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Tuesday, May 18, 2010

A broken punch and A FINE!!!!!

Hi girls! 

I hope you are having a better day then I although I should be happy to at least see the sun! We haven't seen it for a week or so - rain almost every day!
So let me tell you what has been going on in my pinky room and outside of it!
I was making this card - I had an epiphany and knew exactly what I wanted - the challenge was to follow a sketch which was quite easy but I needed to punch the side of the card ( you will see what I mean) I took out my lovely Martha Stewart daisy punch and punched one bit, then the next and then suddenly....I couldn't punch anywmore! I tried to fix the punch because sometimes they jam but there was no way of fixing it - broken - MY LOVELY MARTHA STEWART PUNCH!!!!!!! So sad! Of course that ment I had to throw away the punch AND the card and start again - this rarely happens to me actually it was the first time! Ok lets start again - this time I printed out a thinner DP  paper so the bit that I had to punch was thinner - used a more sturdy punch and made it!  I still smugged the Stickles but I sort of fixed it so I think you won't see much of my disaster!
Going on to the next disaster - as usual I went to work got into my car and offski ( I only have a 7 minute drive to work - nice isn't it???) I almost never put the seat belt on because nr. 1 I feel very uncomfortable with it digging into my neck and nr. 2 it is hardly worth it for the few minutes I drive - oh but this morning I have learned that it is worth 120 Euros but if you pay in 16 days it is only 60 Euros! So there now you know! I guess I learned my lesson ALWAYS PUT ON THE SEAT BELT!!!!!!! ( I hope my partner and my daughter don't read this because they always say I should put the seat belt on and I am sure they would enjoy this!) Anyway that was the start of my day - I hope it will end better then it started - I intend to finally plant all my plants and then when they start blooming I will be able to show you my terrace workdesk on WOYWW! Hopefully in a few weeks - maybe on the 1 year anniversary! Have any of you started your project ??? I bet you did!
Ok onto this card now! It is for the Card Patterns challenge!
The DP is a digi download from Pink petticoat  - so is the wheelbarrow! The ribbon is from stash and I used the MS Scallop two dot punch instead of the now broken ( oh this is torture) Daisy punch! I colored the digi stamp with Copics and put a bit of Stickles in on the flowers for a bit of shine!

I hope I wasn't moaning too much and didn't spoil your day - "it is all in the past" now said the monkey in Lion King so lets get on with the rest of the day and hope for the best!
Hugs to you my dear friends,


  1. Sorry to hear about your punch breaking but I hope you have been taught a lesson over the seat belt this morning. You are too prescious to loose so I can understand your family wanting you to take care.
    A x

  2. beautiful card! so sorry you have a bad day, your poor punch, I would have been in tears! looking forward to seeing your flowers!

    hugs mandyxx

  3. Oh what a terrible day :( I can understand about the seat belt thing though, they are most uncomfortable and it is tempting not to use it if you're only going such a short distance but I must admit I feel kind of naked without mine on LOL
    Love the card :) Look forward to seeing your plants - I've sorted my balcony/verandah out a bit but have got some lettuce, rocket, peas and a cherry tree growing on there, need the flowers now.
    Anne xx

  4. That card is beautiful. And so are you. And you will stay beautiful if YOU WEAR A SEATBELT! My heart nearly failed when I read that you don't bother....OMG I could SO lecture you!! Having said that. ouch, am sorry aboutthe fine and the punch. Too much for one day!! And yep, I've started my project for WOYWW!!!

  5. here you go hunny, http://theblackapple.typepad.com/
    you can link to her shop from there too!

    yay!!!! about the new punch :)

  6. I know what you mean about the punch nearly happened to me the other day but it was ok. are you sure it is broken - one of my other punches I thought couldn't be rescued but my OH did it with WD40(a lubricant oil we have over here)just a thought! sorry about the fine...

  7. This is beautiful! Love that image and the sweet gingham ribbon you used.

  8. Now - I am in mourning for your punch... I will keep you in my thoughts and hope you come to terms with your loss soon!!! LOL

    However, with regards the seatbelt - I agree with WIPSO - we wouldn't want to never have the pleasure of your blogging company again or the possibility of ever meeting you on one of your trips to the UK... There used to be a government campaign on the TV years ago - the strapline was "Clunk click - on every trip" - aparently, more accidents happen within a mile of the home as we don't concentrate as much in familiar surroundings. Please please promise to wear it in future... I hope that the fine will make you change your mind about wearing it - even if your daughter who loves you very much and doesn't want to lose you in some silly MINOR accident that could have been very different had you had your seatbelt on... so YES, we love you sooo YES - we are glad you got caught (hope that makes sense and doesn't sound mean) - its because we care. Nagging over and done. ;O)

    Card is fab by the way!!!

    big safe and caring hugs

    Paula x x x

  9. How cute! Thanks for playing at Card Patterns!

  10. Beautiful card! http://debbiestandard.blogspot.com/2010/05/hump-day.html