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Wednesday, March 23, 2011

WOYWW, 23rd March 2011

Good morning my dear friends!

I hope you have a lovely morning like we do! The sun is out, the sky is  blue what else do you need for a perfect day?? Ah yes of course you need WOYWW!! A nice nose around other peoples desks! 
So lets get right on it! I haven't been crafting much as I am still having problems with my teeth - running around dentist but it is getting better and I hope to be back to 100% soon!
My desk is rather tidy today - just a few bits I bought the other day in our craft shop! A package of TH Ornate plates - they are lovely but quite expensive - to be honest everything TH is expensive ! But it is so nice! I guess you pay for what is fashionable and TH certainly is! I also bought a La Blanche stamp - they are very nice stamps! Also you can see a few digi stamps I colored and cut out to make a card for my nephews birthday! An odd paper flower - I bought some papers with a white core to make these! 
So here is the desk...

For some reason the flash didn't go off when I took this close up photo so sorry it is a bit dark! :-)

And here is the card I made for my brother.....

Thats all folks! I will make this short and sweet so you can spend more time nosing around other desks!
Have a lovely day, enjoy your snoop, I will too!
Hugs to all of you


  1. I spy gorgeous new goodies and a beautiful card!!! I am desperate to get those holtz mini book plates, but they are always sold out everywhere!!!!!!!!! enjoy the good weatherxxx

  2. Oh yes we have the lovely blue skies and the sunshine here in norfolk and oh what a joy to hang washing out!lol
    Lovely creqative desk this week hunni see your Tim holtz fan too please pop and enter my TH candy ends 31st!Have a happy creative wednesday
    hugs judex

  3. Yes, we need more time today with no Mr Linky, lol. I agree about the price of theTim stuff - but it doesn't stop me craving it - wanting it - buying it!! Have a great day.

  4. Good morning, glad the sun is shining for you too! You must get crafting with all you are buying. This shopping therapy won't make your teeth better but I do hope they are fixed very soon.
    Thanks for popping by my desk too and for your kind words!
    JoZarty x

  5. We have had two lovely days of sunshine here too but today it's a little cloudy :-(
    Love your cards.
    If you haven't already then please pop over to our blog shop and get your name down in the BIG celebration draw.


    Good luck
    A x

  6. Lovely to hear the sun is shining, hope you get done with the dentists visits soon so you can enjoy it all. Love TH stuff but don't have much because of the cost but it's all well made and I've been impressed with the quality. This is the third time this week I've heard about La Blanch stamps (look at Moy's desk!), their designs look really great and I've heard they stamp beautifully. Love the little dino's too!

    Brenda 84

  7. Sun shining here and I am blogging when I should be tidying my wool mountain! Glad your teeth are feeling better. Take care.x Jo

  8. I agree Th stuff you pay for the brand...

    still it is a person's choice to be parted from their cash, the marketing is very clever..

    I also saw the provo craft cuttle bug (new version = slightly different shape) on QVC (?) for 89.99

    I got mine for 45

    DOUBLED price


  9. Zelo se mi dopade voščilnica, ki si jo naredila. Odlična postavitev in tudi barve so ♥.
    Uživaj v teh pomladnih dneh.
    Pozdravček, Janja

  10. Agreed - the sun makes everything brighter!!!
    I think many TH things are too expensive too - started looking in real key and lock shops now! Original is always best!!!

    Thanks for sharing your space, have creative fun,

    Sarah (Sasa at 12)

  11. I agree with yo I think TH stuf is extremely expensive - but so lush - you just can't resist them. I normally hold my breath when I am at the checkout after having put lots of TH stuff in my basket. I just LOVE that tag!!
    Happy WOYWW
    Rebecca (32) xx

  12. Love the little green guys with the gifts on your mat there. Looks like some nice new items there in the package still. I bet your brother will just love his card. TFS

  13. Very busy workspace. Love the card for your brother. Have I ever told you about a trip to Trieste a few years ago and I got on a bus from the university and ended up riding into Slovenia and back to Trieste! Interesting ride but some ladies told me to stay on the busy it would make a circle and go back to Italy. Hoot! I have a friend in Italy, Mikhela that is also a librarian from Slovena! Thanks for sharing. Vickie #162

  14. The stamp is beautiful as is your card and the pieces cut out ready are just great for a little boy, lovely and bright :-) I'm with Sasa here, I'm often to be found in hardware and DIY shops looking for bits and pieces ;-) Hope the teeth are better soon - headaches and toothache very bad things! :-(
    Had a grea day at the NEC yesterday. Ooh the stuff they have on the textile stands, yummy! and lots of it can cross over into papercrafts. Am just working on something I saw yesterday and it will make a fabulous bookcover.
    Anne xx

  15. Fab desk and fab stuff on it! Love the little digi images....