.

  20. Love the song, takes me back ..it really does..to long lazy summers when the most difficult decisions were to argue with my sisters or play outside! Your DBF is agem. I firmly believe tha tyou need routine before the old Mojo slips back to play, so don't panic..it will come. Your gifters are so generous..it's because you spread love my gal.

  21. Sounds like you've been having the best of times though, so you've not been busy in the craft room for a very good reason. Plenty of time to get back in to it again. We've just broken the back of the rain, thunder and humidity. Three weeks of it was way too much. It's now beautiful and sunny, not too hot and cooler at night. Perfect! Have a wonderful weekend.

    Brenda 3