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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

WOYWW, 22 June, 2011, PiF and a PiF and.......

Good morning to all you lovely bloggers!

Last week my blog post was very long, I will try to be shorter this week but I am not sure if I can be really because I have sooo much to show! 
I will start with my desk..it is TIDY!!!! Well it might not be to some of you but for me this is tidy! Why is it tidy??? Because I had a major clean up yesterday - not just the crafty space the whole flat has got a proper clean - I washed all the windows, terraces, floors - everything!!!

 And I have now officially opened the summer craft room (which is really my terrace).....have a look......

And I am not finished yet here is a closer look of WOYWW...... yes it is my PIF!!! YIPEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!! I got it yesterday from Di from Pixie's crafty workshop and it is a lovely treasure box ( at least that is what I call it) so beautiful, so much detail - I just love it! And it is pink - my favourite color as all you know! Thank you Di for this really lovely PIF......

I also got a lovely card with it........

And inside there were these lovely candels that smell like roses......mhmmmmm.....

 Nooo I am not finished yet! I made a thank you card for Di and it will be winging its way to you Di......

 I will enter it into our Slovene challenge called CRAFTALNICA as they want embellishments that are not bought in the shop  - well I made everything myself - even the paper, the flowers and I doodled on it a little - just to make it as quirky as the Stampotique stamp I used......
Still not finished.....the Pif I made and sent to Australia has finally arrived so I can show what I made....
I went to this decoupage class just before we did the Pif thing and I decided I would make a box with handmade flowers as my Pif - it is hard to know what style the recipient prefers so I thought if they don't like the box and the colors of the flower they can just spray them and paint over them and make them to their liking! RosA  from Paperchase is my Pif partner and I think she is happy with my Pif.....

Ok almost done now......here is just a peek at my flowers.....

and the cherry liquer I am making......cherries in brandy - have to stay in the sun for 3 weeks.....then it is sooo yummy....

Ok NOW I am done....hopefully you got to this point ha, ha...... I promise I will be very short next week......

Lots of hugs to all of you


  1. Hi there! Di calling, from Sunny Spain. So glad the Pif arrived safely, and that you like it. I love your Summer crating place - and those cherries look yummy. Have a happy WOYWW :) Di xxx

  2. What a lovely space! Raining here so your terrace really cheers me up! Thanks for sharing!

  3. A fab post today - glad to see the light and summer! Amazing gifts and such a wonderful PIF you made - such lovely flowers.
    Thanks for sharing today,
    Sarah at 2

  4. Everything is absolutely fabulous! Love the boxes and you have such a nice terrace. :)

  5. gosh what ideal place to craft the sun and your fav hobby in one place.I can just see you drinking the brandy whilst crafting in the sun...ohhhhh lush comes to mind..lol
    Have fab wednesday lovely tidy desk too.
    hugs judex10

  6. Your terrace looks great - very inviting! As do those cherries in brandy! Your PIF - both in and out - are stunning. Have a great day.

  7. What a nice outdoor craft area! It is very cold here at the moment, being southern hemisphere winter. Your desk look very tidy. I do wish I could achieve "tidyness" occasionally. HOH is short for "Houses of History". Scroll back in my blog if you would like to see more details. In short, each participant will end up with their own book, based on their chosen theme. Mine is Art Deco and everyone else is supposed to send my page, which they have made, to me in July. Then I just have to make the covers for my own book. I hope that makes sense. But there are pics of all the pages I have made (for others) on my blog.
    When I took the lovely flowers out of the box, they must have magically multiplied, because they wouldn't all fit back in! Isn't it funny that you made a box for the Pif and someone sent you a box too!

  8. Oh what a fab sunny post you have given us today! I love your summer crafting area - you would get very wet if you had one like that here - it has rained most of the morning. Your PiFs are lovely - its great to see what everyone got up to isn't it. x Jo

  9. Lovely tidy desk... there are a few of those today, maybe soemthing to do with the weather??
    Love your PIF's, your treasure chest is beautiful and so feminine and your box with hand made flowers is a stunner too!

  10. Wow - at least you're getting good weather! We're not..... grumble grumble....

    Thanks for sharing all the lovely work on and around your space today!

  11. Oh Wow - I am tired reading all you have been up to and are getting up to. What a busy bee you have been. Gorgeous Pif you sent - love those flowers you filled the box with - I saw it on the recipient's blog and fell in love with it all. You got a lovely box too, very feminine. What a gorgeous porch you have - hope your summer is better than ours in the north of England. Rain, rain and more rain. Who cares - there's always crafting!

  12. Cor, I LOVE cherry brandy.... mmm, yummy! Your terrace looks brill ... well done you doing all your cleaning... come on over to my house if you are still in the mood for dusting lol I have a little giveaway on my desk this week ;o))

  13. I love your terrace, it really is big enough to be an outdoor room, rather than a little balcony, do you ever sleep out side? I know I would! Love those pif gifts, both sent and received, great work. Pretty flowers too and that cherry brandy is going to be yum!!

    Brenda 81

  14. oh wow lots of lovely things. those flowers you made are beautiful, what a caring gift for a crafter too. The cherries look and sound yummy!

  15. What a lovely post today. The PIF gifts are really special.
    A x

  16. What a fun post. Most all the desks were so neat and tidy this week.And I love outside livin'!!! Love both the PiFs, your yummy flowers were to die for and your cute little treasure box is adorable too. It was all so fun. Thanks for the fun, it's a rainy gloomy day here AGAIN. Enjoy WOYWW

  17. Hi hun
    lovely tidy desk, fabulous outside crafty space, not got the weather for that yet!!! gorgeous pif, received & sent hun, cherries in brandy yum yum, thanks for the mooch, happy WOYWW, sue,x

  18. I have to come back later and visit properly Adam wants me to play...


  19. No short posts allowed when you post such awesome stuff. First off love the terrace crafting room and I think I will have to try and make those cherries...they sound yummy. Love the PIF's and your box and flowers are most awesome. Thanks for sharing. Vickie #107

  20. Wow, wow, wow! What a great gift from Di! Your card is just so sweet and I bet she'll just love it. Those cherries in brandy look so delish and I'm so jealous of your summer craft room! Awesome to say the least, enjoy!

  21. Loved the post ... your summer crafting area is so beautiful. The pif's were fantastic ...saw yours on her blog ...what a lot of work making those flowers.

  22. What a breath of fresh air this is!! Thanks so much for all the careful photos.
    Keep smiling and creating, I couldn't play this week, but watch for my post next Wednesday for sure!!

  23. beautifully clean desk, all ready to mess up! and the PiFs and are wonderful. i am still waiting for mine. love your terrace, lots of nice open space to work in.
    thanks for visiting me!
    peggy aplSEEDS

  24. Oh Wow! So that's the terrace where Donna and I have to adorn the table!! We might just take you up on that one day as long as there's a jar of brandy cherries for us too!! Yeah.....
    Great post and well done being so tidy tidy tidy!
    JoZarty x

  25. Your terrace looks beautiful, and I absolutely LOVE those flowers you made for your pif! Did you use a die to cut them? All these pifs I keep seeing are really special, I'm sorry I missed the anniversary because it seems to have been the ideal opportunity to swap lovely things!
    Helen S

  26. Love your box of flowers, just spied it over on paperchase's blog. such pretty and very clever flowers! Your pif gift is lovely too!
    Your Terrace looks lovely to craft in. Happy Crafting! HapPy LatE WoyWw!!