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Wednesday, February 17, 2010

What is on my desk???

I said I would be back with a card but it hasn't materialised yet as I have been away from home all day.....there are a few more things I have to do before I can sit down, relax and enjoy cardmaking....still I will participate in WOYWW (What is on your workdesk Wednesday?)- it is my first time but because I love to nose around other peoples desks I think it would be only fair for me to show mine.....you won't see a project just a few new things I just bought....new glue rollers - I am buying those by tons, my new copics ( I just bought a few new very nice colors)  are sticking out of the pot - ha, ha it is obviosly getting too small for my Copic madness.....and loads of punches which I have prepared for my next project....also a big mess on my printer....so that is it....I will show more next Wednesday - uh this is fun!


  1. Hi Cardarian (would love to know you real name), I spy some MS punches on your desk and I LOVE the colour of your walls. In your previous post you put you didn't know what bloghopping was - its when you go on one blog that leads you to another, then another etc - hopping from blog to blog, hence bloghopping.

    Thats how i've made some lovely blogging friends and i'm sure you will too.

    Well done on winning your first challenge. What a great feeling you must have got!!!

    Welcome to WOYWW - great to be able to visit you.

    Paula x x x

  2. love all your punches - very nice. Welcome to blog land. Blog hopping is just visiting everyone's blogs - you hop from one to the other - I hope I have explained that ok!
    well done on your first challenge win too.

  3. Hello Cardarian and welcome to the madness! Love the colour of your walls and your lovely new stuff. Looks like good old Martha is going for world domination!


  4. Nice MS punches, and your ribbon holder will cause a lot of oohs we're very much into these on WOYWW; mainly because we all think everyone elses holders better thn ours. Hugs Pam

  5. Now then - welcome to WOYWW - now you've done the first one, it's easy! Your desk looks very inspiring; and yes Cardarioan, you already NEED a new Copic pot - so while you're out, get two more; it is an addiction! You got a thing for punches too, I see! Now, are you bi-lingual or is there a clever translate thing on your blog....?

  6. A great desk and fabulous wall colour X

  7. LOL! I love your Copic pot! I don't have that problem as I only have 8 so they actually look quite sad in their pot! I'm in love with the colour on your walls.! Yum!

  8. I love your pink walls! Very pretty color.

  9. hmmm - you definitely need more space for your copics!!! And I reckon you need a rack for all those punches hanging around!!