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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

WOYWW 9th Anniversary! YIPEEE!!!

My dear bloggy WOYWW friends!

I am sorry I haven't been around this year! Yes my only blog post was on the 3rd of January! I have been struggling with a lot of pain - my knees are really bad - there is no cartilage so it is bone on bone and I have been rejected for the operation because of my BMI. So now I am going swimming every morning and trying to get that weight down so I can have the operation! Blogging was something that was hard for me to do but I think I might get up to it again! Still I have never stopped crafting! I make cards and all sorts of other things and that is a big joy in my life! 
It is the 9th WOYWW anniversary today! I haven't been posting on WOYWW from the beginning but my first post was on the 24th February 2010 so I have been around for quite a while! I have been to almost all the WOYWW crops and have met lovely people and now have very good friends thanks to Julia's WOYWW! Thank you Julia for starting this amazing thing! I must mention that because of being part of WOYWW my crafting has evolved and got better and better - I now have no fear of trying anything crafty!
I will show a few of the things I have made recently and yes I will be sending ATCs to anybody who wants one as I have made lots of them !
I have made an art book for my friend Donna for her birthday - it came a bit late but she did recieve and I can show a few photos....

These are just a few pages....

Then I made a birthday card for another friend...

And something I am really happy to say was that together with Jo my friend we made a quilt for a little girl that has a tumor in her head that is affecting her eyesight and she is having chemo therapy to reduce the tumor and they are hoping she will get some of her eyesight back....

and it goes in this cute bag....
So there that is some of the things I have been doing! I will try to be a good girl and blog more often ..Have a lovely week and a crafty celebration of the 9th WOYWW anniversary!
Love and hugs to all 


  1. Hi there. Good to see you today. Happy 9th anniversary. I'm sorry you have been struggling so much. I do hope the swimming helps to relieve the pain as well as the BMI. You have made some beautiful things this year - well done.
    Take care. God bless.
    Margaret #9

  2. Happy 9th Anniversary to you. I'm hoping to pop round to visit everyone this week....depending what work comes through my door of course.
    It's good to see you joining in today. I love the book you made and that quilt is stunning.
    Here's hoping we can all enjoy many more happy years of fun and friendship.
    Annie x #1

  3. Hi Dolores, I would love to swap with you! I still have your addy.WOYWW has brought me many friends too, and meeting You & Alan has been amongst the joys Julia's creation has brought us. So hope you can get your op soon, Happy 9th Birthday, Have a lovely week, Love & Hugs, Shaz #6 XxX

  4. Hi welcome back and Happy Anniversary! I'm your "forward" person. I couldn't find a link to your email address, so email me at kmcyoung@yahoo(dot)com with yours so I can return an ATC, and I'll also send my address. The birthday book is fabulous, as is the quilt. I hope you have a wonderful week.
    -K #31

  5. Great cards and happy to see you back. Hoping the pain can be erased and you soon feel better.
    Monica #35

  6. Happy 9th Anniversary lovely gal, I'm so glad our paths crossed via WOYWW, it's been fun to get to know you a bit more, admire your crafting and learn more about Slovenia! I'm so sorry to hear that your op has been refused, in fact, it makes me mad. Was that in the UK or Slovenia as I remember you telling me you may have the op over there? I hope that the swimming etc is helping with the weight loss - it's something I struggle with so I send you all my love. The little quilt and bag are lovely and what a great cause too.
    Hugs LLJ 2 xxxx

  7. so sorry to hear about the pain you've been having - hope the swimming helps with the weight loss and they can operate before too long. You have been very creative though, some gorgeous projects. Helen #4

  8. Isn't this group fabulous? I love the book you made for your friend, especially those cute birds. The quilt is lovely. I hope you manage to get your operation soon so you aren't in pain any more. Happy anniversary. Sarah #14

  9. Happy WOYWW 9! I do hope you can get your knees done soon - it was like a little miracle when my little sis had her knee done. Take care. Lovely quilt - you are a treasure. xx Jo

  10. Hi dear. I was so glad to see you are still crafting, even with the knee pain. I am glad to read that you and Jo are spending time together. That quilt and bag are beautiful and for such a worthy cause, too. Good for you.

    I loved the book you made for Donna. I would love to get in contact with her, but I haven't heard from her much since she moved to France.

    SO good to see you back at Julia's. Hope you are enjoying the WOYWW party. Happy 9th anniversary from #13.

  11. Oh Dolores, you are a highlight of WOYWW and Crops, this meeting strangers off the internet is really such a nice thing for us! I love the crafts that you’ve been doing - as busy as ever! Keep up with the swimming and BMI reducing, you aren’t alone in the effort and believe me, post operatively it will help you recover so much faster too. Worth it in the long run.HUge hugs.xx

  12. Crafting has a way of making the pain slightly bearable. I'm glad you are still doing what you can. Your book for your friend, Donna is amazing. I'm sure she just love it! Happy 9th anniversary and hope to see more of your posts. Dorlene #40

  13. Sorry to hear you've not been feeling to good. Loving the journal pages especially the birds. Happy woyww anniversary my friend. Angela x20x

  14. HAPPY Woyww #9 . Ouch that sounds very painful with your knees May you get your operaton soon and get that bmi down. Hugs Nikki 10

  15. Happy Anniversary not taking part this year but am trying to visit everyone who has posted.
    Sorry you are pain I know what it is like I had a hip replacement three years ago and had to lose weight I managed it - 20 kgs in all. Ani #3

  16. Happy 9th Anniversary, so sorry to hear of your pain, wishing you all the best and that the swimming will do the job intended and help you move towards the treatment you need. Your art work and stitching in a wonder to see and must be a great comfort to you just as i'm sure it is to those that have been lucky enough to receive. Thank you for sharing WOYWW.
    Creative wishes Tracey #18

  17. So good to catch up with you again. I'm very late posting, but had sometime. It's been a mess here for our farming, Rain, Rain wind, more rain as I visit. Thanks for sharing the great art you've been working on. Congrats on doing the swimming it is one of the best exercises that keep you away from muscle strain. Keep positive and the weight will come off and things will improve for you. Glad to see you have gotten into more crafty goodness too. Take care I have missed seeing you about.