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Wednesday, July 15, 2020


Good afternoon friends! 

I am late posting! I didn' t post last week as I forgot it was Wednesday! That is what being retired or in lockdown or old age does to you! Huh! Anyway today's being late has a reason - I have been making a card - I will explain but first my desk which this morning looked like this - I would say fairly tidy...

two hours later this was what it looked like......

People who have seen my cards over the years know I am this straight forward background, focal point, A2 or C6 kinda gal. No fancy folds or anything like that. But since being in lockdown I have ventured into new things ( what can you do in this boring boring time?!?). As you saw recently I have made a peek-a-boo card and today I tried an easel card. I of course couldn't do it myself so I bought these dies from Tonic studio - it says they are for a three tier easel card - I couldn't be bothered  - even one tier was a lot of work! You have to get the "mechanism" right then decorate it then cut an extra bit so you can write the card - honestly I will only do this kinda card for my daughter or mother! No chance this would be rolled out more often!
Still here is the result.....probably not as Tonic studios intended it to be but "it is my way" (remember Frank Sinatra singing this?)

So that is my big project of the week...
I also played with brushos....made 2 cards similar but different.....

I never get tired of brushos exploding over the paper when you spray them with water - fantastic!
This card was for a friend who's cat died recently...she has lots of health problems and the cat was her life line really...she was really happy with the card and said she will always treasure it....very simple card ....cat paws and 2 poinent sentiments for someone who loves cats....

This card I made for my daughter just something to give her a bit of support for her recent studies...

And as last 2 ATCs....I am slowly building up my ATCs...want to have some ready to send off ...

I have started on a new needle felting project but I can't show it yet ...because it isn't finished and I am waiting for some curly wool to arrive...watch this space....
I leave you with a photo of 2 wood pidgeans have a kiss on the wire....love everywhere....

Have a lovely week , I will be around for a snoop and of course don't forget to link up to Julia's Stamping ground!
Love and hugs to all,


  1. All your cards are really lovely Dolores but I really love those brusho background cards - honestly, if I was a serious card maker, those are what I would buy, I think they give a great effect. I like the experiment card as well but the fact that you did your own thing made me laugh - as Julia will tell you, I'm a great one for going off piste, lolol!!
    Hugs LLJ 3 xxx

  2. Really lovely cards - I love a bit of Brusho! Can't wiat to see your new felty project. xx Jo

  3. Hi Dolores, hope you & Alan are both keeping well. Love the card, well worth the hard work. I too rarely wander off into fancy folds, I think shaker cards have been my most ambitious, lol. The other cards are gorgeous, Brushos are so spectacular, I agree. Stay Safe, have a lovely week, hugs, Shaz #7 X

  4. Wow! You have been busy haven't you. I love the butterfly card and I love the brushos card - what did you use for the little clear drops? They really make it pop. Happy WOYWW. Take care and stay safe. With love & God Bless, Caro xxx (#1)

  5. I love the cards! I don't do fancy folds either! have a good week and stay safe. Helen '17

  6. What a lot of beautiful cards! You have been very busy. And I think a lot of us are relying on WOYWW to give some structure to these endless weeks! Happy WOYWW, stay well, stay safe, Cindy #11 xx

  7. Those are all super cards - love the one for your daughter and the ATCs! Liked the before and after photos of the desk too...
    Stay safe and keep well! Happy woyww! Susan #15

  8. that's not a card - thats loads of cards and all fab!! No wonder you were late - just as well . I am late getting round to commenting. Have a lovely week ( hope it doesn't go too fast) Soojay #22

  9. Fab cards Dolores, particularly the Brusho backgrounds. A tip for easel cards. Whatever size card blank you are using, fold the front in half for the base and cut a piece the same size as the front for the decorative panel, then you just need to cut a strip to use along the inside of the card to stand the easel up. Stay safe and happy belated WOYWW. Sarah #5

  10. You might have been late posting but I'm even later still visiting, just got tied up with stuff this week. Loving the cards and you're right just do it your way. I'm sure that's what you're meant to do anyway. Have a lovely crafty weekend and a happy belated WOYWW, Angela x14x

  11. What gorgeous cards. The cat one is very touching and I am not surprised your friend is treasuring it. I'm so sorry her kitty died - I know exactly how she must be feeling. Well done branching out into "fancy fold" cards! I've never made an easel card. I usually just make plain folding ones too.

    Sorry for the late visit. My week has run away with me in favour of my new addiction - my latest cross stitch project which I can't put down!

    Happy belated WOYWW,
    Shoshi x #8