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Wednesday, May 25, 2016

What? 7 years? Huh! We have done well! Congrats to everybody on WOYWW!!!!!

My dear WOYWW friends! 

What a lovely anniversary! Thank you a million times to Julia who started this lovely thing - it initially started as just a desk surfing nosing around thing but turned into this amazing friendship and supportive gathering! Yes we still show our desks, yes we still nose around, look and admire each others work but we also listen to each others problems and support each other! Lets send a lot of positive energy to Julia our Queen who needs our support now! And lets say a big thank you to our stand in lovely host Jan! 
It seems appropriate  that my new craft room was finished just around the 7 year WOYWW festival! I have added new things since my last post - I keep on improving and tweeking trying to make the room as practical as possible...
So here is my desk......

I have been making ATCs to mark this occasion but I am not showing them as I did on the last post but it seems lots of other ladies kept them secret so I am doing that this time too! I will show you a card I made for my 82 year old auntie!

My new IKEA cupboard - it doesn't look big but it certainly takes a lot of stuff - all my cling and clear stamps have a new home in there.....

Buttons and washi tape in my jars.....

Here are my sprays, and all sorts of coloring mediums....

I will show more of the organisation of my stash in my next post - I don't want to keep you busy nosing too long as it is a special day and we need to visit each other on a massive scale!
My last photo is my little mate - it is a stray cat - she comes and goes but seems to have taken to our garden and as she had her meal I left out for her, I took a picture - she happily posed! Unfortunately you can't get close to her as she runs away......

Have a happy WOYWW 7 anniversary, keep on crafting, keep on posting when you can and thank you to everyone who visits my blog and comments - I try to get back to you but many times fail to do so...sorry I will try to get better! Many thanks again to our lovely Julia who started this madness - oh what fun it is!
Lots of love and hugs to all of you
P.S. If you want an ATC leave a comment on my blog and I will contact you to ask you where you want it sent! I have made many extra ones so there is a lot to go around!


  1. New craft room is looking good! Lovely card as well. Hope you are well, Happy Anniversary!! Cindy #48 xx

  2. Hey Dolores! It's you and I to swap - and I'd love one of yours in return.... xx

    I have some serious storage envy now you have your new craft room!

  3. Oh Dolores! Your craft room looks amazing! Love the card and look forward to seeing what else you create in there! Hugs, Chrisx 55

  4. Happy 7th WOYWW Dolores! I'm so happy that we got to meet in person at the crops, your hugs are legendary!! I'm in love with your beautiful new craft room, all those cupboards and drawers are fantastic. No wonder you're producing such gorgeous work!
    I'll swap ATCs with you, if you have any spare ����
    Hugs, LLJ xxxx

  5. Hello Sweet Lady! and Happy 7th WOYWW Anniversary... I hope you are having as much fun today as I am peeking into everyone's space. I LOVE your Ikea cabinet... and all the storage tips you shared. I would LOVE to swap ATCs with you so please do e-mail me at scrapbooklynne(at)hotmail(dot)come or send me your address through my contact form on my blog and I will send you mine back (she says smiling). Scrapbook Lynne Mizera WOYWW #58

  6. Beautiful card. I'm sure your auntie will love. Your room looks amazing. Love the white. It's what I chose for mine.

    Happy WOYWW anniversary
    Sharon K #43

  7. Your new craft room storage is fabulous! don't forget you have allthat lovely stash put away though (I fear i would; that's why I like mine all around me; although shelves would be good!! ) Happy WOYWW Helen #11

  8. Oh Dolores I LOVE your craft room! No matter how hard I try I can't get my storage quite right ... can still craft away though so all is not lost! Would LOVE to swap ATC's with you ... if you want to email me your address I will get one in the post to you - philarock@aol.com. Happy WOYWW'ing! Love to you, Debbie #18 xXx

  9. Now those plain empty shelves, I saw a few weeks ago, are buzzing with craftiness and look like they are your very own. Perfect!
    Jo x

  10. I am determined to get round all the desks in celebration of the fun we have with all our mad WOYWW friends so here I am! A lovely anniversary post Dolores. Happy 7th WOYWW anniversary - here's to many more! x Jo #19

  11. Hi Dolores, love your room, and I too have a lot of IKEA stuff in mine, I think it's great. Gorgeous card for your aunt. Isn't you stray visitor sweet? I have sent you an ATC, I had your addy from last year. If you need mine, just let me know. Happy 7th, and have a great week, Hugs, Shaz #8xxx

  12. Love your craft room! coordinating colors all the way to the drawer knobs!
    Happy anniversary!!
    Have a great day.
    Diane - WOYWW #2

  13. Hey! Looks like your having crafty fun!! What a wonderful and so tidy space you have! I just haven't found the time to get out to everyones space this week - as usual ;-) Wishing you a wonderful and happy 7th Anniversary. I enjoy desk hopping and hope to see more of your wonderful space again soon!
    Michelle #54 ♥

  14. Hello Dolores, I'm sorry I haven’t managed to comment earlier, once again life got in the way! However, I have promised myself to get round all the desks this week to celebrate our 7 years of WOYWW friendship - so here I am. I so know what you mean by the eternal round of housework and gardening ... it is neverending and leaves so little time for crafting and blogging! I'm delighted to learn that you will be sending me an ATC. I will email you shortly with my postal address. Have a great weekend, Elizabeth x #66

  15. Hey, thanks for coming over to mine. Your new craft room looks incredible! I like your storage solutions. That kitty doesn't look stray - well fed and nice and clean. He probably gets two dinners, LOL! We used to feed out neighbour's cat and it was like she was ours, until they moved and took her with them. But now we have our own! I've emailed you my address! Have a good weekend! zsuzsa #42