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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

WOYWW, Klimt finished, Christmas cards and snow

Hello my bloggy friends!

I hope you are all well and safe - I hope all our American WOYWWers are safe from the devastating Sandy! We had snow too on Saturday and Sunday but it didn't last! It is cold though - we went from 24 deg C last week to -5 C this week! A shocking change but I guess we are use to this! 
So to get on with things let me show you my messy desk and craft room - I started doing Christmas cards (well I made 2 - I have to do about 70! Huh! I better get on with it!) and ended up pulling out stamps and stuff to make them and made such a mess I can't believe it! 

So here is the desk.....right side.... a bag of tissue paper, ATG, MS punches, TH dies, brads....oh my black beads necklace...I was looking for that one.....

Right side.....the usual junk that is there but a bit more on top....a Nellie Snellen die, pewter distress stain, lots of glues......

and then there is the very messy couch.....stamps, cards, my altered book, more stamps.....

Stuff everywhere....huh!!!!

To show you what I have been doing - I finished my Klimtesque canvas.....I was very much criticized by my daughter but on some points I think she was right....I would love to hear what you think of my work - not praise - honest opinion! I found that it is hard to take a picture of a picture that is gold and shiny but I did do my best.....


Well at least I learned a few more techniques - gold leafing was a right experience! Like it very much.....also I played with mediums, matt and glossy! I should have stamped my background stamps on tissue paper ( got the tip too late from Trish Latimers canvas tutorial) but I will know for next time when I get up to stamping on canvas!
Next up my first 2 Christmas cards....

Here is a very simple one - like it mostly for the colors I have chosen - grey and pink

And then a card with a Michael Powell stamp....I bought it the other week and seems to me if you color it with Twinkling H20s or some other shiny colors (mica Copics) you don't need any embellishments as it is just beautiful as it is! Very Christmassy!

So those are my makings for this WOYWW but I have a few more pics to show.... a lovely tree I take a picture of every autumn - it stands in the garden of our institute and the colors are just amazing.....

And as last our first snow photos.....

Ok then I am done.....
Have a lovely day, go over to our Queen Julias HQ and show us what you got...
 I know it is Halloween today and for many of you it is a fun day but for me it is a day to remember my lovely dad who passed away on this day 13 years ago! May he rest in peace! I love you dad!!!
Lots of hugs to all of you....


  1. Hello - not taking part this WOYWW, too much going on but wanted to pop by some of your desks anyway! Wow fab pics, sounds like you are going from one extreme to another! Great makes too. Take care Zo xx

  2. So sorry this day is tinged with sadness, but hope it is also a day for happy memories for you.
    Your Klimt picture is lovely, perhaps do some more flowers and attach them to make it a bit three dimensional in parts and take a few up the side with gaps to break up the solid line of the top of them. I like it as it is and can only think of doing something like that.
    Ooh, sounds cold enough to freeze a brass monkey out there - thanks for the pictures, lovely autumnal colours.
    Take care
    Hugs, Neet 23 xx

  3. fabulous photos,and your canvas looks good to me,me thinks you need a bit more room to craft though :)
    have a fab woyww
    kay #75

  4. Oooh, that silvery grey and pink christmas card is soooooo sexy!! I love it! That's the one I would buy and send to all my best friends - it's gorgeous. You are clever!
    And I love your Klimt canvas, all of it - from the gold leafing to the beautiful lady to the flowers bottom left. I wouldn't change it myself....
    And no matter how long ago someone dies, it's still tough at times and we miss them just as much... sending a big, comforting hug to Slovenia....
    Hugs, LLJ #68 xx

  5. Oh grey and pink Christmas card, now that caught my eye - scrumptions - saved to desk top for looking at more later - BJ#35

  6. Hey I am with the girls, seems fine to me but you do need to make it more dimentional, sorry but you asked, it is not really my style apart from that I am not sure.

    You have gone from ok weather to oMG snow, blimey blizzards that is horrible. Now that is one really special tree, we have a street full of Autumn trees I keep promising myself each year I will take a photo of this street in stages of colour. Maybe I will this year.

    Happy WOYWW

  7. Love your cards - well done for getting on (unlike me!) and the trees - not so fond of the snow, bit early, but luckily we're ok here! Hope today isn't too sad for you, take care. Helen, 4

  8. Hi there Dolores, ah such a smashing array of shots on your post tonight for me to peep at not sure which I like best... mm those two Christmas cards are lovely esp the Michael Powell one and the tree wow what colours - God creation blows your mind and if you tried to capture it you would be hard to succeed.
    Thanks so much for popping over and thanks for sharing ~ happy WOYWW! Shaz in Oz. x #37

  9. Lovely canvas! Great Christmas cards too. I make about 70 too. Have only 10 done! I must get busy and follow your good example. Have a great day.
    Karen 107

  10. Well I like your canvas - everyone is entitled to their opinion and creative helpful critism is good. Just carry on doing your own thing - it's lovely. Your cards are great and those Autumn photos are just my thing. Very chilly snowy ones - keep cosy! x Jo #76

  11. I think you Klim canvas is perfect. (Art is in the eye of the beholder) I like that you did not use the tissue paper method. I do it both ways, only use tissue when I am wanting more texture. Your Christmas cards are beautiful, love them both! Thanks for popping by my blog, hope your feeling better.
    Krisha #59

  12. Well done on completing your canvas and original piece of artwork and unique too.

    Lovely Christmas cards too.

