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Monday, March 14, 2011

I am back !

Hi Everybody!

I just looked at when I last blogged and it was a month ago! A month!!! I can't believe it! Ok the truth is I have been away for 3 weeks ( one week in England, 2 weeks in Cuba) and then when I came home I had terrible toothache which ended with the dentist taking out my wisdom tooth, so my dear bloggers do not expect anymore wisdom from me ! Ha, ha...
Onto the holiday - I must say it was lovely and I very much recommend it! If any of you are thinking of going there do not hesitate ! Go because it is great! Havana is lovely - I stayed there 3 days and there is so much to see I will have to go there again! It is not just all the interesting people, it is the colors, the music, dancing, art  just so much fun! The rest of the time I stayed in a lovely resort in Jibacoa and went on 2 very nice trips - one was going from North to South - where you see the "real" Cuba and then we also went to a "paradise" island - with a big boat - lots of fun too!
I should also mention the fantastic snorkling - all you have to do is walk about 10 meters from the beach put on your goggles and you see the fantastic world of tropical fish! So many and so colorful! 
Food is fantastic and so are the many different cocktails with RUM! I didn't try the cigars as I am not a smoker but I could see people really enjoying them! 
Donna asked about art - I went to the Museum of fine arts - well worth seeing but what I really loved was the craft market where you have a bit that is actually about their crafts - varios musical instruments, jewelry clothes made of any material they have available - lots of natural stuff like seeds and flowers and stuff and the other art  bit which is the most colorful place I have ever seen - artist selling their art which is just fantastic - I spent most of my spending money there and I think I should have spent even more!
Oh yes - I think someone was talking about the bucket list - maybe it was Donna - a list of 10 things you should do before you die - well I can tick off one of them - swimming with dolphins....here is a picture to proof it!

They are very gentle and lovely animals and I am so glad to have done this! I will come back with more photos from Cuba later in the day!
I wish you all a lovely day ( it is raining here but we did have a week of lovely sunshine) I see a lot of crafting has been going on so I better get up to it too!
Hugs to all of you


  1. Nice to see you back ...so happy you had such an amazing holiday ...love the dolphin shot

  2. You have been missed. So glad to hear you've had a really great time.
    A x

  3. Oh how marvellous! How fab, Cuba is on my bucket list! Wonderful experience D, am really thrilled for you! Glad you're back but it might take you some time to get going again!!

  4. Oh no, losing a wisdom tooth; ah well now you'll be as dotty as me LOL
    So glad you enjoyed Cuba, I was sure you would. I did the swimming with dolphins thing, but would have loved to go snorkelling!
    Anne xx

  5. Vau, potepinka :)) kakšen odklop. Lepo si opisala in za konec še poljub delfinov.
    Doma je pa tako, če nas ne boli glava, pa zobje....vse po starem. Lp

  6. Nice to see you back and glad to hear you had a great holiday. I have always wanted to go to Cuba but the USA policy prohibits general travel there. I guess you have to have some special reason to go. Love the pic with the dolphins. Vickie

  7. Dobrodošla nazaj. Lepe počitnice si imela.

  8. So glad you are back safe and sound (and have had a lovely holiday).
    I am so envious of the picture of you with dolphins. I just love them but can't swim.