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Wednesday, September 30, 2015

WOYWW, back in England, a quilt show and HAPPY STAMPERS FESTIVAL !!!!

Hello my dear bloggy friends!

I was away for 2 weeks as I was traveling over Europe back to England! I have put some photos on facebook along the way! The journey was smooth - not many problems on roads at all, just a few traffic jams here and there - most of them in Germany! This time we traveled through Innsbruck in Austria for a bit of change in the scenery! Then we went through a bit of Germany and then into France! France is a real pleasure to drive through! Not much traffic and never boring! Their streets and motorways are always full of these interesting things.....
Here is a little example....

And their trees in towns are never just put in the ground they have to be in a fancy pot.....

We stayed in this B&B and the front door was decorated with this........

So where ever you go you get some inspiration and ideas!

But of course I have gone a little bit off track we talk about WOYWW here so I better get up to that - this is what is on my desk - a card I made for a friend and will be sent off today....

I have to tell you that work on my quilting project has gone forward - I have made a 180 blocks and here they are all spread out with the center piece in the middle! I took this picture at home in Slovenia where my daughter and a friend helped put them all down and balance the colors! I am really proud I have got so far!

To boost my quilting enthusiasm I went to this lovely quilt show in the village Pluckley where the local quilters have shown their lovely quilts and also a very interesting exhibition of Canadian Red Cross quilts!
Here is a an over all picture of the village hall....
and here is what Canadian Red Cross quilts are about and a photo of one of the quilts made out of old pygamas......


The coming weekend will be all about crafting! I am going up to Liverpool to visit my lovely friend Jo from Jozart! On the Saturday we will be going to PORT SUNLIGHT to the HAPPY STAMPERS FESTIVAL!!
If any of you WOYWWers are going please come to the front door around 1pm for a little meeting! I would love to meet you there!
Then of course we will put together my quilt - the final act before it goes into quilting which I will have done professionaly as it is too big to be made by myself! I will also go with Jo to her quilting group! How much fun!
So there all the news I have and all I am doing is served to you on a ... blogpost!
I hope to see some of you at Port Sunlight, but if not I wish you all a lovely week! Enjoy crafting!
Lots of hugs to all,
P.S. I haven't made a single Christmas card yet how terrible is that???????


  1. I've enjoyed reading your blog today, so many interesting things, those pictures of your travels are lovely. The story about the quilts was very interesting, and you made a lovely card, your friend will treasure. Thanks for sharing
    Jill #21

  2. What an interesting post. Some lovely photos of your travels and I was interested to read about the quilts made during the war by the Canadian women. Your patchwork is looking lovely and what a beautiful card you have made for your friend. I'm sure she will love it. Have a lovely week. Barb#24

  3. Hello Dolores. I've enjoyed my catch up with all your news. Fab pics too. Enjoy your time with Jo and please give her a hug from me.
    Have a great week.
    Annie # 10

  4. Wow D your quilt is going so be totally gorgeous. Have fun with Jo - give her a big hug from us. x Jo

  5. do have a lovely time at the show - shall expect to see a post all about your visit.
    That quilt is amazing, love the colours.
    Take care
    Bishopsmate #48

  6. the quilt looks great, well done! Won't be at Port Sunlight sadly this year, but have fun! Helen #2

  7. Great post and Oooh, it makes me so excited that you are coming to see us. We will have lots of fun and crafting. see you soon!
    Jo x

  8. Wow. Love your quilt! So funny, the PJ one. I have a pile of just discarded shirts from DH that I promise to make into a quilt for him somehow. It'll be a ramshackle thing, I'm sure, but still fun. Will I see you at the WOYWW crop?

    glad to be back ... finally!
    Mary Anne (33)

  9. Enjoy Port Sunny - sorry I won't be there to see you - one day we will meet maybe.
    I am so impressed with your quilt, that is wonderful and something to be so proud of.
    Thanks for the journey through Europe via FB ad, of course, here on your blog. Lovely photos today.
    Hugs, Neet xx 6

  10. What a lovely post! I enjoyed seeing pics of your travels and that quilts show. But look at your quilt, it's fabulous!! Well done you, it's a fantastic achievement. I'd get mine quilted professionally too, that's the bit I hate doing!
    Have a wonderful time at the Port Sunlight show with JoZart!!
    Hugs, LLJ 17 xx

  11. I'm so late visiting..I bet you've had a marvellous weekend with Jo, and all that quilty knowledge - you'll have been in craft heaven!