  13. I can imagine now your daughter critiquing your work!

    I like what you did - and i really do believe you have a natural gift for composition and colour,

    I still say what I said every time - if you are not happy you have to work out why and change what makes you unhappy, be willing to do it again and again in different ways to achieve the end result you want,

    When I next come over we will work in photoshop so you can learn how to save time trying different approaches to the same composition....and it is a brilliant way for your Little Miss to "show you" what she means when she is trying to explain her impression of your work....

    ps Is she back in college yet?


  14. I lost my dad three years ago - it's a tough thing to happen to a daughter isn't it? I miss him every day. Sending you hugs. Some lovely lovely stuff going on on your workdesk. Happy Wednesday. :o)
    Sue x (MiniOwner @98)

  15. I think your canvas is great the way it is. Tissue can be used for more texture or smoothed to look like it is part of the canvas. I love texture, color, and dimension in the canvases I make/buy and I don't know that I would change anything on yours. Very nice job on it and the Christmas cards. Thanks for sharing, commenting by my blog, and have a great week! Vickie #38

  16. I've never stamped on canvas so I'll refrain from any remarks since I don't have any experience there! Love the fall pictures and then the snow pictures! You are on a roller coaster of weather! Thanks for commenting on my blog and for thinking of me when you saw NC on TV :) We were very lucky, still surprised it reached us down here! waving hi from the hills of North Carolina :)

  17. Love the cards. Like some others have said, maybe a little more dimension on the canvas? Otherwise it is very good. Stamping on tissue is a good technique - maybe for next time?
    Have a good week

  18. Lots of crafty goodies everywhere and wonderful canvas. The photos of the trees and snow are gorgeous too.
    Happy WOYWW.
    hugs {brenda} xox #143

  19. Wow dolores this post is full of contrasts. Your shiney shiney Klimt is gorgeous. In contrast the michael Powell is too. I love his stamps but do not have this one.
    But the biggest contrast is the beautifull tree and then the chilly snow..... all in on week.
    Keep warm and happy
    janet @58

  20. oops lost the comment ...lets try again.I love the cards ...so different but work so well.
    The canvas so captures the feel of Klimt ...I love it.Bet you had fun with the guilding ...its something I want to try.
    I hope you are coping with the dramatic drop in temperature ...but the snow does look beautiful. xx#101

  21. WOW for WOYWW - the card is fab! Love the Klimt as well, Such a great desk!

    Happy WOYWW a day late!

    MA (2)

  22. Klimtova slika je meni naravnost fascinantna in res ta pozlata ji odlično pristoji. Tudi božični čestitki sta krasni in nič se ne sekiraj če sta samo 2, prav gotovo boš uspela. Jaz nimam še nobene....:):)

  23. All Hallows Eve is the best time of year to remember our loved ones who have gone before us, it's what the whole celebration is about in many cultures. You don't have to celebrate in the modern way, but lighting a candle in remembrance of your father would be a nice thing to do. Can't believe you've got snow this year and that change in your temperatures too! I like your Klimt piece and I've never undertaken anything like that before so I've got no reason to criticize, even constructive criticism, which I can't think of any! Great cards too, you've been all over the map this week!!

    Brenda 1

  24. Beautiful C cards there Delores. Love that canvas too.
    Now your room......you need me to come over there and tidy up for you don't you? And can I play in the snow whilst I am there too?
    Must get my gilding flakes out....had them a while but not used them yet!
    That tree is beautiful and I can see why you take picture of it!
    Keep warm

  25. Hugs on the loss of your Dad - never stops being a sad thing, does it?

    I love your canvas, despite what the offspring say!

    And snow....wow..... beautiful trees.... one day, yes one day, I will get to see your beautiful country for myself...

    Thanks for stopping by!

  26. Wow, lots of creative goodies in your work area, and spilling out onto the sofa ...! I enjoyed the Christmas cards and the lovely tree of autumn colors! (I have never stamped on canvas so I can't take part in the critique, other than to say it looks like a labor of love.) Stay warm and have a wonderful week! Darnell #63

  27. The Klimt canvas is gorgeous. I am in agreement with an earlier comment about some dimension.
    Lovely tree photos.
    Have a great weekend.
    Carol #136