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Wednesday, September 22, 2010

WOYWW, 22. September 2010

Hiya Everbody!

I am very late posting....the reason???? Well I read Julia Dunnits post yesterday talking about going from plan A to plan C or D.....I am around plan Z now.....since I came home from Germany - yes I arrived safely, after driving 1500 km - it was just a nightmare getting to do anything crafty! Monday I went shopping after work, yesterday I worked till 6pm so that was Tuesday gone so here we are on Wednesday - yes and it it is WOYWW! And well I went into my little pink room this morning  and managed to mess it up even more then it was already and almost finished ONE card! It is a thank you card for the lady we visited in Germany....so my dear friends have a nose around my desk, where you can see the almost finished card , that black thing there is a new punch bought in Germany - a very interesting heart punch and the "Danke" ( Thank you) stamp I bought there too! To be honest I didn't find much crafty stuff at all - I was quite disapointed! The only thing I am really sad about is that I was about 35 km away from the factory KNORR PRANDEL where they make all the art paints and glitter and lots of stuff for card making but I didn't have enough time to go there! Shame! 
Also on the right hand side there you can see a few new bits of stash that came in the post while I was away....ha, ha did I mention I was on a stash diet?????? Well I ordered these things before I decided I would be on a stash diet so.....

Ok then I better get this posted.....
Have a lovely day and a really good snoop and I will be back with you later with a few photos from my journey to Germany!
Hugs to all of you,

P. S. If any of you are going to be at Ally Pally and would like to meet up leave a comment on my blog and I will try to find you there!!!!!!!!


  1. Hi Cardarian sorry you did not get much stash in Germany your card is lovely - I love the colours your have used - thanks for sharing - love and (HUGS) Liz (24)

  2. It's a shame you didn't get to the Stempelmekka in Hagen last week. We usually go but had to cancel this time and it is the best of shows.
    Love your Danke card and all the goodies and I look forward to seeing your Germany photos. Welcome back!
    JoZarty x

  3. Sorry we won't be doing Ally Pally this time but check the Stampattack site as Caz's postage rates are really cheap. Would have been great to meet up too! JoZarty x

  4. Sounds like a great adventure even if you didn't find much for your stash :) Love your pink walls! (91)

  5. Fab thank you card, and lots of lovely new stash there. Happy WOYWW Day.

  6. Hi Hun
    glad you back safe n sound,cor long drive,gorgeous card, lovely stash,have a great day. happy WOYWW,sue,x (3)

  7. How beautiful is that thank you card!! I will be there on Sat - hope to see you - I spend a lot of time at LB Crafts so that's always a good place to try! I may have time to make a badge of some sort.... or not! (19)

  8. sorry to didn't get much stash - stash diet ha ha that is funny! I keep trying that one too!
    I love your card the papers are lovely.
    My Parisian CDrom was from
    this is a link direct to the product.

  9. Love the card and the Danke stamp!

    Sarah (57)

  10. Very nice colorful card! Glad you had a good trip. Wish I could pick up some of the things on he desk for a look see underneath. #98

  11. Beautiful card, I like the Danke stamp! Happy WOYWW - Carola, 92

  12. Wow, Your Pink Room is the same as mine (colour) - Love that thank you card - and you did that since you got back from Germany? I wouldn't have got round to unpacking the suitcase! What a lovely present for yourself to have a box of new craft stash to welcome you home!!
    Rebecca (No. 15)

  13. Lovely card and lots going on on the desk. I can see your PC behind all the stash!

    Have fun!

    Sue xx 8

  14. Sorry you missed the factory. Just all the more reason to go back!

  15. I'm a bit late for Wednesday. I seem to get slower as the day gets longer. I had some internet problems this afternoon and finally gave up. I love the Danke card. All I remember are Bitte and Danke.

    I've never heard of the Knorr factory or their products. One more thing I can investigate. Seems like I learn a LOT on Wednesday. Thanks for getting to me so early. I'll try to get by sooner next week (or sooner).

  16. Hi Cardarian, I'm going to Ally Pally will try and find you. Lovely desk I see you have music stamp also. Hope you had fun in Germany and I am sorry you couldn't go to your factory, maybe next time. You will have to save your pennies now for Ally Pally he he. Good luck. Hugs Jo. No.27

  17. wish I was going... have a good time, gre
    at crafty-ness as always and a lovely card
    Have a Happy WOYWW!
    ((Lyn)) #40

  18. Glad to hear you are safely back from Germany. Look forward to seeing your pics.
    A x

  19. Beautiful card D, lovely and sparkly! Great new stash too.... but if you're on a stash diet why are you going to Ally Pally!!!! Love your little wooden birdie too, haven't spotted him before!

    Brenda (88)

  20. Glad you enjoyed you visit to Germany :-) Pity you didn't get to KNORR PRANDEL, maybe next time eh? Beautiful card for your friend :-) Have fun at Ally Pally
    I'm only just visiting some desks today as I've been at my son's since Tuesday.
    Anne xx

  21. Will love to see your photos. I love the little "Danke" card.

  22. Lovely desk and lovely new stash. Love the 'danke' card


  23. Ah, you're probably back in England again by now, you globetrotter! I love the new stamps aren't the Hero ones getting expensive now. Have a fab time at Ally Pally,say hi to any WOYWWers you meet!

  24. Lovely card

    Thanks for sharing Hugs Candace #43

  25. Lovely card you posted! I enjoyed the colors so much.

    Hugs, Pat

  26. love the card and the new stash, especially the Hero Arts stamps.