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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

WOYWW 257, ATCs done and a 2 cards!

Hello my dear bloggy friends!

I am here on WOYWW again, missing out last week - still I am trying and getting better! This week is my last post from Slovenia, I will be in England for 3 weeks so my posts will be from there! I am flying over tomorrow with my DBF and we are driving from the airport towards Liverpool where we will meet up with my dear friend Jo from Jozart in Liverpool the next day! Also on the Saturday meeting up with Donna from Doings of Doone! Ah what joy! Sooo looking forward to this!As you can see I will be packing tonight and probably won't be able to get back to any of you but I know that next week when I am at my "home" in Kent I will be able to get back to all you kind people who comment on my blog!
So what is on my desk - well I don't have a picture of my really messy desk because I forgot to take it this morning but I do have photos of things I have been making on that desk! 
First order of business ATCs....I will be sending some off to people I know will not come to the crop! I will be giving some personally to people I will be meeting and hopefully I will be able to give some to Julia and Lunch Lady Jan ( who I will try to meet in Wiltshire if they will have time - they don't know about it yet but we will see) who will give them away at the crop which I will unfortunately not be able to attend this year! So sad as I really love to go to this crop! Still in the very near future I will be spending more time in England so going to crops and card marathons and all sorts will be much easier! More on what is happening in another post!
Here are photos of my atcs....this year my theme is flower die cuts on stamped and self made background!
I couldn't do all of them one by one, so there are five of them on each photo - I am not sure if I have enough - 25 at the moment but I might have to make more....

Here are a few  close ups....

Ok then next up are 2 cards I have made - one is a birthday card for my friend who's birthday is one day after mine and I won't see her because I am away!

and as last my cousins daughter has her Confirmation on Saturday and here is the card I made for the occasion....

So that is all my dear friends from Cardarian's happy place! See you all soon!
Lots of hugs to all of you,


  1. Hi Cardarian, happy WOYWW. Your ATCs look fabulous, lovely and bright and flowers I love. Cheers and have a great week RobynO#68

  2. Your ATC's are amazing! Just lovely tiny works of art. I still haven't tried to make one, I am not sure why I am so intimidated by them! I think it is the mini size. Your cards turned out lovely too. Winnie#50

  3. Yay, happy dance!! I didn't think we were going to get to meet up this time :-) Let me know when you're down in the area and we'll try and arrange something!
    Your ATCs are stunning, btw, completely and utterly gorgeous, like little jewelled stained glass windows.
    Hugs, LLJ 2 xx

  4. What a lovely bunch of atc's . They must of took you ages to make. Happy woyww Jill #13

  5. Oh what a shame we won't see you this year - I was getting all excited when you said you were flying over! Love the atc's though, you've been very organised (unlike me!) Helen 13

  6. Oppa, to pa je voščilnic na meter :)! Super so in všečkam vsako posebej. Dober let in super obisk :)

  7. To pa je objava in pol,
    kako si bila pridna in ustvarjalna
    zelo so lepe
    težko bi izbrala samo eno.
    Lep pozdravček Tamara

  8. Lovely - so you! And fab we will see you at the crop. Looking forward to it - have a great trip!

    Happy WOYWW! Getting back to it now my connection has come back :)

    Mary Anne (1)

  9. Hi Dolores
    great ATCs I hope you save one for me. I'm not able to come to crop but hopefully Julia will be able to swap some for me. might you be in Winchester at all I would love to meet up with you again.... this is where I work but it is a beautiful old city.
    let me know if you think you might
    happy Wednesday and safe trip
    janet #31

  10. Your atcs are absolutely beautiful, and anyone who gets one will be very lucky! Have a wonderful time in the UK. Chris # 47

  11. Hi there! Sorry you won't be at the crop, will miss seeing you! Have a good trip, Cindy #36

  12. Lovely atc... I am sure you are going to have a wonderful time in the UK.
    Sandra @41

  13. They are so lovely - I hope we can swap again this time! Enjoy your stay over here. x Jo

  14. What a lovely post this week. Trust you have a simply great time here in Britain - doing everything you want to do; and seeing everyone you want to see.
    Travel safely,
    Margaret #29

  15. Sorry I am so late visiting not sure where the week had gone so having a quick fly round the desks before we start again, thanks for sharing enjoy your time in Blighty - Nicky 11

  16. it was so very good to spend time with you and Jo, and Ilove my ATC - thank you, speak soon, dx

  17. love you loads, so good to have seen you, dx