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Friday, October 19, 2012

A Friday WOYWW

My dear bloggy friends! 

I am sure everybody thinks what is going on with that women - she didn't even do WOYWW this week! Well I came back home from the crop late Monday evening, Tuesday I was working late as I had to make do for not being there on Monday and then Wednesday and Thursday the Slovenian university librarians had a conference so I was stuck there for the last couple of days! Although crafting is much more fun and I would rather do that,  my work does put bread ( and stash) on my table so unfortunatly it has a priority! 
But now I am back to normality ( I think) and hope to do a lot of crafting after getting all those amazing ideas from my fellow crafters at the WOYWW BIG CROP!!!
So let me start with the this BIG WOYWW crop I have been to last Saturday! I don't know where to start but I must start with Jan and Julia who were the organizers of this meeting - such lovely ladies, friendly, kind and soooo much fun! It was like coming home - I had not felt for a minute out of place - it was like I belonged there forever! THANK YOU my dear Jan and Julia - you were the stars of the show!!!  Ohhh the cooking Jan has done ....YUM, YUM, YUM!!!! And the cakes......YUM, YUM, YUM! Now I wish I had more of them!!!! Ha, ha....
There was about 20 of us....all lovely friendly ladies - each one not only a lovely person but an amazing crafter, some do scrapbooking, some cards, some jewelry, some sewing, art journaling... well just a fantastic group of ladies who I think could move a mountain ( that is our saying) if they wanted to! Ha, ha but we would rather do crafting!
I would like to mention all your names my dear ladies - So let me try - Jan and Julia - words are not enough to say how lovely these 2 ladies are, then my dear friends Jo and Donna who I was so happy to see again and give them a big hug!!! By the way there was lots of hugs going around! I guess we all need lots of love!!! Oh yes then there was Helen who is the first crafter from WOYWW that I have ever met a few years ago at Ally Pally! Then the lovely Di who has sent me a beautiful present a couple of years ago when we had our WOYWW anniversary gift exchange! And then came all the new people I have met for the first time - Mary Ann - who has surprised me by being an American amoung all the English ladies, oh let me think then there was Sam ( an amazing scrapbooker), Janet - she tought us all about beads - something I didn't have a clue about! And then Morti - Diane a lovely lady which was very kind to invite me and my DBF to her home where we had a lovely fun evening - THANK YOU DIANE!!! Also thank you for teaching us how to do the Domino jewelry - Mine I think has turned out very well  No not finished yet - I must mention Pam, Kate, Kyla, Kirsty and Cindy and also the lovely Zoe and Lisa! I think I have mentioned everyone now!Yes well I didn't get much done there as I was running around like a headless chicken - chatting with everybody - so much my whole face was hurting in the evening from all the chat and laughter! Julia gave us some tasks which I finished this morning at 6am! Yes I got up and did all the crafty work before actually going to work! 
I must mention that after the crop the next morning was a lovely day so me and my DBF decided to drive through London for a change! The M25 can get a bit boring ! I took some nice photos as we were driving along through the sun roof! THANK YOU TO MY DBF - he made all this possible for me so he deserves a big thank you! 
 If you have managed to stay awake through all my waffling I would now like to show a few photos from the crop that I have taken....they don't seem to be very good - I guess I was so excited my hands were trembling!...
 Group  photo....standing Jo, LLJ, Morti, Janet (Fairy Thoughts), Mary-Anne, Kyla (Li'l Pidge), Julia , Pam, Di (Pixie), Helen, Sam (Hettliecraft), Donna (Doone) me (Cardarian) , seated- Kate, Cindy, Lisa, Zoe

Zoe, Morti, Sam and Kyla (I think) all looking at Donna drilling holes!

Chatting....in the front, Jan, Helen ( she is crafting at the table although she was given a space on the floor!!!), Di...in the background Jo and Janet.......Cindy, Julia, Lisa,  Mary Anne and Pam....

Queen Julia....isn't she just lovely????? 

This is what Janet (Fairy thoughts) was teaching us......

and this is as far as I got......huh....

This is what Morti was teaching us - the domino thinge....I quite like the initial work but I need to finish it off...will show it when I am done!

This is what I was doing with Jo - from Jozart....stamping and coloring stambord .....not finished either but the weekend is coming and I hope to get that done!

And here are the tasks Julia gave us ....I should have done it at the crop - not enough time so I did it this morning - following Julias instructions....

And here is the homework we got from Julia....we got a little bag with bits of stash and we were suppose to make a card....here is my make - I did add the lovely washi tape Jo gave me - colored it with copics...added a flower to make it pop more and the sentiment was stamped with Hero arts alphas!

So there ...that was the crop.....just hang on a few more seconds...take a look at the photos of London from the sun roof.....
Harrods ( the bloody car just drove in front when I took the photo...huh!!!!)

Three in one....Westminister Abbey.....Big Ben and the London Eye.....

The Gurkin.....

And the Chard.....its suppose to be the highest building in Europe!

Still awake???? If not I hope you are having a good sleep.....but if you are still with me I wish you a lovely day and send you lots of hugs from sunny and very warm ( at the moment we have 24 deg C and it is the 19th of October!!!!) Slovenia...


  1. Wow what an adventure you had and it was so lovely to meet you. We sure had a fab day indeed! Take care Zo xx

  2. What a fab post....I feel you ladies had just the best of time at that crop. Really wish I could have been there but I was at my little Grandson's first birthday party.....the day will come when I can join all you special friends for real.
    A x

  3. What a great post ...so glad you had such a great time ...quite envious....so much fun ...so much food.
    Wow you have 24 deg C ...not sure we had those teperatures in summer much!!. We are 5-10degrees at the moment dropping to 1 at night Brrrrrr.
    Hope you manage to have a rest take Care xx.

  4. Hi Dolores (nice to know your 'real' name)
    it was lovely to meet you we had a blast didnt we, I love your happy dance. Looks like your adventure didnt stop at the crop, the pictures of London look fab
    janet #47

  5. Great post echoing the good time we all shared. Aren't we all so very lucky ?? So glad we could skype tonight too.
    Super pics of London.
    Wonderful to see you again and you ain't seen the last of me yet!
    Love Jo x

  6. What a fabulous post Delores and it was sooo nice meeting you in the flesh. I still cannot believe you came over for the Crop. Some fabulous photos there and I nearly didn't recognise my bum! (It is smaller than it used to be and I am not used to it!) You have a great group photo and some great shots of London! I just noticed you skype....I may just have to find you!

  7. wow - you got the Shard just as the architect designed it to be catching the light at it's tip... fabulous image,

    we were supposed to agree a slovinian summer date - and we didn't so please do check the diary and mail me some provisional dates for next aug/sept

    it was sooo good to see you and to finally meet Alan who plays a pretty mean table drum with chopsticks (= he was tapping on the table with the chopsticks like the table was a drum set)

    see you soon again I hope,


  8. Can't believe I didn't see this when it was posted, will have to amend my reading list! it was great to meet you again too. I love your pic of the Shard, too, Donna is right it's fabulous. Glad you got home ok. now going back to read your today's WOYWW post!

  9. Aw Dolores it was fun huh, and amazing, awesome that you and A made such a huge journey to join us. There's nothing about the day I didn't enjoy and I hope the good feeling will continue at all and any other meet ups! Love your two project cards, well done your making the time! Xx