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Tuesday, November 9, 2010

A week off, cards and repositories!

Hello Everybody!

I am back from my week off and had to jump into full day of work straight away - my boss is sick and somebody who helps in the library is sick too so I am here all day - come in the dark and go home in the dark - no fun at all! But I won't be negative as I did have a week off and I had a really lovely time! We had  a few lovely warm, sunny days and I went to Bled with my DBF who came from England for a visit! Here is a picture of me at lake Bled which is a lovely lake with a small island and a church in the middle - also a castle on a rock which you might see on the photos....actually I just looked at the photos and because of the weird autumn light you won't be able to see the island - I will try to do better next time....

and here is a an arty farty photo....

Also as promised the thank you cards I have made for the key speakers at the conference!

And now about REPOSITORIES! Some of you thought it must be something nasty like something that is in a hospital or something - I don't know there might be some in hospitals too but I would like to talk about the ones that librarians will have to deal with!
So....sometimes you go on a website and see a PDF file and you click on it to download - you get a full text of whaterever you are interested about! Sometimes these files don't work - the problem is that when the author published it on the website he used a certain programme but this programme is not in use anymore and you don't have any way to open the file - over the years there will be hundreds of these links that won't work because programmes change all the time and nobody updates these things! Well the librarians - who always take care of mankind :-) have decided to solve this problem with other specialists by making repositories - these are "cyber homes" where old files will be kept and taken care of so that you will be able to open them! Of course this will be initially made for scientific articles and papers ! Some countries like England, Netherlands and of course the US have already started with these repositories - there are companies who help set up these things - It is funny that I write about this on a crafting blog but I think this will affect us all at some time in the future so maybe it is good for all you crafty friends to know about this - I tried to explain it as basic as possible and hope that at least some of you will find it interesting!
Ok enough about that - I will be back with anouther card for a challenge - haven't done one in ages but I am back in full mojo at the moment - have made about 30 cards in the last few weeks and there will be lots more coming!
Have a lovely day, enjoy your crafting and I will see you later!


  1. So glad you had a lovely break away. Love your Thank you cards.
    A x
    ps Don't work too hard :-)

  2. Welcome back! Bled looks gorgeous, and I love your understatement - 'a castle on a rock'!! I love too that Librarians take care of mankind - in many many ways I agree! Lovely cards.

  3. Glad you had a good break-lovely photos. I too went to work in the dark this morning to London on the 7.10am train and home at 19.40 in the dark. You explained about the repositories perfectly. Love those cards, the one with the gingham ribbon is my fav.