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Wednesday, May 26, 2010

WOYWW week 51!

Hiya Girls!

I am so busy these days, yesterday I thought when I come home I will make some cards but nothing happened! What I did manage to do is some of my WOYWW anniversary project! I have to finish it today because tomorrow I am off to England and I won't be back till next Tuesday - so I will just about catch next weeks anniversary - fingers crossed there will be no ashes floating around so I can get home! I probably won't be able to visit much of you today because I will be busy packing but I promise I will try to get around to as much of you as possible!
So my dear nosy girls would you like to see what is on my workdesk this week ???? Ha, ha I won't show you my project so that will be covered but you can see the rest of my very messy desk!
Lets swing to the right! My punches are all over the place - poor Mr. Don Key is sqeezed amoung them - he is not very happy because some of you thought he was a mouse  the other week which was a big insult to him! But he will survive - he, he life is tough even for donkeys! Also in the background on the printer you can see a big pile of papers - I am a messy beast!

In the middle is my WOYWW project covered with some lovely new paper I bought the other day.....

And swing to the left......more papers I bought the other day and some cards and cardstock - all there with the rest of the junk ( a bag of sweets I polished off - why do I do that????? )...oh yes important - in the front you can see my MS punch around the page set - I didn't have the corner loop one before - that is my new purchase and my first punch around the page set ! 

Oh and I musn't forget - the day after the funeral of my daisy punch the new one arrived so I am now happy and complete ha, ha :-)

So thats all on my desk....and now a quick update - some of you have been asking where I will be going on  my trip to England - I think I mentioned before I am a proud member of the Maidstone MG owners club! (not that I actually own an MG) Every year about this time we go for a trip somewhere with the old bangers ! This year we are going towards Suffolk - we stay at the Warners and wizz around varios places with our MGs - it is a fun weekend - we dance away in evenings too! I will take photos and blog about the trip.....
This will be my ride for the next few days.....

There - another secret revealed! 
I will see you all next week my lovely friends!
Hugs to all of you


  1. Have a safe and fun trip. Glad to hear you'll be back in time for WOYWW 52. Sounds like a lot of fun with the MG, though.

    I love that beautiful paper you showed in the second picture. It is gorgeous. I've never seen any like it before.

    Have a great week, a fun trip, and happy WOYWW.

  2. It all looks lush the paper is very yummy. have a safe trip look fwd to the reveal nest week

    Love Dawn xx

  3. Your desk looks fabby as always. Glad the new punch arrived so quickly. Have a safe journey. See you when you get back. Have fun.xx

  4. Thanks for showing us all this loveiliness! have a great trip.

  5. Gorgeous papers Cardarian. Poor Don Key, never mind as you say life can be hard even for a donkey. Sounds like a wonderful time ahead in England, look forward to seeing the pics :) I do hope you make it back for the big one next week ;)
    Anne xx

  6. Hiya

    fab space! I do love that pink! have a lovely trip.


  7. so relieved that you managed to get a new daisy punch... what a relief! And more too!!!

    Great car - and lovely to hear you are coming back to the UK... if you get the chance to come over to Derbyshire - let me know - you'll always be welcome.


    Paula x x x

  8. hooray for the punch I'd hate to be with out any of mine love your layout, very pretty and just love that donkey! Have a crafty day

  9. glad your daisy punch arrived, didn't give you too much time to grieve for the old one lol Poor old Don, hope his feelings aren't crushed too much lol

    have a wonderful,glorious trip and take lots of photos.x

  10. Oh my - messy you ain't and how intersting that you covered the WOYWW project with such FAB paper - how gorgeous! I have the loopy border punch (not the corner thing though, I'm too mean!) - have used it and used it..great stuff. Have a happy MG week then gal, hope to see you next week - but don't be stressing - it's never too late to WOYWW!

  11. Thanks for coming by this morning. I LOVE my new MS score board and am really really pleased I talked myself into buying it. i've already made tons of stuff that i would have had to hand measurre and score. it's so quick and easy. I'm liking the look of all your MS punches. i think i might have ti get the ladybug corner punch she makes :)

  12. Lovely new papers. My first car was an MG Midget I loved it, we also had a new one a couple of years ago but it wasn't practical with 2 kids even as a 2nd car. Have a fab time hugs Pam x

  13. Ooo...LOVE the papers, MS punches ...AND that MG! *Ü* Have a wonderful trip and I shall look forward to seeing your photos on your return. I shall look out for you as you pass and give you a wave! LOL. Have fun and thank you for visiting my blog and leaving me luvverly comments. Much appreciated. ~Glen~

  14. Have a lovely time in that great car. Very stylish. Can remember them new!!!!! Oh dear Hugs BettyXXX

  15. Lovely craft space, yours is the first place Ive seen sweeties other than at mine!!

    Enjoy your trip!

    Keryn :)

  16. Never mind your desk - what a fab MG - we had a white one like that. Hubby sold it in 2001 and bought a MGTF - nowhere near as beautiful!!! Have a fab time in England.
    Wipso & Twiglet

  17. Wow , what an amazing car ...what fun.
    Beautiful papers ...I love my all round MS punch as it actually works lol

  18. Ah Poor Don Key. How could anyone think he was a Mouse. Hope you have a great time in England. Hazelxo

  19. Hi Cardarian. I have nominated you for a 'Beautiful Blogger' award. *Ü* Visit my blog to claim it. ~Glen~