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Tuesday, August 3, 2010

My flowers!

Hi Everbody!

I promised I would show off my flowers! We had a big heat wave and they were really poor back then but now that the temperatures have gone down a bit they seem to have started to grow and bloom! As you all know by now I don't have a garden as such just two terraces and big how should I say concrete boxes where I can have a sort of garden! I also I have a lot of flowers in pots on the floor of the terrace....
Here are my pots......

I like them to be all different colors - no matching in my house ha, ha.....
This year I am really happy my dahlias have come out really nice......

And here you can see them from the other side, also at the bottom of the picture there are some red flowers we call "night ladies" as they open their flowers when it gets dark! You can see the buds are all closed during the day....

Here are my cinias ( I don't know the word in English - too lazy to look it up in the dictionary ha, ha but I am sure you ladies will recognize them!)

Here is a flower we call the Vanilla flower - the color is really intense but the scent of Vanilla is unbelivable!
It doesn't look very well but there are lots of new shoots so I keep fertilizing it!

And this is a picture of the flowers on my smaller terrace (Sun Fuschias, Geraniums and those big green leaves that have big white flowers - I can't remember what they are called! Also right in the front you can see Hermelica!)...... you can also see my dahlias on the big terrace!

So there, thought I would show you what I wake up before 6am every morning to water every day! I guess it is worth it!
Have a lovely day!
Hugs to all of you,

P.S. Have you noticed on the picture with the vanilla flower there is a little butterfly that looks like a colibri bird? Have a good look!


  1. Well worth getting up early for. What a lot of really gorgeous flowers you've got. Thanks for sharing them.
    A x

  2. so beautiful! they are just gorgeous! I see sunshine too, can you send a little this way please, it has done nothing but rain here the whole summer, thanks!

    hugs m xx

  3. Such beautiful plants :-) had to look up Colibri - I see it's a humming bird and yes I did see it when I clicked on the pic. Are the plants you couldn't remember, Hostas? You do have some I see
    Anne xx

  4. How gorgeous Cardarian. I have been too lazy to do pots this year only one hanging basket!

  5. Gorgeous flowers and even a tiny butterfly - perfect!

  6. Oh definitely worth the effort D, they look gorgeous and how lovely to be greeted by them every morning. Love the idea of the Vanilla flower..mmm.

  7. Beautiful! The Vanilla Flower is Heliotrope and yes, the scent is stunning!


  8. Ok, so now I have to go to the nursery this weekend and spruce up my deck with some COLOR! I do have roses growing nicely in a pot, but pretty much everything else is just "green". I need color out there. Thanks for inspiring me Cardarian! :)